Interview with lifestyle specialist Maisha S. Wynn

My special guest today
is Maisha S. Wynn. We’re chatting about her motivational and inspirational
non-fiction book The Wynning Way: A Guide to Creating Success Your Way.

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Lifestyle Specialist,
Maisha S. Wynn, gives credence to the mantra: “a changed mind is a made-up
mind.” She is the driving force behind Live to Wynn, a boutique lifestyle firm
that provides aspirational and practical guidance for individuals who desire to
live their lives more abundantly. The Live To Wynn brand is on a trajectory for
global exposure as Wynn has made appearances on WGN-TV and WFLD-TV, developed
content for various national publications (including Ebony Magazine, Heart
&Soul Magazine and Uptown Magazine), led holistic self-empowerment seminars
at venues like Bloomingdale’s and the legendary Drake Hotel Chicago, and
inspired thousands through motivational speaking. With a personal journey that
includes a massive self-transformation from a size 20 to a size 4, Wynn is able
to share her personal philosophy and resilient mindset to inspire and impact
change in others.

Welcome, Maisha. Please tell us about
your current release

The Wynning Way: A
Guide to Creating Success Your Way
 shows you how to
develop your own winning lifestyle through exercises that inspire self
reflection and strategies for creating the mindset of a winner. Throughout the
book, Wynn shares her personal journey from tragedy to triumph and offers
inspirational nuggets on the power of prayer, the effect of positive thinking
plus affirmations to help you live abundantly!

Get ready to transform
your existence by digging deeper to unveil the power that truly lies within
you! Your time for wynning is NOW!

What inspired you to write this book?

My inspiration for
writing The Wynning Way: A Guide to Creating Success Your Way came
after overcoming two major life events: First, I lost my beloved mother to a
myriad of health issues (from stomach cancer to diabetes) much too soon.
Second, I received “my freedom papers” from a six-figure career in advertising
sales. Even though I generated millions of dollars in sales for my company, I
too was a casualty of the great recession. In the midst of my personal storm, I
made a conscious decision to share my journey of tragedy to triumph to inspire
others to continue to live up to their God-given potential no matter what they
might be going through. There is truly light at end of the tunnel. I’m a living
witness of the light! 

Excerpt from The Wynning Way: A
Guide to Creating Success Your Way

5: Visualize Your Victory 
of the greatest methods to achieving the life you were designed to live can be
found between your ears! Yes, your ears. Your two beautiful, bright pupils hold
the power to help you accomplish whatever you desire in life. What you see in
your mind is not only manifested in your actions, but also in your thinking and
you desire to be a business owner, it begins with your sight. If you desire to
be a senior vice president at your corporation, it begins with your sight. If
you desire to be a great journalist, it begins with your sight. If you desire
to be a world-renowned opera singer, it begins with your sight. If you desire
to be wealthy, it begins with your sight. You are literally just a glance away
from the life you dream about morning, noon and night.
I know it sounds simple, but what you achieve daily has a positive connection
on what you spend your time and energy focusing on. 

What exciting story are you working on
I’m elated to announce
I will be featured in the upcoming Feb/March issue of Heart & Soul
Magazine. This is a national publication that 
educates, informs &
inspires the physical, spiritual and mental well-being for women of color. Their editor-in-chief, Anita Kopacz,
is doing an in-depth Q&A with me for Women’s History Month. Within the
piece, I will share some of my wynning tips from The Wynning Way: A
Guide to Creating Success Your Way 
inspire greatness in their readers. 

When did you first consider yourself a
I first considered
myself a writer, when I began writing poetry in high school. I had a true love
for words. 

Do you write full-time? If so, what’s
your work day like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find
time to write? 
I am not a full-time
writer. By day, I am a Lifestyle Specialist with Live to Wynn. I don’t find
time for writing, I have learned to make time for it. Writing for me is like
breathing. It so necessary for my “wynning” lifestyle. 

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Thanks for being here today, Maisha!

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