Interview with writer Kate Corsen

Writer Kate Corsen joins me today to chat about
her new non-fiction book, Men: The Field
Kate Corsen is not only an expert on men but also
on behavioral psychology and human relationships. As a scholar of behavioral
science and history, she earned her degree from Metropolitan State University.
As a result, one of her passions is figuring out why people do the things they
do and how everyday events and relationships ultimately affect our lives.
When she is not writing, speaking, or performing
comedy, she is celebrating her life with family and friends, or enjoying the
majestic splendor of Colorado.
Welcome, Kate. Please tell us about your current
Men: The Field Guide is a humorous memoir that explores the male-female
dynamic. I approach the subject as if I were studying each type of man within
his natural habitat. In the book, I share my scientific observations as
entertaining tales of my many field encounters i.e. dates or relationships with
the males of the species.
For each of the seventy-eight
categories of men I identify, I provide information on behavior, habitat,
alternate monikers, breeding peculiarities, and learning opportunities, as well
as notes on my field encounters (whether disastrous or satisfying relationships).
I teach my readers the
secrets of the Enginerd, the Timekeeper, and the Woundanoid to name a few and
include information about the elusive and possibly imaginary Type X, a.k.a.
Prince Charming. Despite being a highly sought-after specimen, this variant is
rarely if ever found in the wild. Does it even exist?
I also provide notes that
can serve as a warning. Avoid the Albatross, the Lumuc, the Sperm Donor, and
other very unsuitable mates.
I guess the best way to
describe the book would be Men: The Field
is a comprehensive resource for women itching to conduct their own
field research and enter that savage environment we call the world of dating.
What inspired you to write this book?
At first I wanted to write
a book about the many types of men I have encountered during my lifetime, so I
set out to develop a Field Guide like the ones for birds or butterflies.
However, as I began to
explore my past relationships, I realized that each relationship had affected
my perceptions of myself. I also realized that more times than not by actively
looking for the humor associated with my previously presumed failures I was
developing a deep appreciation for my life experiences.
Excerpt from Men:
The Field Guide:
Reflection of the past,
acceptance of what was and the discovery of the humor in all things heals even
the deepest of wounds.
What exciting story are you working on next?
My second
book, I Haven’t Gone to Seed; I’m Just
Getting Started
, offers a humorous look at the friendships, connections,
and the unbreakable bonds of an exceptionally resourceful group of women.
Readers can click on the link and read the first chapter on my website.
Since my
stories are based upon true events, I believe readers will easily identify with
my friends’ characters. I must admit, I am very blessed to hang out with such
an interesting and eclectic group.
When did you first consider yourself a writer?
When I decided to stop worrying
about what people might think and started sharing my most private stories as a
way to help others accept the past and realize that even the darkest aspects of
one’s life can serve as a great teacher.
Do you write full-time? If so, what’s your work day
like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find time to
I write every day because
I love it, and by actively looking for humor I have realized it’s all around
me, or perhaps I draw it to me. 
I believe laughter is
healing, so I try to Tweet something to make people laugh every day. I also
practice stand-up comedy because I love making people laugh.
I’m also putting together
a book launching party on April Fool’s Day 2017 at the Madcap Theatre in
Westminister, Colorado. I’ll be performing a few of my comedy routines and I’ve
lined up other comics to perform, so I’ve been busy ordering the items needed
for the various contests and giveaways I have planned. I’m very blessed to have
other comics join me to entertain the crowd.
I am funding the event,
and it is free to the public because I want to provide my guests with a fun afternoon
and have the chance to meet the people who enjoy my comedy and books. For me,
it’s a fun way to express my gratitude. Information about this event is on my website.
What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
If I see or hear something
funny, I try to write it down right away, so I’m constantly running around in
search of pen and paper.
As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I thought I wanted to be a
professional singer. I had a pretty rough childhood, so singing the words to
songs provided me with hope for the future. My favorite song was Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I think I
chose this particular song and others like it was because they made me feel
empowered and hopeful for the future.
Music speaks to me, so I
write a lot of humorous songs and use many of them in my stand-up.
Anything additional you want to share with the readers?
I took great care to
honestly access my life’s experiences in this book using the healing tools of
reflection, humor and acceptance. I share my stories with the reader to both
validate women’s perceptions of self and the associated feelings attached to many
of the snippets of their lives.
Although some of my
memories might be disturbing to some, this reflective process helped me actively
look for the humor associated with many of my memories and to discover ways to
accept those when I could not.
However, most importantly
this process helped me to realize I am a product of my environment and my
relationships. I alone have the ability to accept the many life lessons I have
encountered and integrate them into my being in a healthy way. Secure in the
belief that by utilizing humor and reflection to accept life’s not so perfect
circumstances, I now know will always be just fine.
Thank you for reading this
interview, and I hope I can meet each of you someday. It would be an honor. Always,

Thank you, Kate!

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