Interview with women’s fiction author Grecia Chasteen

–> My special guest today is author Grecia Chasteen. She was one of three guests this past Sunday from Gator House Publishing to visit The Writer’s Chatroom for a live chat. It was a great time. Today she’s chatting with me about her debut women’s fiction novella, Because of Yesterday. Bio: Grecia Chasteen received her Read More

Writer’s Chatroom Interviews Shelley Armitage, Author of Walking the Llano

(This is an edited and partial transcript from a live chat from The Writer’s Chatroom with Shelley Armitage on Jan 22, 2017 about her memoir Walking the Llano.) Moderator Lisa Haselton: Welcome to The Writer’s Chatroom. Our mission is to present fun and educational chats for readers and writers.  Let me introduce our guest, Shelley Armitage. Read More