Interview with short story writer McKenna Grey

McKenna Grey is here
chatting with me about her contemporary Christmas romance collection of short
stories written with Everly Archard,
Romance: Second Chances.
is the contemporary alter-ego
of award-winning historical romance and historical western author MK
McClintock. Never one to limit her imagination or ignore possibilities, she
decided to venture into the realm of contemporary romantic suspense, where she
blends riveting romance with gripping adventure and mystery. Visit her at
is the pseudonym of
award-winning paranormal and fantasy romance author D.D. Miers. Always on the
search for her next writing adventure, she branched out into the exciting world
of contemporary romantic suspense, where she serves up pulse-pounding mystery,
epic romance, and a whole lot of thrills! Learn more about Everly by visiting
What do you enjoy most about writing short stories?
I like giving people
something to read when they don’t have a lot of time. Fun, quick reads that
make people smile.
Can you give us a little insight into a few of your
short stories – perhaps some of your favorites?
My two short stories in
this collection are the first two I’ve written as McKenna Grey. As MK
McClintock, I’ve written a few, and all have been so much fun. It’s difficult
to compare because they’ve all been so different, but I really enjoy writing
Christmas short stories.
from “Christmas in Moose Creek”
The 4×4 careened to a stop and the driver waited in disbelief at the
deplorable timing of Mother Nature. Moose Creek, Montana, had its share of
wildlife—bear, deer, elk, mountain lions—but in her thirty-three years, Saige
Travers had never seen a moose on this mountain. Until today.
No one
waited for her in her swank two-bedroom condo in Seattle except the goldfish
her brother gave to her as a joke for her birthday. She’d needed a break from
the city and the cataclysmic string of end-of-the-road relationships she’d been
in the past five years. More like dates, if she was going to be honest with
Travers didn’t have time for relationships.
What genre are you inspired to write in the most?
As McKenna Grey,
definitely romantic thrillers. It’s a genre I’ve wanted to write for a long
time and I’m so glad I did. I’ve always liked action movies and
thriller/suspense novels, and I just wanted to try my hand at it. Writing sweet
contemporary romance is an added perk.
What exciting story are you working on next?
Everly Archard and I are
working on the next Kyndall Family Thriller, Shadow of the Forgotten. It’s working out to be just as thrilling
and exciting as book one, The Dragon’s
. We’re also working on a prequel short story for the Kyndall
Family series.
When did you first consider yourself a writer?
At a very young age, too
young to remember exactly when. Though I suppose if I were to put a date on it,
it would be when the first book was published. That was such a rush!
How do you research markets for your work, perhaps as
some advice for writers?
By reading . . . a lot!
You have to know what’s out there, what readers like, and why the popular books
sell. Read as much as you can, as often as you can. You’ll learn a lot about
what to do, and what not to do.
What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
I don’t know how
interesting it is, but I need absolute silence all around me and then I write
wearing a headset to cancel out any unwanted ambient noise. Then I listen to
either Celtic instrumental music or thunderstorm sounds. If I’m interrupted or
jarred out of a story because of outside noise, I’m not a happy camper.
As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I thought it would be cool
for a short while to be a K-9 cop, and for a long time I wanted to be a chef.
When I first started writing in kindergarten, I don’t think it occurred to me
that I could grow up to be a writer.

Thanks for being here today, McKenna!

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