Interview with YA author Tabi Slick

Welcome, readers. My special guest today is
young adult author Tabi Slick. We’re
chatting about her new paranormal dark fantasy, Tompkin’s School: For The Dearly Departed.
Tabi Slick was born in Kansas and grew up in the
country where she was homeschooled for the greater part of her childhood. In
middle school, her family moved to Davis Oklahoma where she attended public
school for several years. Here she began her writing adventure and soon the
world of Tompkin’s Academy came to life. After graduating from high school in
2008, she spent a few years in Puerto Rico and wound up in Texas where she
graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from the University of Texas
at Arlington. She was born with an immense appreciation for literature and
continues to dedicate her time to her passion of writing.
Welcome, Tabi. Please tell us about your current
Tompkin’s School: For The Dearly Departed is the
second book in the Tompkin’s School Trilogy. It is a stand-alone book about
Kain and Izara’s second year the Tompkin’s boarding academy where another being
has joined them. This year their powers to advance and they will find
themselves closer to discovering who they are and what is controlling them.
What inspired you to write this book?
I was inspired by many dreams I had when I was
in college, about these twins with powers that transitioned on the full moon
into these beings with wings. I never thought I’d actually write it into a
book, I just wrote it all down in my journal until I realized I had enough to
actually put it into a novel. So that’s what I did. Since I decided I wanted to
publish this story, I always intended for it to be a trilogy so that’s how the
Tompkin’s School Trilogy came about. I published the first book last April and
am very excited about my second book’s release August 2, 2017!
Excerpt from Tompkin’s
School: For The Dearly Departed:
I shivered
at the sight of the wolf-man killing one of the intruders that night they had
chained Bart to the ground.
“Destiny of beings is about to come to
fruition,” the voice of the being’s human companion rang in my ear.
The scene turned to liquid and then I saw Izzy
standing in front of me.
“You know his face,” a voice that didn’t belong
to my sister bellowed from within her.
will return….I will return to my children.
My whole body writhed in pain as the voice
filled my head.
What exciting story are you working on next?
I’m currently working on the third and final
book in the Tompkin’s School Trilogy which I’m both sad and excited about. I’m
looking forward to it because that means I can branch out and focus on my next
project which will be a psychological thriller.
When did you first consider yourself a writer?
I first considered myself a writer about two
years ago when I began writing full time. Not only was I writing code and
building website, but I was also working on a schedule to finish my first book Tompkin’s School: For The Extraordinarily
. I had set myself a deadline, worked at it every day and finally
published April 19, 2016. Since then I have considered myself an Indie Author
and am proud of the business I have built and continue to improve. Since I’m
involved in the indie scene, I have dedicated my blog to reading and reviewing
mostly indie books. Yes, I am an author, but I understand that in order to be a
good author one must read. I love sharing about my love of reading while
promoting the indie world of books! We should all read more indies.
Do you write full-time? If so, what’s your work day like? If not, what
do you do other than write and how do you find time to write?
I do write full time now. For the past few
months my schedule has been off because I’ve been in that transition period
between a finished project and the publishing date. During that phase I’m
mostly contacting media, setting up events, reading, promoting, and waiting for
ARC reviews to come in. Now that my second book is out, I’ll be doing book
signings and a few virtual events. After that, I believe in October my regular
work days will return and I’ll be back to the writing grind. A normal day for
me consists of writing for half the day, the other half doing chores and
errands. If I’m having trouble writing, I do something else to switch things
up. I try to get a good 5 hours of writing in per day when working on a
As a child, what did you want to be when you
grew up?
I would say a whole lot of things, like police
officer, architect, etc. but secretly I always knew I wanted to be a writer.

Thank you for joining me here today, Tabi!

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