Special excerpt from YA novel The Girl Who Could Change Fate by Cassidy Ostergren

I’m kicking off a new week with a special excerpt from the
young adult fantasy novel, T
he Girl Who Could Change
by Cassidy Ostergren.

Cassidy does a virtual book tour, she will be awarding a $10 Amazon or Barnes
and Noble (winner’s choice) gift card to a lucky randomly drawn winner. To be
entered for a chance to win, use the
form below.
To increase your chances of winning, feel free to visit her other tour stops and enter there, too!

A little bit about

Ostergren was born and grew up in the DC metropolitan area. She attended
Roanoke College in Salem, VA, where she majored in Creative Writing and
English, and published several of her works in both the college and local magazines.
She is currently a full-time novelist of YA fiction and lives on Oak Island,
NC, where she enjoys taking walks on the beach with her dog and composing her
newest stories.
A little bit about the
Lacey Joy White considers herself
unremarkable in every way: she worries over choosing the right clothes, tries
to maintain a D in chemistry, and spends nights creeping on her crush on
Facebook. And she can alter the future.
Excerpt from The Girl Who Could Change Fate:
“How did you guys know we were here?” asked Christian
Dawson dispelled his gaze from his dead friend.  “Some drunken buddies of mine told me they
couldn’t believe part of the party was making fireworks out of my barn.  I came to check out what they meant when I
ran into Brandon and Courtney.  They
called the police and the Regime right away.”
I gaped at him. 
Party?  What party?  And then it jolted me—Dawson’s Halloween
shindig, where normal people were getting sloshed and making out with friends
and not getting killed.  Had that all
really been a mere half an hour or so ago?
I knelt down and cradled my face in my hands.  Trinity stooped to rub my back.  But her motherly caressing couldn’t stop the
silently spreading need inside of me…I wasn’t normal, no—not like Emily Boyle
and her Creepe cronies and all those others. 
I had my gift, the one which I couldn’t help but seek to use…And did
Christian undergo any of this when he exploited his Memory Shifting?
I glanced up at him, hoping to recognize any sign that he
had enjoyed manipulating his power, savoring that untamed triumph, in that
moment where he had control like no one else did.  But he just stood there, defeated, shaking
his head absently. 

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