Interview with romance author Christina Elliott

author Christina Elliott
joins me today to chat about her new romantic suspense novel, In the Heat of the Tropics.

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Elliott is a former Miami newspaper reporter and editor. She now writes spicy
romantic suspense novels from Los Angeles, where she’s glad to report there are
far fewer bad-hair days but sadly far less Cuban coffee. She is a member of the
Romance Writers of America.
Welcome, Christina. Please
share a little bit about your current release.
a sexy romantic suspense set in a sweltering Miami summer, when a serial killer
has returned to haunt the city. Ambitious Tribune reporter Ingrid Sorenson is
assigned to cover the story and her primary source is brusque homicide
detective Rick Gonzalez. The pair spar as Ingrid wants more details for her big
story, while Rick seeks to keep her at bay. Their clashes, however, also ignite
sparks of passion. Breaking all professional rules, they risk their careers to
give in to mutual desire. But as tension ratchets up over the murderer’s
increasing body count, renewed mistrust of each other’s motives wedges them
apart. Is Ingrid using Rick to gain bigger headlines? Is Rick carrying out a
long-held grudge against journalists? As a raging tropical storm breaks, Ingrid
gets a tip that leads her straight to the crazed killer’s lair. She and Rick
must choose between putting their careers first or their blossoming love.

What inspired you to write this book?
love both gritty crime fiction and romances so to me romantic suspense is a
great genre that combines both elements. Miami is also a sexy setting, and
having lived there, I wanted to write about the city, especially its heat,
which becomes an overwhelming presence in the summer. I was a newspaper
reporter in Miami so that was my obvious lead character, Ingrid, and knowing
that reporters often clash with cops over big stories, that formed the basis
for the romantic and mystery plot.

Excerpt from In the Heat of the Tropics:
She arrived before the police had erected a tent around the victim, and
even standing at the mouth of the alley, she could see the silhouette of a man
reclining at an odd angle in the driver’s seat of a minivan.
A man murdered in his car. Just like the
John Killings. Could the John Killer have returned to mark the year anniversary
of his last murder? She tried to control her excitement. If it was the serial
killer, this would be a huge story. And she just happened to be working that
Then that detective had shown up,
wrenching her incredibly good luck to incredibly bad inside two minutes. She
still didn’t even know the guy’s name. But maybe he wouldn’t be working the
case. Maybe he was just on duty and got the callout, and maybe it wouldn’t
matter if he was on the case. Her primary contact at the P.D. was media
relations. Still, it was a bad break. Developing a personal relationship with
detectives was the way to scoops. She didn’t need him possibly poisoning other
cops against her.
            The coroner’s tech was photographing
the body and the car. Detective Asshole was standing with folded arms,
watching. Every now and then, he turned in her direction—checking on her. With
her initial excitement fading to disillusion, a wave of tiredness overcame her.
She wiped her forehead with her forearm. The air had cooled at this time of
night, but it was still muggy. She trudged back to her car, posted a
two-sentence brief online about a suspicious death in an alley north of
downtown from her phone and headed home.
            As she raced down the normally
traffic-choked U.S. 1, she recalled that whole embarrassing video incident. As
Mel had predicted, she’d been hauled into Marlena’s office the next day to give
her side of the story. Thankfully, Marlena had concluded that it wasn’t
Ingrid’s fault. Why would an undercover operative be so reckless as to show up
at a media conference? Still, Ingrid had been nervous that it would be held
against her when she applied for the police beat, but it hadn’t. Neither did it
seem to matter to Major Montoya when Ingrid had gone to the station to
introduce herself as the new Star reporter. The only person who held the grudge
was the detective, although he seemed to have landed pretty well if he was
investigating homicides.
Despite being an asshole, he was cute,
hot actually. But being an arrogant jerk seemed to be the required personality
trait of good-looking men, as if they knew handsome guys were in short supply
and acted accordingly. Still, Ingrid wondered whether something could’ve
developed between them if the video thing hadn’t happened.
She had felt a frisson of … what
exactly, attraction? … in that look they’d shared, and he must’ve rushed to get
to the door before she left the press conference for a reason. She stopped
herself. What-ifs were nothing but a trap of despair. They didn’t bear thinking
She pulled into the driveway, tires
crunching over the carpet of red berries fallen from the palm trees in her
front yard. She was due back at work in a few hours for her regular day shift.
She’d get some sleep and head back to follow up the homicide. If she could
break the story that the John Killer had returned, and stay ahead on the story
after that, maybe she could nab a promotion to a coveted slot on the
investigative team. Then she’d never have to worry about running into Detective
Asshole again.

What exciting story are you working on

Another romantic suspense, titled Angel’s
. It’s set in Los Angeles, where I now live, and it’s another sexy
setting. It’s the home of Hollywood, of course, but it’s also the epicenter of
the adult entertainment industry. I found this pretty interesting, so the
latter forms the backdrop for Angel’s
. The love story is between two homicide detectives competing to solve
the suspicious death of an executive that is linked to the adult entertainment
industry. The case deepens into sex trafficking and an unsolved murder. I’m
hoping to get this to my publisher early next year, “hoping” being the
definitive word!

When did you first consider yourself a

question. Really after my first novel was published, I decided I could call
myself a “writer.” Before that, I felt it was too pretentious of me to consider
myself a “writer.” But really, I’ve been a writer pretty much my whole life. I was
a journalist for many years and thus I was a writer, although I didn’t think of
myself as that. If anyone is actively writing, you have my permission to call
yourself a “writer”!

Do you write full-time? If so, what’s
your work day like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find
time to write?

write fulltime, but I do different kinds of writing as my livelihood. I work as
a freelance public relations writer, writing speeches, press releases, op-eds
for corporate clients and agencies, and I also edit book manuscripts,
dissertations etc. I’m busy on and off, which I like as it allows me time to
work on my passion-writing fiction. When I’m novel-writing, morning is my best
writing time. I use the afternoons to do marketing, promotion, emails and so

What would you say is your interesting
writing quirk?

have a bunch of different notebooks on my desk. One is for jotting down
interesting metaphors, character or place names, ideas. Another is my daily
to-do lists etc. Another is my work in progress book-outline, notes, questions
I have to resolve. Still another is the notebook I take to writing conferences,
seminars and so on. Then I have notes in computer folders, bits of paper etc.
Somehow it works!

As a child, what did you want to be when
you grew up?

really did want to be a writer. I was a voracious bookworm, so I wanted to
write the books I adored reading. In high school, I discovered journalism so
even though I was shy, I knew that was a career that would allow me to write. I
wrote short fiction on and off through the years but about 12 years ago I
decided to fulfill my childhood dream of writing a novel.

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