Interview with novelist Kathleen Duhamel

special author guest today is Kathleen
. She’s here to chat with me about her new contemporary women’s
fiction, Deep End.

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Welcome, Kathleen. Please share a little
bit about your current release.

When her
close-to-perfect world falls apart, can love still prevail?
years of struggle and harsh criticism, happily married rock star wife Claire
Martin has finally achieved the career success of her dreams. As the featured
artist in an international traveling exhibit, she looks forward to her best
year ever, while her husband, singer Robert Silver of the legendary band Deep
Blue, contemplates a return to touring.
are also looking up for Claire’s best friend, Denise Hrivnak, who’s planning
her wedding to Robert’s musical partner, Art Hoffman. However, what should have
been most joyful day of Denise’s life turns to tragedy when an unexpected event
forces both woman to contemplate the terrifying possibility of life without the
men they love.
by the paparazzi and sick with worry, Claire waits for answers in a Las Vegas
hotel room, thinking over her improbable relationship with Rob and praying that
love alone is strong enough to bring her beloved husband back from the brink.
What inspired you to
write this book?

is the third book in my Deep Blue Trilogy, which follows the emotional journey
of Claire (now 61) and her passionate, tumultuous relationship with Rob, an
aging rock star. Throughout the series, we see her evolve from a
“barely-not-starving” artist dealing with her own insecurities to the resilient
woman she becomes in Deep End.
Excerpt from Deep End:
you about ready to go, sweetie?” she asks. “We don’t want to be late to the
wife of more than a year, Claire Martin Silverman, stands with her back to me
in the bedroom of our tiny Manhattan pied
a terre
, applying lipstick in front of a mirror while I perch on the edge
of our bed.
 “Whenever you are, babe.”
truth is I’ve been ready for more than half an hour, killing time by catching a
re-run of my favorite cooking show while watching her touch up her makeup. Out
of boredom I texted Artie Hoffman, my musical partner and co-founder of our
band, Deep Blue, with a one-word
message: S’up?
texted back: Sitting and waiting for my
woman to tell me what to do.
Same here, I responded. See ya
glance at Claire again from across the room. She’s dressed to kill, wearing a
little black dress that hugs her trim body in all the right places and a pair
of stilettos that are sparking a multitude of lewd thoughts.
silvery blonde mane drifts over her shoulders. She claims there’s a lot more
gray in her hair since we met, and there may be some truth to her statement.
Claire hasn’t had an easy time of it, being married to me.
she reaches for the lipstick to tuck it into her beaded bag, the tube rolls off
the dresser and onto the floor. She bends over to retrieve it, causing the
fabric of her dress to stretch tight across her nicely rounded backside, a
vision that threatens to bring me to my knees.
my nine-year-old son live with us full time has been delightful, challenging,
and downright exhausting. It’s also meant some lifestyle changes for Claire and
me. I miss our first-thing-in-the morning encounters and the so-called
afternoon “naps” we used to take when it was only the two of us. Claire and I
haven’t spent any quality time in bed together for three weeks. Twenty-four
days and counting, to be exact. On our last two scheduled “date nights,” we
went out to dinner, came home, and promptly fell asleep.
Matthew is staying over at my daughter Jill’s house with her two kids, and my
romantic hopes run high. Claire turns around and catches me staring at her.
Light dances in her smoky green eyes. I’m pretty sure she recognizes the
lustful expression on her husband’s face, having seen it a lot.
are you looking at?” she teases.
sweet ass in that dress,” I admit. Why

What exciting story are
you working on next?
currently writing Fed Up, the first
book in a new series. The main characters are a small town chef and a failing
television actor, both in their 50s. At some point in the series, I expect one
or more characters from Deep Blue to
make an appearance

When did you first consider yourself a
I was eight years old. I wrote and illustrated my first story about baby
sparrows leaving the nest.

Do you write full-time? If so, what’s
your work day like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find
time to write?

have a part-time day job that pays my bills and allows me to keep writing. I
also do some freelance work that involves writing for children, a huge
challenge!  I set aside most afternoons
and at least one weekend day for writing and promoting my books.

What would you say is your interesting
writing quirk?

don’t outline. I tried it with my first novel, but ended up throwing the
outline away. Since my books are character-driven, I see my job as an author to
set up an interesting, plausible situation and let the characters run with it.
also like writing in first person. I feel it lends both immediacy and emotion
to the story. I want my readers to get inside my character’s heads and
experience their love, pain, rejection, disappointment, etc. firsthand.

As a child, what did you want to be when
you grew up?

wanted to be an artist. Instead, I grew up painting with words.

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    The more I read about this book, the more I like the sound of it. But, as I understand, it is a trilogy about the same H/H, is that correct? And the books should be read in order to get the full scope of the couple. I'll have to take a closer look at this series.

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    What books are you looking to read in 2018? Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win. Bernie Wallace BWallace1980(at)hotmail(d0t)com

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    Dear Ms. Duhamel, since you dreamt of being an artist, have you ever thought of commissioning an illustrated version of one of your works?

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