Special excerpt for romantic suspense novel Exposed by Karyn Good

Today is a special excerpt for the romantic suspense novel, Exposed, by Karyn Good.
As Karyn does a virtual book tour for the novel with Goddess Fish
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tells a little bit about herself:

grew up on a farm in the middle of Canada’s breadbasket. Under the canopy of
crisp blue prairie skies I read books. Lots and lots of books. One day the
inevitable happened and I knew without question the time was right. What to
write was never the issue – romance and the gut wrenching journey towards
A little
bit about Exposed:
Logan needs a safe haven, a place to start over after her modeling career
disintegrates in scandal. But her hometown of Aspen Lake isn’t the sanctuary
she hoped. Her vow of a low-key life is disrupted by a break-in and other
strange happenings at her boutique. As the chair of Aspen Lake’s Gothic Revival
Festival, she’s also drawn the ire of a religious fanatic. Kate is up to her
stilettos in drama and intrigue including one sexy carpenter who’s determined
to get in her way.
New to town, Seth
Stone is seeking inspiration and solitude to concentrate on his art. Short on
funds, he agrees to take on a second job restoring the damage to Kate’s Closet.
Trouble erupts along with the desire to get to know Kate better. When he’s used
as a pawn in a smear campaign against his gorgeous boss Seth fights back. But
now the whole town is watching. Including the man determined to further his own
agenda. Time is running out with nowhere to hide.
Excerpt from Exposed:
Seth shook his head. “I moved here
with the intention of concentrating on my art. I can’t afford to get involved
with anyone right now. No matter how beautiful or appealing. You don’t seem
like the sex and forget it type. And that’s all I have in me right now.”
Wasn’t that the story of her life?
Men wanting to have sex with her but not interested in getting to know the real
her? All they saw was the face.
She knew how to deal with men like
that. She froze them out. “Well, thank you for being honest with me.”
Really, it was for the best. Did she
want him to get to know the neurotic, insecure woman she’d become in the last
six years? Did she want this beautiful man to see the real her? She should back
away. Put more than two feet of distance between them.
“Tell me I’m wrong.” His Adam’s
apple bobbed. “Then ask me to stay and I will.”
“No, you’re not wrong.” She looked
away. Too tempted by far to risk being carefree enough to sleep with him. To
kiss him goodbye afterwards. To work with him the next day like nothing had
happened. Wished she didn’t believe in consequences. Or guilt.
“I should go.” He ran a hand over
the stumble forming along his jawline before retrieving his shirt. At the door,
with his back to her, he said, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
She nodded, but he didn’t see it. He was out the door. His
boot treads fading as he jogged down the stairs.
Then silence.
The kind that stretched to fill the
four corners of a room. A quiet that left little doubt you were utterly and
completely alone.

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