Interview with adventure/thriller/suspense author Sonador Snow

My guest today is mystery
. We’re chatting about his new novel, The World After.
Welcome, Sonador. Please tell us a little bit about
I grew up in Eastern Europe during the Communist
Regime that choked this part of the world in its firm grip for decades. As my
parents and their parents were officially declared enemies of the regime (my
grand grandfather was thrown in prison for many years for refusing to join the
Communist Party) we moved a lot and didn’t have the easiest of lives as far as
I remember. Still I vividly remember my mum reading to me every night and this
was when my imagination and passion for books was born.
Many years later I was climbing up the ladder of
corporate success when a chain of events in my personal life made me realize
that I hated the well-paid job I had, I hated the city I was living in and I
hated the direction my life and me as a person were heading. In hectic 48 hours
of an unforgettable for me Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I turned my life
upside down and this was when my current adventure started.
I spent several years travelling the world, visited
countless amazing places, and as I did that I met many interesting people and
soon had many interesting stories to tell. Backpacking guaranteed me adventures
almost every step of the way. Eventually I settled in a picturesque small town
in UK and my serious writing career started. Serious because I’m spending 10-12
hours every day writing something, but as the bills still need to be paid I
must confess that for most of that time this is articles that have been
published in over 100 newspapers and magazines, I stopped counting at some point.
As of novels my first attempts were a few years back as a ghostwriter but one
day I decided to take a plunge myself and here we are with my new novel The World After just emerging on the

Please tell us about your current release.
book is about a dystopian feature that many think is the logical consequence of
the events that are currently happening in our societies. I spent a lot of time
researching prospects for the future of many serious experts and also pretty
much all of the futuristic vehicles, buildings and devices in the book are
based on already approved prototypes that one day are likely to become part of
our everyday life.  
It’s the year 2025, and free will has become something you can no longer
take for granted.

New economic powers have risen from the ashes of old civilization, and 90% of
the population have brain implants. The new world order excludes any
disobedience against the authorities. The few who don’t have brain implants
soon find themselves dealing with the Agency for Tracking the Untraceables.

Among these fugitives without home or country exists a small group known as the
Yuyuan. Planning to launch a bold effort against the tyrannical ruling powers
and change the future of the entire humankind, they struggle against the Agency
and their ruthless director, Shimi Levy, who will do everything in his power to
stop them.

Moving at breakneck speed over five continents, The World After is
a sure pick for fans of conspiracy theories and action-packed thrillers.

What inspired you to write this book?
I’ve always had problems with how much governments
should be allowed to interfere with our lives, after all I grew up in a society
in which the more involved the ‘carrying’ authorities were the harder it was
for ordinary people to live and feel free, and the question about the best
balance always bugged me.
For this particular book the trigger was probably a
conversation I had with a friend. She came home one day talking about the new
law in UK according to which all dogs should be chipped and to my surprise I
heard her saying they should do this to people too. As she is a relatively intelligent
lady I was surprised that she even considered that possibility and naturally
this rose many questions in my mind that led to the initial idea of this book.
Here are some of the questions I asked myself that led to me writing this novel:
What will you do in 2025? Will you have a brain
implant? Will you want one? Are you ready to sacrifice your convenience for the
sake of getting back your Free Will? Will you support ‘Apocalypse’? Are you
ready for the world after …?
from The World After:
“An insatiable thirst. This is the main driving
force of men. Thirst for money, thirst for power, thirst for love, thirst for
happiness, thirst for vengeance. Everything in this world is created just to
satisfy someone’s thirst.”
These were the thoughts that engaged Taylor’s mind as he stared from the
top of the hill above Happy Valley in Hong Kong at the colorful crowd hurrying
up and down between the buildings and the impossible traffic that continued to
choke the artificial islands that had composed the backbone of Hong Kong for decades.
And what was his thirst? After he willingly left the real world in 2015 and
chose the life of a hermit or even a rebel, after all he was officially classed
as an outlaw, he was left with just one thirst – a thirst for the past. A past
which only he remembered now, or at least he felt that way from time to time.
The year was 2025. Eight years had passed since 2017 – a year in which
robots became the norm, not only in factories and industry, but also in
people’s everyday lives. This was also the year in which the first supermen
were born, genetically modified and created exactly here – in Hong Kong, in the
Lab for Genetic Engineering of the Beijing Institute for Genomic. But an even
bigger change occurred in 2020, a year in which humans en masse and “willingly”
were forced to exchange their passports for brain implants. Well, not all
humans agreed to that.
Only Taylor knew what it cost him to escape having this extra in his
brain, with which the population of the modern world communicated with the
robots around them, used their computers, switched on and off their TVs, cars,
etc. A PC with a mouse and keyboard could only be seen in museums these days.
Light rain started to fall over Hong Kong. Some things never changed.
Despite all the extra pollution and abuse against nature, the climate in this
area of the world remained constantly humid and stickily hot. Taylor lifted his
head, enjoying the fresh raindrops touching his face. The light rain soon
turned into a downpour that steadily washed away into the ocean most of the
rubbish gathered on the streets of the metropolis. Taylor looked back down
towards the busy city and started walking along Shanghai Road. Taylor Swansea
was forty-seven years old with good posture and a strong body. An ex-financial
advisor – he lost his job, house and wife during the financial crisis of
2010-2011. He never recovered from these losses; also, the world didn’t give
him any time in its constant hurry to change.
North America was stuck in a swamp of meanness; Europe was still
undecided whether to keep or terminate its European Union; the British Isles
became wasteland after the volcanic eruptions in Iceland in 2018. Also, a
hopeless struggle had started to force the Arabic and African emigrants back to
their deserted and unlivable homelands. Russia was still in alcohol amok. Japan
was continually trying to recover from a sequence of devastating earthquakes,
tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. And the Pacific? Well, it became the new tacit
ruler of the world. China, India and Brazil became familiarly known as the
Trinity. And a race of super intelligent children which China started to
produce in 2017 was about to end the speculation about who had the leading role
in this Trinity.

continued to make his way down the steep streets of Hong Kong. Hundreds of
people with emotionless expressions and from all sorts of nationalities were
rushing around him to finish their ‘important’ daily jobs so they could have
‘quality’ evening time to spend with friends or family. His red, roughly
cropped hair, already all wet from the persistent drizzle, fell over his
shoulders resembling a bloody waterfall. His chestnut colored eyes stared at
everyone passing by. He was waiting with growing anxiety to meet Jinhun Sun –
one true Chinese Han and, most importantly, another person without a brain
What exciting story are you working on next?
I’m working on two
things actually.
In the days I don’t have
more than an hour or two for writing I work on a compilation of short stories titled
‘Behind the Iron Curtain’. These are true stories of people that lived, many of
them also died, during the Communist Regimes in USSR and Eastern Europe.
However, my main time is
spend working on the second part of my debut novel, Quest for Babylon’s Soul. I have high hopes that I’ll finish it by
the autumn.
When did you first consider yourself a writer?
I assume it depends what people put behind the
meaning of the word. I can say that I was feeling a proud writer when I was a
teenager. I started entertaining my annoying little sister on the back seat of our
family vehicle with fairy tales I was inventing on the go. Nothing is left of
them and all I can remember is that there was a rabbit, a prince and a naughty
In terms of novelist I can’t say that even now I don’t
feel myself as one, but I’m working on achieving that in near future.
Do you write full-time? If so, what’s your work day
like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find time to
I write full time, but I don’t write novels full
time. I work for a News Agency and write 20-30 articles a week. As of creative
writing I try to do that every morning, seven days a week. I’m most productive
when it comes to writing novels very early in the day and for that reason I get
up every day around 5:30 and between 06:00 and 09:00 my time is dedicated to
creative writing and reading.
What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
Maybe, it will be shock for many but I’m probably one
of the few writers left that always does his first and second drafts on paper.
Only after that I sit in front of the laptop. It’s a much longer process but
this works best for me.
The other quirk is that I never sketch stories. I
just follow my characters and allow them to take me where they want to. For
example, I just finished chapter 6 of my new novel with a dark figure emerging
from behind an armchair and I was asked by my first reader who that might be.
Honestly, I don’t know yet. Once I start working on the next chapter it will
come to me, it always does.
As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Paleontologist or world traveler. Dinosaurs and
Geography have been my passions all through my early years. I’m a bit rusty
these days if I have to talk about dinosaurs but when it comes to geography I
can still name pretty much every national flag and also already managed to done
a serious bit of roaming around our beautiful planet.
Anything additional you want to share with the
I’d really enjoyed doing this interview and I’m
hoping that in the future we’ll have many more reasons to meet on this blog.
Looking forward to make new friends and hear from people interested to find
more about me or my books. I always answer personally the emails I receive at
Now I really have to go because the fishes in my five
aquariums are rioting for food and also my annoying but lovely dog Snowy stares
at me with his lead in his mouth, which always means only one thing, I’m late
for his walk yet again!!!

Thanks for being here today, Sonador! All the best
with your writing.

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