Interview with vegan writer Kayla Keyes

Writer Kayla Keyes is
in the hot seat today. She’s chatting with me about her self-help weight loss
book, Weight Loss for Vegans.
Kayla Keyes is a
compassionate vegan writer and editor who loves to get adventurous and share
her findings with the world! She has also written articles for various
nutrition and self-growth oriented websites such as “Your Zen Life” and
Welcome, Kayla. Please tell us about your current
Weight Loss for Vegans is definitely the right book for everyone that wants
to start a healthy lifestyle. It can be a real kick-start to finding your ideal
weight and at the same dropping some mental “baggage”. It is not a book that
claims that you HAVE to be “skinny”, it just aims to make you feel good within
yourself. Everybody is beautiful, especially if they are caring well for
themselves. That being said, you can lose quite a few pounds with it if this is
what you are striving for. It also shows how you can find a balance lifestyle
after having finished the plan. In my opinion, the best part about it is that
it is a vegan guideline, based in compassion for animals, human and nature
itself. You don’t have to eat 3 chicken breasts a day to become slim, you know?
What inspired you to write this book?
I’ve been a vegan myself
for a long time and have tried many varieties of veganism myself. As quite a
few vegans have incorporated “comfort foods” into their diets and some may have
gotten “out of balance”, I thought it would be great to reintroduce a healthy
guideline that is easy to follow and is based on abundance of tasty, healthy
and fresh foods. The book is also great for meat eaters and vegetarians, as
this vegan plan will help them lose weight even faster due to completely leaving
out animal products. Also, as we all know, eating and emotions go hand in hand
– a point that is very important and well-explained in the book. This also
includes some easy, helpful and effective psychological processes which are
outlined in Weight Loss for Vegans.
Weight Loss for Vegans is a detailed,
effective and fast weight loss and detox system that will kick start your
metabolism and help you lose weight in ten days on a healthy, plant-based diet.
The concept is also designed to connect mind, spirit and body and to help you
maintain your ideal weight long-term.
What exciting story are you working on next?
That’s still a
secret, haha. But I will let you guys know asap!
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Thanks for being here today, Kayla.

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