Special excerpt for the Tremayne Family Romances by Anna J. Stewart

I’m featuring three contemporary romance novels from The Tremayne Family Romance
series: Asking for Trouble, Here Comes Trouble, and The Trouble with Nathan by Anna J. Stewart.

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A little
bit about the author:
USA Today
and national bestselling author Anna J Stewart can’t remember a time she didn’t
have a book in her hands or a story in her head.
A geek at
heart, Anna writes romances featuring strong, independent heroines for Berkley
(The Tremayne Family Romances), Harlequin Heartwarming (The Butterfly Harbor
series) and will soon add romantic suspense to her booklist with the BONDED
trilogy from Harlequin Romantic Suspense.
RT Book
reviews says Anna’s romances are “refreshingly unique, quietly humorous,
and profoundly moving” and NY Times bestselling author Brenda Novak says
“The talented Anna J Stewart delivers every time!” Anna lives in
Northern California where she deals with a serious SUPERNATURAL, STAR TREK, and
SHERLOCK addiction and tolerates an overly affectionate cat named Snickers (or
perhaps it’s Snickers who tolerates her).
Here’s a
little bit about each of the novels:

Asking for
: Morgan Tremayne has a
heart of gold, but to keep her children’s charity afloat she’s had to resort to
some less than legal means: donations from a notorious cat burglar who targets
the wealthy. It’s only a matter of time before Morgan’s criminal connection
blows up in her face–especially since her undeniable attraction to the man
heading the investigation keeps putting her in tricky situations.

police detective-turned-investigator for the D.A. Gage Juliano has two goals:
salvaging his career and nabbing Lantano Valley’s present-day Robin Hood. But
when he meets a beautiful, curvaceous woman who’s more interested in helping
others than amassing a fortune like the rest of the town’s residents, Gage
finds his desires pulled in an unexpected direction…

Here Comes Trouble: Former
beauty queen Sheila Tremayne looks dainty, but she’s tougher than she seems.
The hard-as-nails business woman is determined to bring down corruption among
Lantano Valley’s rich and powerful. Her latest scheme to get technology tycoon
Chadwick Oliver is going perfectly until a distraction arrives in the form of
Malcolm–the man who broke her heart and who happens to be Chadwick’s son…

Malcolm spent five long years away
after his father publicly blamed him for some shady business dealings. Now he’s
back to exact some revenge. Reconnecting with Sheila was never part of the
plan, but the second he sees her, there’s no way he can resist…
Sheila and Malcolm quickly fall into
the sizzling passion between them, but Malcolm has no intention of staying once
he’s finished with his father–even if leaving Sheila again might be more than
he can bear.

The Trouble with Nathan: Nathan
Tremayne shares a dangerous secret with his father, Jackson, and sister Sheila.
Together they are Nemesis, the infamous cat burglar who targets the wealthy.
But when Jackson is framed for stealing the priceless Crown of Serpia, the
whole family is at risk.

Nathan isn’t about to let his father
go down for a crime he didn’t commit, but finding the real culprit won’t be
easy with Laurel Scott, the nosy, pushy, drop-dead gorgeous insurance
investigator following his every move.
But Laurel has secrets of her own.
Posing as an insurance investigator was part of her own plan for the Tremaynes.
As their attraction heats up, and the truth comes out, will this pair of
thieves steal each other’s hearts?
Excerpt from Here Comes Trouble (book 2):
“Dammit, Malcolm.” Sheila resisted the urge to press
trembling fingers against her fluttering chest. He leaned against the wall,
hands in his pockets, a knowing gleam in his eyes. He’d thrown off her plans
twice in one night. Two times too many. “I thought you’d gone downstairs.”
Nothing more, just one word. Nothing on his face, just
passivity. Once upon a time she’d have been able to read his expression,
identify his moods, but not now. Not when it mattered.
“So, did you?”
“Did I what?” Sheila
kicked out a leg and tapped restless fingers against her hip.
“Find what you
were looking for?”
Find what she was—“Oh, my bracelet you mean?” Shit. “No,
actually. I guess I was wrong—”
“You mean it
wasn’t in the vault?”
“The vault?” She blinked, scrambling for an escape route out
of the conversation. A distraction. Anything . . .
His hand whipped up and caught her chin, turning her face to
his as he stepped closer, amber eyes hot as he stared into her surprised gaze.
His breath caressed her skin, hot, intense. “No lies, Sheila. I’ve had enough
to last me a lifetime.”
Sheila swallowed and attempted to ignore the heat moving
through her body where he touched her, trying not to remember how it felt to be
locked in his arms, to be the center of his attention, his world. Beneath his
piercing gaze, the insistence she couldn’t avoid, there was also the shadow of
the man she’d known, but it was the man who had walked away from her as easily
as if she’d been a one-night stand.
“Then don’t ask,” she whispered as she reached up and
wrapped her hand around his wrist, willing him to pretend he hadn’t seen, that
he didn’t know where she’d been.
“Will it hurt
His question caught her off guard but she managed to quell
the unease roiling inside her as she found her way out. Mutual hatred and
distrust of his father could very well forge a bond she’d be unable to break.
But that didn’t mean she couldn’t use it. Or him. “Yes.”
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