Review – Opur’s Blade by James Ross

Genre: Fiction Title: Opur’s Blade Author: James Ross Rating: 3.5/5 Owen Purler Jr.’s mom takes stuttering 12-year-old Owen to Prairie Woods Golf Course one summer to take advantage of free golf lessons. He learns about the sport and so much more. J Dub Schroeder, the golf pro and manager at Prairie Woods quickly realizes the Read More

Review of Tuey’s Course by James Ross

Genre: Fiction Title: Tuey’s Course Author: James Ross Most of this story focuses on an almost-middle-aged black man who was born in the city projects on the east side of St. Louis named WeWildapheet Ulisees O’Tweety, but is known to most as Tuey. The nickname comes from the fact that there are two back-to-back e’s Read More

Review of Finish Line by James Ross

Genre: Fiction Title: Finish Line Author: James Ross Thirteen-year-old Justin Ventimiglia is a good kid who seldom gets into trouble and manages well enough in school. He has issues with his step-father, but what kid doesn’t? And what kid doesn’t have a friend who pushes the boundaries of right and wrong? Justin has Keith Puccio Read More

Review of Lifetime Loser by James Ross

Genre: Fiction Title: Lifetime Loser Author: James Ross J. W. Schroeder, known throughout his life as J Dub, is a golfer. His father taught him some of life’s lessons in tandem with how to excel at hitting a small white ball on a range and then down a fairway. However, not all of life’s lessons Read More