Interview with supernatural thriller author Charles R. Hinckley

Author Charles R Hinckley is with me to wrap up
the week. We’re chatting about his supernatural thriller, Dream State.
Charles R. Hinckley is an
author, audiobook producer, playwright, and fine artist. His short stories and
articles have been published by online magazines, and News America Syndicate.
As a producer/voice actor, Charles has several titles available on Audible and
Inspiration for his novel Dream State came when he had a
precognitive experience. He saw a crime happen just before it was committed.
After this experience he began to realize the potential for exploring this
phenomenon in the form of fiction.
Welcome, Charles. Please tell us about your current
August Chase is an
ordinary man plagued by extraordinary precognitive dreams. When he foresees the
brutal murder of a young woman, he tracks her down to warn her. His warnings go
unheeded, and the dreamed murder becomes a reality. The victim’s sister,
frustrated by slow police work, enlists August’s help, and he is launched into
his first case as a private investigator. Delving deep into the victim’s life,
he soon discovers a common thread in the shadowy world that may have claimed
her. This is book One of the August Chase Mystery Series.
What inspired you to write this book?
When I was twenty-one I
had a very powerful prerogative experience where I saw my car was about to be
stolen. I was able to get to my car and stop the thieves, but not until after
they had done some damage. The cops came and they said the exact same things I
had witnessed them saying in my precognitive vision. It was an unsettling
experience. Since then I have had a number of small precognitive visions occur
such as, knowing someone would visit, or I’d hear from someone I had been
thinking about. I had a football dream once. During the AFC championship game,
the Patriots would beat the Steelers, and then go on to win their first super
bowl. I knew Tom Brady would hurt his ankle and Drew Bledsoe would come in
against the Steelers, and they would win the game. I dreamed all this. And
after that, I knew they would go on to win the Super Bowl. I didn’t bet on the
game, but I guess I should have.
Excerpt from Dream
Pablo Carrillo was killed
in the same dream several times before I attempted to save him. The dream
always starts the same way: I’m in the passenger seat of a large sedan
travelling along a suspension bridge. Light flickers through support girders,
creating a strobe effect on the faintly illuminated guardrails. Outside to my
right, at least a hundred feet down, is black water. I turn to the driver. He’s
a heavyset man with a five o’clock shadow and thick, dark eyebrows. He’s
fishing around for something between his legs, his eyes darting from the road
to the seat. I try to speak, but nothing comes out. Awareness that this is
actually a dream begins to dawn on me. It’s already set in motion. I’m only along
for the ride. The car will crash, and the man will be killed. I dream this
again and again. But this time I have the presence of mind to do something.
“Stop the car.” My voice
is slurred and low as I choke out the words. He glances in my direction and
smiles, like I’d paid him a gentle compliment. I turn down the sun visor and
gaze into the mirror. It’s not my reflection I see, but a dark-haired woman
sitting in the back seat. Her eyes are black and intense. She glares at me as
if I’d robbed her. Her mouth moves, but I cannot hear her words.
Up ahead, in the oncoming
lane, a large pickup truck swerves across the road, coming straight at us. I
hear the piercing sound of tires skidding on cement, and shock reverberates
through me. A slap to the head and we’re falling off the bridge toward the
river. My stomach flies around in my chest; my heart pulses hard enough to
burst my veins. Then the guttural smack of hitting the water, the puzzled look
on Bushy Eyebrows’ face as his fat frame pushes into me, the crunching of bone
as my cheek melts into the car door. His face is in front of me now. I see it
in his eyes. He knows. All is lost. Death rears up and there is no escaping.
It’s happening no matter what I do.
What exciting story are you working on next?
I am currently working on
a sci-fi story about an astronaut that encounters an alien species that is
toxic to humans. As the space station he’s in changes course towards Earth, he
must overcome the effects of the toxicity to save the space station and,
ultimately, the planet from the alien threat.
When did you first consider yourself a writer?
I have been writing off
and on since high school, but was drawn into acting and playwriting. I guess,
you could say I have come full circle back to writing. Just in the last few
years, I have been able to write full time.
Do you write full-time? If so, what’s your work day
like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find time to
I try to get all the daily
chores out of the way and start writing around mid-morning. I take many breaks
throughout the day, and sometimes can work up to 10 hours a day. Some days, I
hardly write at all. Maybe I’ll spend the day reading or doing research. I also
paint and produce audiobooks, although I try to do one thing at a time. So when
I’m writing full time, no other projects take up my time.
What would you say is your interesting writing quirk? 
I get into the mood and
sort of get the creative juices flowing by listening to music. (Although, I
can’t listen to music while I’m writing. It’s too distracting) Dido is a great
artist for me to get into the state I like to be in when I write. There’s
something about her music that gets my creative juices flowing. Also, classical
music. Love cello. Also, dreaming is big in my life. I solve problems while
dreaming. I often lucid dream. Many times when I write, I’m seeing the story in
my head and just writing down what I see. I dream small movies at night. They
usually have a beginning, middle and end. Sometimes with music!
As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was really young I
played soldier all the time. As I got older, I was drawn to the arts. Music was
huge for me growing up. I learned to play the drums and attended Berklee
College of Music. But I soon realized music would not be my full-time passion.
I gravitated towards the theatre and storytelling after that.
Anything additional you want to share with the
I am very happy and
grateful to be able to write full time and plan to write as long as I can. I
hope you enjoy my writing as much as I do.

Thanks for being here today, Charles.

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