Interview with magician, entertainer, and author Arjay Lewis

Arjay Lewis joins me today to talk about
his new horror paranormal novel, The
Muse: A Novel of Unrelenting Terror.
Lewis (aka R.J. Lewis) is an award-winning author, entertainer and magician. He
has experienced every level of show business from street-performing to
Arjay’s published stories have appeared in H.P. Lovecraft
Magazine of Horror, Weird Tales,
and Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine.
He also has been published in the anthology The Ultimate Halloween. His
novel Homes & Watkins, The Mystery of the Manacled Man, was a
finalist in the 2016 Murder & Mayhem Novel Competition for Chanticleer Book
He has
collaborated on several films including:
FLAMES, The True Story of Tony ‘Volcano’ Valenci
– which has won seven Film Festival awards. His screenplay
for DUMMY (co-written with Pamela Wess) is the winning screenplay for the 2017
Garden State Film Festival. It also won 4th place in the 2016 Writer’s Digest
Screenplay Competition.
Arjay is married
to his wife, Debra, and has one daughter Rayna. He is currently performing on
the Princess Cruise Line as the
Maker’ in the hit show, MAGIC TO DO.
Arjay. Please tell us about your current release, The Muse.
Famed horror writer Jack Court is a man with a secret. Besides
his hobby as a brutal serial killer, he possesses a living creature within his
body that enables him to write brilliantly as well as avoid capture. On his
trail is Sheriff Neil Trajan, who is sure Court murdered his wife three years
When struck by a local man’s truck Jack’s creature leaves him,
and through a series of events finds its way to down-on-his-luck author Harry
Godwine, who begins to write on a much higher level.
However, Jack’s body is undergoing odd physical
changes, and he has become obsessed with recovering his lost companion.
This leads to a violent situation, as Court seeks the other man, leaving
a trail of destruction, while pursued by Trajan and his FBI associate, Bill
Can they stop Court before he rejoins with the creature? And who will
have to die so that he can retrieve it?
inspired you to write this book?
In June of 1999, out of the blue I had the desire to write a horror tale
The Dark. I had never written horror before
and the idea of a night guard who saw things in the dark—that were actually
there— was a leap for me. (That story eventually sold to H.P. Lovecraft
Magazine of Horror.)
It wasn’t until the next day, when I read the news that Stephen
King had been hit by a truck in Maine that I had the oddest feeling, and I
thought to myself, “It was as if something needed that story to be written and
since he couldn’t, it moved to me.” This, of course, was the height of ego. Mr.
King is an amazing wordsmith and teller of tall tales, and far more adept a
writer than I. But the thought stuck with me and I wondered what it would be
like if there was something— an actual physical entity that could help people
write— and not just write, but write best sellers.
That concept became The Muse.
Excerpt from The
Muse: A Novel of Unrelenting Terror

She gave a nod to Franz and the image began to advance. Neil
could see the internal organs move slowly as Godwine drew breath.

Suddenly, the nautilus shape turned an even brighter shade
of yellow and quivered. It happened so quickly that Neil thought it was a trick
of the eye.

“What the hell—” was all Neil could say.
“What did we just see?” Morris asked, stunned as well.
Dr. Ross pulled the pencil eraser with her teeth as she
chose her words carefully. “Whatever it is, it’s alive.”

exciting story are you working on next?
I have more of the “IN
THE MIND” series coming. It is a first-person Mystery series following a
psychic detective who works with the local police.

I also have a stand-alone book, The Wizards of Central Park West— which
I call the “Ultimate Urban Fantasy” being released in 2018.
did you first consider yourself a writer?
I have been writing all my life, and
stories are always coming to me. First, plays and scripts for live Murder
Mystery shows. ( Then I wrote short stories that were
published. I then starting to write novels in the 1990’s.
you write full-time? If so, what’s your work day like? If not, what do you do
other than write and how do you find time to write?
I am currently the magician on a
cruise ship, and perform about 3 days a week. I write in the morning, every
morning. I achieve a minimum of 1,000 words a day.
would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
I like to go into the ship’s library
to write in the morning. I choose a comfortable chair near the door. So, people
think I am there to answer questions, which I try to do politely, and get back
to writing.
a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A performer— funny how it turned out
Thanks for being here today, Arjay!

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