Interview with fantasy author Joshua K. Johnson

chatting with fantasy author Joshua K. Johnson today about his novels, The Cerberus Rebellion and The Hydra Offensive

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Johnson is the author of “Gunpowder Fantasy” The Cerberus Rebellion
and the creator of the Griffins & Gunpowder universe. When he isn’t working
or spending time with his family, he writes novels, short stories and novellas.

currently lives in Northern Illinois with his wife and young children.

Welcome, Joshua. Please tell us about
your current release.

The Hydra Offensive is the second
book in this series, continuing the story of the nobles of western Ansgar
rebelling against their king. It follows several characters as they do their
best to help (or in the case of one character, hinder) the rebellion.

What inspired you to write this book?

whole story idea sprang from a short blurb I wrote a couple of years ago. It
was originally a steampunk/futuristic story that morphed into the Gunpowder
Fantasy setting I’ve built.

Excerpt from The Ansgari Rebellion Series:
Magnus reined up his horse in front
of the largest tent pavilion he had ever seen.

“And whose tent is this?” The gaudy
purple canvas tent structure stood twenty feet at the center pole, at least
twelve at the edge and was more than a hundred feet on each side.

“Your Grace, it is mine!” a short
man announced and then bowed. “Sir Byron Alfson, of Harristown.”

“Ah, sir, you have me at a

Magnus inspected the knight with
narrowed eyes.

He had a mop of frail-looking brown
hair tied into a short ponytail and a narrow nose that was flanked by light
blue eyes. He wore a greatcoat that looked like it had been cut from the same
fabric as his tent.

Harristown was one of the small
villages that had sprouted up along the rail lines that ran from Agilard to
Aetheston. The strange grape beer that had made the town famous gave its color
to everything the town did. They had even changed their sigil to a purple field
with a golden mug.

“This is quite the pavilion,” Magnus
continued after a moment. “I didn’t know that the grape beer business had so
much money to be made.”

“We do our best, Your Grace,” the
knight said. “I hope my pavilion does not offend you, Your Grace. While it is
my tent, I have shared it with many of the knights from Lord Tallet’s levies.”

“It does not offend,” Magnus lied.
If he had his way, the knights would be sleeping in camp tents with the rest of
his soldiers. But his advisors had warned him that not giving the knights and
lesser lords their symbols of pride and authority could drive them away. He had
been reluctant to accept the counsel, but in the end the tradition of tent
pavilions and knightly feasts had been upheld. “Carry on, Sir Alfson.”

“Thank you, Your Grace.” The knight
bowed again and disappeared into his purple monstrosity.

What exciting story are you working on

I’m currently working on two novels set in this same world. Book 3 of this
series is underway and I’m also writing a standalone novel set on the other
side of the world and approaching a completely different type of conflict.

When did you first consider yourself a

I sat down with the intention of putting The
Cerberus Rebellion
out there for people to read.

Do you write full-time? If so, what’s
your work day like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find
time to write?

I don’t write full-time as of right now. I’m currently working 2 jobs and
finishing up my BA in English. I’ve got 2 kids and a sister that lives with me
so you can imagine finding time to write is very difficult. I have a couple of
times each week that I have set aside for writing (usually on the weekends
after the kids are in bed) and I also try to squeeze in some writing whenever I
don’t have papers to write.

What would you
say is your interesting writing quirk?

Rock covers of older songs are a wealth of inspiration for me. I have 5 or 6
different story lines that have developed just from listening to these songs.

As a child, what did you want to be when
you grew up?

I’ve really always wanted to be a writer. I started at the age of 12,
scribbling stories in notebooks that are currently piled up in my basement
storage room.


Both books are on sale for $.99 during the VBT. 

Thanks, Joshua!

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