Interview with suspense/thriller author R. Scott Wallis

R. Scott Wallis joins me today to
chat about his new suspense/thriller, The Maine Nemesis.

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R. Scott Wallis is endlessly inspired by his surroundings and
adventures. And he thrives on new chapters and creating unique projects to keep
himself out of trouble. Scott started his working life as an advance person and
assistant to a sitting United States Vice President. Later, he served as the
creative director for a leading Washington think tank. That led to working
directly for one of the richest men on Earth, conceiving and executing
exclusive events for his billionaire friends. Tired of working for the man,
Scott became a top-rated pop-culture podcaster and celebrity interviewer, while
also dabbling in both the worlds of clothing manufacturing (creating his own
baby clothes brand that was sold in over 300 stores nationwide) and retail
sales, with his own well-received men’s clothing store.
Always willing to lend a hand or donate what he can, he’s an
enthusiastic philanthropist, championing causes such as childhood bullying,
animal adoption, and feeding the less fortunate. A wide-eyed world traveler,
Scott has been to four continents, mostly by sea. While he loves exploring Europe
and the Caribbean islands, it’s the vast United States that he likes best. He’s
been to Alaska four times, Hawaii twice, and can’t wait to explore the eight
states he hasn’t been to yet. Technically a Connecticut Yankee, Scott grew up
in historic Williamsburg, Virginia, and lived for 25 years in the Washington,
D.C. area, before recently discovering that the American West is where he is
most at home. He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Please share a little bit about your current release.
Maine Nemesis

is the first book in my new Skyler Moore Thriller series. It follows the
adventures of public relations hotshot Skyler Moore and her best
friend—celebrity chef Brenda Braxton—during a summer vacation in their hometown
of Wabanaki, on the southern coast of Maine. And as is the norm on Skyler’s
travels, mayhem ensues. Women are dropping dead in the sleepy town where
nothing ever happens, and it’s up to Skyler and friends to save the town they
love so much.

What inspired you to write this book?

started with my love for Maine. All my aunts and uncles live there, and I spent
a great deal of time on the southern coast, and in the central lake region,
during my childhood. Maine summers are quite magical, complete with picturesque
old houses, endless lobster rolls, and chilly summer evenings. I just knew from
the get-go that Skyler had to be from my favorite state and begin her journey
although they are middle-age women in my novels, in the Prologue, we get a
glimpse of their fictional town of Wabanaki, and how my two heroines first met
as children:
from Prologue of The Maine Nemesis:

During one typically mild Maine summer, slightly more
than a few decades ago, while the United States of America was celebrating the
anniversary of its independence from England, fifth-grader Skyler Elizabeth
Moore was celebrating her freedom from being the only little girl on her
street. While she got along fine with most of the kids in her class, she’d not
yet made a best friend—besides her
beloved Raggedy Ann doll—so when
Brenda Braxton, along with her brother and aunt, moved into the white clapboard
house diagonally across the street, Skyler made it her mission to show the new
girl around their tiny New England town in order to win her friendship.
were only a handful of houses on the street and most of them were only used in
the summer, making for a very sleepy, almost ghost town-like existence for a
pre-teen girl during the school year. Skyler would stare into the houses’ dark
windows as she walked to school, trying to catch a glimpse of something moving
inside. A forgotten cat. A caretaker. Even a ghost. She believed in them and
was certain that big old empty houses were where they lived.
the biting winter winds that came off the ocean turned soothingly cool and the
town sprung back to life after Memorial Day, Skyler would get her hopes up that
a new family—with kids her age—would magically appear on the block.
Specifically, a girl. So, when she finally spotted one that early July day, she
wasted no time.
moving truck was still in front of the house on the corner, and even though her
mother told her to wait until the family settled in, Skyler marched herself to
the open door and stepped into the front hall. She scooted to the left to avoid
getting hit by a couch that two large men lifted through the doorway and then
she followed them into the living room.
she was. A girl her own age, sitting on a moving box, eating a banana.
mom would be very proud,” she said when she noticed Skyler. “She was always
pushing fruit on me.”
love bananas,” Skyler lied as she moved closer. “I’m Skyler. I live across the
Brenda. And I guess I live here now.”
to Wabanaki.”
a weird name for a town.”
named after an Indian tribe. American Indian, not India Indian.”
never be able to spell it.”
“I’m good at spelling.
It’s easy. W.A.B.A.N.A.K.I. Wabanaki. Almost like banana with all the A’s after
the letters.”
“I guess. Did you just
let yourself in?”
“I did. Is that okay
with your mother?”
“I’m sure she doesn’t care. I’m glad you came in.”
“Me, too.” Skyler couldn’t
stop smiling. “Me, too.”
Skyler noticed that
Brenda was a little on the heavy side with a roll of fat around her middle that
peeked out between her shirt and shorts, but it didn’t faze her. Brenda had a
hearty, infectious laugh and positive attitude despite what Skyler would come
to understand was an arduous childhood. Her homework could have been eaten by
the dog, or the vacation she was looking forward to could have been cancelled
at the last minute, and she’d always manage to find the silver lining. Brenda’s
attitude would balance well with Skyler’s sometimes dark outlook on life.

What exciting story are you working on next?
I released the second book in the series, The New
Mexico Scoundrel
, this past May, and I just sent the third, The Nevada
, to my editor. It comes out on September 27. I have plans for
three more Skyler books in 2020, that will take my new friends to Alaska,
California, and Virginia. I also have a thriller called, Scout’s Honor:
, coming out on August 23. (Yes, I’m exhausted, but excited!)

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

the very beginning. As soon as I started to learn to read and write, I started
making up my own stories. My mother has always said that I thought in cartoons;
I guess I had a pretty active imagination. I’ve always loved making things up
and putting those creations together with the people and places I have come to
know in my real life. I’ve traveled extensively, and I’ve met many interesting
characters along the way. They all make it into my stories on way or another.

Do you write full-time? If so, what’s your work day like? If not, what do
you do other than write and how do you find time to write?

Writing and podcasting are my full-time jobs. I like to write first thing in
the morning, so I get up with the sun—and the dogs—and sit at my desk and write
from about 6:00am until about 10:00am every single day. I save emails and
marketing my books—that’s an independent writers second full-time job, mind
you—for the afternoon. I never touch my computer or my phone in the evenings,
unless I get a thought or idea for one of my stories, then I’ll make a quick
note so that I don’t forget it. I produce the pop culture podcast, The Swish
, on the weekends. I love to talk about as much as I love to write,
and my silly little show has reached the top 2% of comedy podcasts on iTunes. Now
I just wish I could get to the top 2% of Amazon with my books!

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

don’t know if it’s a quirk or not, but my absolute favorite thing to write is
dialogue. Perhaps I was supposed to be a screenwriter? In any event, I tend to
let my characters tell the story with their speech. I don’t do a lot of
describing how people look, either. I’d rather let the reader decide, in their
own head, what someone looks like. For example, I have ideas about which
Hollywood actors and actresses should play my characters in the eventual movies
(wishful thinking, huh?), but I would never, ever tell anyone who they are. I
wouldn’t want to ruin someone else’s idea of who Skyler, Brenda, at al, are.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I think I thought that was a job. I used to love television shows like “Dallas”
and “Dynasty” and just knew that I had to have gobs of money, too, to be happy.
Of course, it helps, but I quickly realized that loving what you do and who you
are, are much more important. That, and private jets. Private jets will always
make you happy.

Anything additional you want to share with the readers?

just over-the-moon that people are excited to read my books. It tickles me to
no end. When you put hundreds and hundreds of hours into something that you
created from scratch, and then people discover it, and like it, well, that’s
just the icing on the cake. I mean, two different books clubs are reading and
discussing MY books this summer. I never thought something like that would
happen to little ol’ me. It’s a dream come true. Now all I need is that darned
private jet!


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