Review of And Grant You Peace by Kate Flora

And Grant You Peace by Kate Flora Mystery/Police Procedural Reviewed by Lisa Haselton The fourth Joe Burgess Mystery is coming soon, but I was able to read an advance readers copy and here’s what I thought about the novel. It was breath taking. Literally. I felt I was on Burgess’ shoulder throughout the story (at one Read More

Review of true crime story Death Dealer by Kate Clark Flora

Death Dealer: How Cops and Cadaver Dogs Brought a Killer to Justice by Kate Clark Flora Reviewed by Lisa Haselton Maria Tanasichuk vanishes without a trace from her home in Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada.  It was a cold January in 2003 – the ground was frozen and covered in snow – but it wasn’t until a Read More

Live chat/interview with mystery & true crime author Kate Flora

The Writer’s Chatroom presents mystery and true crime author Kate Flora. WHEN? Sunday, March 4, 2012 Eastern USA Time…..7-9 PM Not sure what time that is wherever in the world you are? WHERE? The Writers Chatroom at: Scroll down to the Java box. It may take a moment to load. Type in the Read More