Interview with fantasy author TK Thompson

Author TK Thompson is chatting with me today
about her new fantasy novel, The Dark
Eve: A New Recruit.

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Welcome, TK. Please tell us a little
bit about yourself.

I was born in Provo, UT and
raised in copper mining towns in-between Arizona and New Mexico. I can be compared to a lizard. The warm
weather makes a great home, but I have always had a love for the rain and
overcast skies, extremely contradictory from my given habitat. That’s how I see
myself sometimes, a lover of opposites. 

I would consider my childhood to be
groundless when it came to my imagination. I was trapped inside my own mind and I believe I learned the world in
small harsh but necessary truths, like a slow awakening. My little stories had their encompassing
place along with underdeveloped drawing skills. But rationality whispered in my ears through my upbringing. I sought out
what I felt to be important, the events of graduating high school, Silver City,
NM 1999. I went to a safe community
college in Thatcher, AZ. 

They say that
college is a large defining time in a young person’s life. It’s where they
start to wonder about who they are, what they know as truth, and far away from
those that defined it for them. I was, of
course, set with innate knowledge and experience and given power with irrational
brain resources. My heart had plenty of
stitches and I gave many to others. But I could not find peace in a single
person. My ideas of life, love, and the world that I wanted to exist in felt
unattainable. Having the whole picture felt like an impossible task. 

I went on
a mission for my church in Washington, where I happily got my rain and clouds.
Spending eighteen months dedicated to serving others and not yourself is a
mind-opening task. It set me up to find
the true roots within and be ready to insult my future husband Dustin Thompson
when he walked through the door. I am as plain as I want to be. I have three crazy children to help fuel my life
and since have received my bachelor’s degree in business management, UOP. But most of all I have tapped back into my
imagination, pushed aside all rationality, and finished one of my best thoughts
so far. Every day I continue to face my vulnerabilities.

Please share a little bit about your
current release.
Young Audim Basile hates life dominated by his cold,
controlling father. But his dreams of fortune and adventure are turned upside
down when he runs off to weigh anchor with the toughest, most barbaric band of
pirates the criminal underworld has ever known.

Together with their dark, mysterious female captain,
Acantha – who’ll run her sword through anyone who looks at her the wrong way –
Basile and his fellow swashbuckling bandits sail the globe, fighting hordes of
terrifying supernatural creatures that would make even the hardiest buccaneer
quake with fear.

Together with his newfound crew mates, Basile must
help with finding Acantha’s sister – who’s been missing for over a year – while
being consumed with trying to solve the mystery of Acantha’s illusive past –
before the evil Wraith King sends all of them to a premature watery grave.

Will Basile survive the fiercest test of his young
life? Will Acantha sacrifice her own ship and crew (including young Basile)
just to save her sister? Will young Basile come to terms with the price of the
high-seas way of life and fortune?

Only time will tell if Acantha, Basile, and their
hardy shipmates will live to tell this heart-stopping tale and fight another

What inspired you to write this
The story
idea came from a reoccurring dream that replayed and continued for several
weeks. Finally, I decided to write it down. It’s the only idea I was ever able
to finish at that point in my life. Even though it took me four years to finish

Excerpt from The Dark Eve: A New Recruit:
“She walked
into town with only the clothes on her back. She changed everything. I’m not
saying she was responsible for everything. No person can have that much power.
But she was a force of nature, only eighteen, more beautiful than any one
person should be. With so much authority in her that she could take whatever
came at her. Wild, impulsive, untamable like an animal that had been caged its
entire life and had just been granted freedom. She had so much life in her. Her
smile…” he paused as he remembered it with an affectionate yet devastating look
upon his face, “she was the only person I could have ever loved.”

He said it
with finality. Basile tried to imagine the place he spoke of, Dagan as a young
man running around with the captain, going swimming, being in love, but there
was no reality in which he could imagine that. The person he knew was not the
person that Dagan portrayed. The captain was dark, stern, and intolerant. He
had never imagined he would see a smile on her face. Until now, he recalled her
smile. It was beautiful, perfect, and what made it even more picturesque as he
remembered it, was that it was genuine. Feelings for this old man had to exist
inside her for her to visit him every year. Everything inside Basile screamed
that he shouldn’t believe this story, but there was a small hint of skeptical
possibility. What else did he have to believe?

What exciting story are you working
on next?
I am
actually on the third book of the series. The
Dark Eve: A New Recruit
is the first and then follows The Dark Eve: A Witch’s Curse and I am currently on The Dark Eve: The Golden Catacombs. This
third book has proven to be an intense project for me and I am even more
nervous and excited for its release.

When did you first consider yourself
a writer?

recently I have been able to feel comfortable introducing myself as an author.
I never expected to be an author and have had a difficult time claiming it. I
think it is mostly because I didn’t study the art of writing and my low self-esteem
said I wasn’t legit. But my journey has only been reflective of positive
experiences. People have given me such great feedback about how much they loved
my book, can’t wait for the next one, tell me to keep going, and never stop. I
have realized that whatever definition of, an author, was in my head is not
correct. I am an author of a great story that lives and breathes an epic
journey into the minds that read it.

Do you write full-time? If so,
what’s your work day like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do
you find time to write
Well my day
job is mommy of three kids. It was the only thing I ever wanted and is so
fulfilling to me. I write whenever I can. That does sometimes mean that laundry
sits a little longer on the couch and the dishes in the sink. Now that my kids
are older it’s not as hard to find time. My workday consists of waking up,
getting kids ready for school, and sometimes I babysit. I usually sit down and
have a show playing in the background while I write. Then I do chores, get
kids, help with homework, and make dinner, which my hubs helps with as well. I
usually exercise three times a week at night and crawl into bed with my
computer and write some more. There are times though that I have to stop
writing. It especially happens after my third run through of a book. I have to
shut my mind off and I play age of empires, until I’ve been mindless for a

What would you say is your
interesting writing quirk?
I have
conversations in my head with my characters all the time. I want to be sure
that they are real and relatable so I have tried to define them as much as I
can. If ever I find myself having a hard time continuing in the story, it’s
usually because I’m not feeling my characters’ motives. Which means some
thinking time with my characters. 

As a child, what did you want to be
when you grew up?
always thought it was strange that I didn’t have any great ambitions in life.
My husband still asks me if I could go back and change things what would I
change. I respond I would have studied writing and everything else would be the
same. I’ve always wanted a simple life and I have found that. I am very happy
just being a mom, but I’m not just a mom. I am a very strong woman. I have
education and leadership skills. I am not reduced by my choice of career or
lack thereof. I believe there is no greater success in the world than helping
the future be brighter and stronger through your influence. Which can be done
in many ways, but as a nurturer, I feel that success every day of my life. It
is my calling.

Anything additional you want to
share with the readers?
Don’t stop
believing in your dream. Take time each day to work on it. Everyone’s idea of success is different. Some
just want to be able to write a book, others might want to take it further, and
some just want to share and connect with the experience of writing. Whatever it
is, it can be accomplished.


Thanks for being here today, TK!

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