Interview with chick lit romance author Barbara Valentin

author Barbara Valentin is
sitting with me today. We’re talking about her new chick lit romantic comedy
novel, Flight Risk (Assignment:
Romance book #4).

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Author of the bestselling Assignment:
Romance series, Barbara was named “Indie Star of 2015” by Publishers
Weekly. A member of Romance Writers of America, she looks forward to the day
when her to-do list includes “Send Oprah a thank you note” and
“Accept Godiva’s request to be a taste-tester.”

Welcome, Barbara. Please share a little
bit about your current release.
Sure! It’s
the fourth book in my Assignment: Romance series. Each book features a
different character from the Lifestyle section of the Chicago Gazette. Flight Risk belongs to Aubrey Thomas, a
phobic travel writer. When her editor hands her an ultimatum – jump out of an
airplane (for a feature on extreme sports) or lose her job, she scrambles to
find someone—anyone!—who can help her overcome her debilitating fear of
heights. Enter John Trelawney, a charming window washer who thinks nothing of
dangling by a cable fifty stories up and claims he can cure her. Everything
about John makes Aubrey nervous… including the way her heart kicks into
overdrive whenever he’s around. But, at the end of her rope, she decides to
take him up on his offer.
What inspired you to
write this book?
real-life day job is located in a high rise in Chicago’s Loop (downtown area).
While strolling down State Street on my lunch hour last summer, I got doused
with liquid yuck from a window washer’s bucket. My bad for choosing to not walk
under the scaffolding that covered portions of the sidewalk, but still! Later
that same week, window washers were stationed at my office building. Really hot
window washers. That coupled with my fear of heights, and a story was born.

Excerpt from Flight Risk:

            John smirked. “You’re not
afraid of heights.”
            Her defenses on high alert, Aubrey
shot back, “Oh yes I am,” well aware that she sounded like a fifth
grader picking a fight on the playground.
            With a quick shake of his head and
that same teasing smile, he murmured, “You’re just afraid of
            The thought had never occurred to
Aubrey, but it made perfect sense, especially after seeing her first husband
fall headfirst to his death.
            As if reading her mind, he added,
“And I can totally help you get over that.”
here we go.
            “Heh. Yeah. I’ll be you
can.” She attempted to stand, but he sprang up first.
            “Easy does it.” Taking her
clammy hand in his, he pulled her to a standing position. “You sure you’re
            When she nodded, he reached into his
back pocket and produced a pen. Next, he uncurled her hand and started writing
something on her open palm.
            But the ink wouldn’t stick. Her skin
was still too damp.
            Which might explain what he did
            Aubrey watched, mesmerized, as he
held her open palm to his mouth and blew on it. While part of her brain knew he
was just trying to dry her skin, when he locked his eyes on hers, the rest of
her was all in for him doing more of the same on the rest of her clammy self.

What exciting story are you working on

I’m working
on the next book in the series, tentatively titled Order Up. Here’s the blurb:
Nancy Braley, the Gazette’s seasoned food editor who views men as little more
than garnish, has developed a craving for Doug Johnston, a hot, but
bothered coffee shop owner. Quite the dish, he’s just what Nancy
needs to prove to her oft-married mother that she is not following in her
cougar paw steps. Busy trying to fend off an encroaching coffee store
megachain, Doug informs Nancy that he’s only interested in being someone’s main
dish, not just a piece of meat. After declining Nancy’s invitation to attend
her mother’s Vegas wedding, the last thing he expects is for her to return with
ideas to expand his menu and attract the lucrative lunch crowd. Determined to
tenderize Doug’s tough exterior, can Nancy get him to eat his words…and melt
her heart?

When did you first consider yourself a

I devoured
books as a kid, but never considered being a writer until I took a creative
writing class in college. My professor helped me find and develop my voice and
I will forever be indebted to her for all of the support and encouragement she
gave me.

Do you write full-time? If so, what’s
your work day like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find
time to write?
That’s the
goal! For my day-job, I edit banking procedures (super exciting stuff). I make
time to write during my train ride to and from work, in the evenings after
everyone heads to bed, on the weekends, while waiting for my son to get out of
his scout meetings, on the way to visit my older boys at college…any time or
place I can squeeze it in!

What would you say is your interesting
writing quirk?
I write
best at my kitchen table, partly because it’s high enough for me to stand and
type at the same time if I want to and partly because I can keep tabs on
everybody while still getting my work done. Then there’s the food…and coffee.
As a child, what did you
want to be when you grew up?
I’ve only ever wanted to write, or be a professional book
Anything additional
you want to share with the readers?
If you
haven’t read any of my books, I hope you’ll give them a try. Every book you buy
gets me a little closer to fulfilling my dream of being a full-time writer, so
thanks in advance for your support!
Thank you for being a
guest on my blog!

Thanks very
much for having me!

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