Interview with non-fiction writer Paul Cummings

My special author guest today is Paul Cummings. We’re talking about his
new business, non-fiction book, It All Matters.

Enthusiastic. Driven. Intense. Paul
Cummings has been educating business professionals for over thirty-five years
and has developed revolutionary techniques in sales, customer service, and
leadership development. Filled with the desire to not only teach but to also
make a lasting difference, Paul is well-known for teaching his students and
clients with unrivaled zeal and unmatched passion as he enthusiastically lives
out his business motto, changing lives through dynamic instruction. A
thirteen-time winner of the Telly Award and five-time winner of the
Communicator Award, Paul’s ultimate desire is to tangibly and exponentially
improve both personal and professional performance.

He has continued to
revolutionize the way that people and businesses learn and improve by making it
simple, affordable, fun, and efficient. In 2009, Paul developed Woople, a
web-based learning system that delivers a variety of online training programs,
including his very own, Paul Cummings University. PCU is an award winning,
cutting-edge sales training program that is used daily by thousands of

Through dynamic live events
and impactful eLearning videos, Paul Cummings has been instructing business
professionals, leaders, managers, as well as today’s youth, for over 35 years.
His desire is to teach and inspire every student and client to not only
increase their personal capacity to learn and grow, but to also make a
difference with their lives.

Fueled by his vision for
lifelong learning and education, Paul also created TechTown in 2014 to engage
the underserved youth in his hometown of Chattanooga, in science and technology
summer camps and year-round after school programs. He is the proud father of
five adult children, who have blessed him with eight wonderful and amazing grandkids.
Paul’s personal mission is to always leave it better than he found it because
he truly understands and firmly believes that It All Matters.
tell us about your current release.
How can you live a life of real intention and purpose instead of duty
and obligation? It All Matters offers one hundred and twenty-five life-changing
strategies to inspire you and help you to develop your skill sets, build more
knowledge, improve your attitude, and develop work habits that truly pay off.
When you read It All Matters, you join Paul Cummings, an award-winning
worldwide public speaker and trainer as your personal coach. He’ll ask you
questions that challenge you to find your “It”…inspire you to
define your “All”… and encourage you to begin your journey towards
greatness so that you can determine what truly “Matters.”
inspired you to write this book?
My grandfather told me at a very young age that “It All
Matters” and it lead me on a journey to define what was my “It” and what was my
“All” and to truly be able to define what it was that “Mattered” to me. So that
is where the title of the book came from. I was inspired to write the book from
all the people that I met when I was traveling and speaking around the world
that needed help finding their own “it” and their own “all” as well as help
defining what “mattered” to them personally so that they could live the life
that they were created to live.
It All Matters:
The key to It All Matters is the unique process that I
help people discover called U.B.U. It stands for “Understand who you are”, “Be true to yourself”, and “Always Stay Unique”. The U.B.U is a proven approach that has been
successfully implemented by professionals across the globe.
exciting story are you working on next?
I continue to write every day and I am currently working
on another book called Leave No Doubt. It’s about how leaders leave an evidence
trail behind them that “leaves no doubt” in the people that they meet and that
are around them, about who they are, what they stand for and what they believe.
did you first consider yourself a writer?
Do you write full-time? If so, what’s your work day like?
If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find time to write? I
write a lot early in the morning, as I like the creative spark that it brings
into my day. I have written all of my own training material over the last 35
years, so in that sense, I do write “full time”, but I also do a lot of
speaking and training as well on the topics of the things that I am writing
would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
My most interesting quirk is that I write everything on
my phone. I actually type it out in on a program called wordsmith on my phone,
which I know, is kind of strange, but it is actually true.
As a
child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I was really into sports when I was a child and I
received so much great advice from all the amazing coaches that I had
throughout my childhood, that I truly hoped to maybe do something in sports one
day. However, after an injury in high school, that ended and I got into sales
and eventually into sales training and then into leadership training and
executive coaching. However, I see myself as a more of a “teacher” and a
“coach” with my clients. I was greatly impacted by the many teachers in my
childhood as well and I have so much respect for teachers in general, that I am
truly humbled when I am referred to as a “teacher” or a “coach” by my clients.
additional you want to share with the readers?
One fun fact about me, that many people don’t know, is
that I also love to paint. I’ve even had a few of my paintings sold in
galleries, in fact. I find that writing and painting both spark my creative
juices flowing and they kind of work hand-in-hand to really get me creative
side going.
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Thanks for being here today, Paul.

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