Interview with travel story writer Dave Tomlinson

Travel story writer Dave Tomlinson is helping me kick off a new
week. We’re talking about his collection, Around
the World in 80 Tales
Dave Tomlinson is originally from
beautiful New Zealand and now lives in Brisbane, Australia. His passion for
travel, outdoor adventure and cultural understanding has seen him explore over
50 countries across 5 continents of the world. He’s used his love of travel to
create a website and write two books. Travel
is a guide book for travelling the world on a budget and Around the World in 80 Tales is a
collection of his experiences doing exactly that! For more information refer to
the About Me and FAQ pages of the Step Ahead
Travel website
Dave. Please tell us about your current release.
I describe Around the World in 80 Tales as ‘80
stories, 25 countries, 5 continents, one heck of a ride!’ It is a collection of true stories from my travels through 25
different countries. It’s a fascinating journey that includes the amusing,
amazing and even a little crazy. Collectively, the tales are captivating
insights into travelling the world on a budget.
inspired you to write this book?
For no other reason that I love
writing, I had about 75 short stories written about my travels. I wasn’t sure
what would become of them when one day the book title occurred to me. I then
realised that I only had to write five more stories, add photographs and put it
together. Before too long my book was complete and I’m able to share my
adventures with the world.
Around the World in
80 Tales
From the Introduction –
“My tales have been presented in no
particular order. In fact, I have rearranged them from the sequence they were originally
written in to make the book more exciting. From one page to the next you’ll be
taken on adventures in exotic locations all over the world. Along the way, I’ll
be sightseeing, hiking, camping, snorkelling, riding camels, meeting local
people, avoiding crime, going to festivals, battling diarrhoea or simply trying
to get from one place to the next.”
exciting story are you working on next?
Around the World is actually my second book after previously completing the budget
travel guide book Travel Unravelled. So
for now I’m focusing more on my blogging and website. I recently became a
writer for Huffington Post and also have a retrospective travel blog called
Alluring Adventures. I’m also kept busy with doing travel product reviews for
Amazon and updating my Step Ahead Travel website.
When did
you first consider yourself a writer?
From the positive feedback I
received from everyone on my travel email list. My aim with travel writing is
to not only describe events with colour and passion but also make it a
meaningful learning experience for the reader. So I love including historical
and quirky facts about destinations that provide interest and intrigue and
perhaps even inspire some wanderlust!
Do you write full-time? If so, what’s your work day
like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find time to
No, I don’t write full time. My life
is a curious mix of working for three or four months followed by travelling for
weeks or months at a time. It’s unconventional and some wonder how I can enjoy
the uncertainty such a lifestyle creates. But I love the challenge and enjoy
the sense of freedom so wouldn’t change anything!
What would you say is your interesting
writing quirk?
it applies to this book, it’s the ability to relate each adventure in only 500
words. I don’t want readers getting lost in superfluous detail. These are
travel adventures and I wanted my writing to be exciting and reflect the wonder
of exotic destinations and unique cultural experiences.
As a child, what did you want to be when you
grew up?
grateful that my parents never pressured my in I think the fact that I can’t
definitively answer this question is one of the reasons I’ve been able to write
this book! With a career and more conventional lifestyle, I’d have missed out
on the extraordinary adventures I’ve written about.
Anything additional you want to share with
the readers?
primary reason for writing books and developing my website to to provide travel
encouragement and inspiration. The world is a book and those who do not travel
read only a page. I don’t want others to travel ‘one day’ or ‘some day’. I want
them to feel excited and inspired to travel now!
Thanks for being here today, Dave!


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