Interview with life coach Lauren Holder

Life coach Lauren Holder is my first featured
guest for July. She’s here to chat with me a little bit about her new self-help
book Why Not Now: Create the Success and
Happiness You Deserve
Lauren is a
certified Life Coach, practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics Programming, and a
member of the International Coach Federation. Through personal and group
coaching, workshops, and public speaking, Lauren has inspired and led thousands
of people through life-changing transformations. She has coached CEOs, small
business owners, teams, and individuals with impressive results, including
increased revenue, better team efficiency, improved work/life balance, and the
creation of new businesses.
Welcome, Lauren. Please tell us about
your current release.
Why Not Now is my way of spreading the message to
live your life now. The world of personal development can be overwhelming,
especially when it comes to books and implementing what we read. This book
simplifies it. I
share how five simple steps literally saved my life at a time when the
doctors had their doubts that it could be saved. Following those steps also
shifted me from a victim-minded, constantly complaining, never-good-enough,
the-world-is-against-me type of person to the positive, inspiring, motivating,
happy, and make-it- happen woman I am proud to call myself today. These steps,
which I lovingly refer to as The 2×4 Effect, can transform your life too.
Wouldn’t it be great to live your life in a way that was more aligned with your
values, to make more money, to be happier, and to have more fun? This book is
intended to inspire action and help you create positive change in your life.
What inspired you to write this book?
feedback from people after my first speaking engagement is what initially
inspired me to write this book. I was terrified to share who I used to be with
a room of complete strangers. I told them about the old me: the victim minded,
world is against me person who would do anything to fit in and be accepted. I
also shared the pivotal moment where life almost got away from me. Lastly, I
shared my journey of personal transformation and how I became the positive and empowered
woman I am today. I received a standing ovation and had a line of people going
out the door wanting to share how I touched them. So many recommended I write a
book. I listened.
Excerpt from Why Not Now: Create the Success and Happiness You Deserve:
Every situation we find ourselves in can be traced back to a choice
we’ve made. Some people estimate the average adult makes up to
35,000 decisions every day. That’s a lot of decisionsand consequences.
Decision making involves that wrinkly pink and gray lump in our heads
that we call the brain. Although the brain weighs in at just about three
pounds, about
2 percent of the average person’s total body weight, it’s some important
real estate. I think HGTV would agree that its location and features merit some
big-time property value. Unfortunately, our decision-making minds can sabotage
our mental health almost effortlessly and become our worst enemy. Yet, we don’t
have to just sit by and allow this to happen. We’ve all proba­bly heard the old
adage “Mind over matter.” They say we can train our brains to do the
impossible. The question we need to ask ourselves now is, are we ready for the
impossible? The first step to getting what we want is to decide what that
“want” is. It’s time to make the choices that get us to our end goal.
Some decisions are simple and relatively mundane while others are more
complex and important. Simple choices are what we choose to eat for breakfast,
whether we brush our teeth or not, or what movie we decide to go to at the
theater. These choices don’t take a lot of brain power for most of us, although
that last one can be a doozy sometimes. Chick flick or a spooky horror movie
that will keep us on the edge of our seat? How do we decide?
Then there are the choices that take a bit more thought. Perhaps it’s
deciding whether or not we let our sixteen-year-old daughter go out on a date
with some young man we do not know or deciding if we should ditch our family
and take a vacation with our BFFs this summer that is going to cost us time and
money we didn’t originally plan for. These types of choices take some
consideration, as they affect our family and/or our financial situation.
There are even bigger decisions. For example, do we take the enticing
promotion and move our family across the country, or do we quit our job and
start that business we’ve always dreamed about? While these different types of
decisions vary as far as how much thought goes into them, each of those
35,000 daily decisions we make directly affects our lives.
Whether we are the one making the decision or not, choices are being
made. To create the life we want, we want to be the one making those choices
whenever possible. If we aren’t the one in charge, we are living a life by
default. I’m not recommending that we become self
absorbed or controlling, or that we disregard what our family wants,
just that we deeply consider what we want and choose intentionally. Otherwise,
as Forrest Gump famously said about the box of chocolates, “You never know what
you’re gonna get.” It pays to be decisive.
What exciting story are you working on
With the
positive feedback I’m receiving about Why Not Now, I’m working on an
opportunity to dive deeper into the message and process shared in the book. It
will likely include a workbook and video lessons.
When did you first consider yourself a
English and
writing were always my least favorite subjects in school. Writing was always
difficult for me. I began writing in journals just a few years ago as a way to
capture my thoughts. That’s when it became more fun. I still have to remind
myself from time to time that I am a writer.
Do you write full-time? If so, what’s
your work day like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find
time to write?
No, I do not
write full-time. I am a success coach and help entrepreneurs and small business
owners create businesses and lives they love. For some, the goal is to increase
productivity and make more money. For others, the goal is to create a better
work and personal life balance. I teach and empower through personal and group
coaching, workshops and public speaking. Writing has become a method for me to
reach and help more people on their personal growth journeys.
What would you say is your interesting
writing quirk?
I must write
chronologically. I’ve been told when I hit a block, to skip ahead and write a
later chapter that inspires me. Nope! That doesn’t work.
As a child, what did you want to be when
you grew up?
I don’t
recall aspiring to be anything specific. When the topic came up, my response
was simply, “I want to get paid to have fun”.
Anything additional you want to share
with the readers?
Everything in
your life is the result of a choice. What do you want? Decide that and go for
it! There is no guarantee of tomorrow and you deserve to live the best life
possible. I love to hear from readers what insights they take away from my
writing so please feel free to contact me at
Free companion journal download at

Thanks for being here today, Lauren!

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