Interview with thriller author Matt Fulton

Thriller author Matt Fulton is helping me wrap up the week, and the month, by talking with me about his new espionage thriller, Active Measures: Part I. Bio: Matt Fulton is an independent writer who has spent half of his life working on the Active Measures trilogy. At twelve, he found inspiration in the stories Read More

Interview with playwright and novelist Richard Slota

Playwright and novelist Richard Slota joins me today to talk about his debut piece of literary fiction, Stray Son. Bio: Richard Slota is a mother-son incest survivor. He writes poetry, plays, novels and non-fiction. He just published a non-fiction book, Captive Market: Commercial Kidnapping Stories from Nigeria. Stray Son is his first work of fiction. Read More

Interview with YA author Rocky Gregory

Author Rocky Gregory is here today and we’re chatting about his young adult adventure novel, One Groovy Summer. Bio: Rocky was born and raised in SE Virginia. He was fourteen when he heard the Beatles for the first time. He became a big fan of the British Rock Invasion. He loved all the songs and Read More

Interview with poet Peter Jacob Streitz

The man helping me kick off a new week is Peter Jacob Streitz. We’re talking about poetry today. Peter has two books of poems, Hellfires Shake the Blues, and No Words . . . Just News. Bio: Peter Jacob Streitz was born an iconoclastic hick in upstate New York. Raised by a single mom after Read More