Special excerpt from sci-fi novel New Siqdor by Stephen J. Carter

Today is a special excerpt from the sci-fi novel, New Siqdor, by Stephen J. Carter.
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A little
bit about the novel:
environmental stilling on the planet of Nebura escalates, threatening to
advance even beyond the world-girding storm ring. Meanwhile, Levrok’s plan to
arm a resurgent Siqdori Empire with a tulvar arsenal nears completion, and his
departure off-world is imminent. Two survivors’ groups join forces as events
spiral out of control.
New Siqdor is the 2nd book in the Zero Point
Light SF series, and delivers a thrill ride of untold mayhem, hair-raising
escapes, space colonization gone awry, and a descent to the ocean floor and
from New Siqdor:
The truck’s solenoid drive was slow
accelerating but otherwise it moved Mick and Turok along much as a
crystal-powered vehicle would. It really seemed to get its second wind after it
powered along for a few miles. Acceleration could then be brought onstream with
barely a touch on the controls. Turok sat behind the steering wheel staring ahead
down the 4-lane road. Like everything the Kalaal built, the road’s surface
seemed to show few ill effects after more than two centuries.
Turok turned and glanced at Mick in
the passenger seat. “What is it with the Kalaal?” he said with exasperation. “Nothing
they built seems to deteriorate!”
“What about the base?” Mick pointed
“Point taken. But that just deepens
the mystery. The base is falling apart, as you’d expect. But this road, and
Watyra too, have hardly changed.”
“Yes. I can’t figure it either.”
“I’m almost afraid to ask, but what
does Franklin think?”
Mick laughed. “You wouldn’t believe
“Tell me, I need a laugh.”
“He thinks the Kalaal could
manipulate the sub-atomic temporal signature of objects.”
“I’m not laughing here, Mick. Maybe
you left out the funny bit?”
Mick picked up a thermos from the
seat between them, and held it out. “Imagine if they could make it so time
passed more slowly for any inanimate object. Two hundred years goes by, but for
Mr. Thermos here it feels like ten.”
“Lucky Mr. Thermos.”
Mick shrugged. “Franklin has been
known to be wrong.”
“You think he’s wrong on this?”
“Yeah. He sees the holes in that
particular theory too.”
“But it’s a stepping stone, I
Mick looked at him.
“To other ideas, with fewer holes.”
Mick nodded. “Looking like a horse’s
ass today so you can be a brilliant ass tomorrow.”
Turok grinned. “You just found the
funny bit. Took you long enough.”
A little
bit about the author:
J Carter is a Canadian writer living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He completed a
PhD in Social and Political Thought at York University in Toronto in 1997. This
led to an 8-year period of teaching at universities in South Korea, Taiwan, and
Thailand. In 2006 he settled in northern Thailand, and began writing fiction
full-time in 2007.
his early years he made several short-term forays into film and video
production while involved full-time in academia. Along the way he tried his
hand at writing non-fiction in and out of academia, and 8 years ago finally
committed full-time to writing fiction. 
Stephen there is something about this northern Thai city that makes it a
perfect place to write. His preferred genres to date have been horror and
science fiction. On the one hand, he sets his horror novels in Thailand
because Thais have such vivid customs that touch the supernatural. On the other
hand, disheartened by the cultural Marxism that dominates social discourse now
in the West, he feels drawn to writing science fiction for the rational optimism
over possible futures it affords. Approaching SF formerly as pure escapism, he
finds in it now a source of hope and forward thinking that can be very
looks forward to writing several more novels in his two current series, Zero
Point Light
 and Z Inferno.
Thanks, Stephen!

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  1. Stephen says:

    Hi Ree Dee, thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it. I like to have a new release 2 or 3 times a year so the disappointment is brief, and then I feel optimistic for the next one! LOL All the best to you.

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    hi Patrick, thanks I'm glad you've enjoyed this process. I've found it rewarding to reply to comments. All the best in 2016!

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    Sounds like a great book-can't wait to read it! I've enjoyed following the tour and learning more about you and your book! Happy writing!

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