Special excerpt from contemporary romance, Royal Pain, by Danielle Doolittle

special feature today is an excerpt from the contemporary romance novel, Royal Pain, by Danielle Doolittle.

her virtual book tour, Danielle will be awarding a $10 Amazon or Barnes and
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A little
bit about Royal Pain:
Henry Fitzgerald, once high flying playboy, finds himself grounded and forced
into rehab. Changing isn’t in the cards but facing off with feisty horse
trainer, Carleigh Philips, makes him see he’s not as far gone as
everyone-including himself-thought. When a series of accidents add up to foul
play Henry must set aside his fear of failure and act quickly to save the woman
who woke his heart.

A little
bit about the author:

Danielle Doolittle
has always had a knack for storytelling. When she completed her first work of
fiction at age six about a bunny and particularly juicy carrot she was hooked.
Years later, she’s spinning tales of first loves, awkward moments, and the
occasional creature that goes bump in the night.
She lives
in the wilds of a Northwest Ohio college town with her husband and three small
children where she consumes above average amounts of coffee and dark chocolate
and spends way too much time on Twitter.
She loves to hear from readers so don’t be shy!
Excerpt from Royal Pain:
“You asked why I was spending so much time with her.
I’m teaching her how to trust — to love — for the first time. It’s slow, hard
work, but it’ll be worth it in the end. The first time is always the hardest,
especially for those who don’t know where to begin.”
Carleigh met Henry’s searching gaze over the fence. She
wasn’t sure if she was talking about the horse anymore. Somehow, she got the
feeling Henry had never allowed himself to be vulnerable enough to accept love,
even from his family, and that was the saddest thing of all. How long had he
been shutting himself off from the people around him? Some of her compassion
must have showed on her face, because right before her eyes, the harsh lines
that had relaxed during her story appeared again. He was shutting down, and a
part of Carleigh cried out at the loss.
He shrugged, as if her explanation was of no concern to him.
“I didn’t really come out here to talk about the horse.”
figured.” Carleigh tilted her head, studying him. “Why did you come
“Do you mean
that question in the universal ‘why are we all here?’ way?”
“I’m serious,
“I gathered, Carleigh. That’s the trouble with you, you
know. I’ve noticed you’re always very, very serious.” Carleigh tried not
to fidget as his gaze swept her body. “Except for the other night, that
is. The other night, the only thing that was serious was the heat between
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