Special excerpt for urban fantasy novel The Necromancer’s Gambit

Today is a special excerpt for the urban fantasy novel The Necromancer’s Gambit by Nicolas Wilson.
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Wilson is a published journalist, graphic novelist, and novelist. He lives in
the rainy wastes of Portland, Oregon with his wife, four cats and a dog.
work spans a variety of genres, from political thriller to science fiction and urban
fantasy. He has several novels currently available, and many more due for
release in the next year. Nic’s stories are characterized by his eye for the
absurd, the off-color, and the bombastic.
information on Nic’s books, and behind-the-scenes looks at his writing, visit
A little
bit about The Necromancer’s Gambit:
Knight, the sheriff
of a local magical government known as “the Gambit,” is called to
recover a mutilated body, tainted with magic and dumped at a popular haunt.
When the corpse is identified as a close associate of the Gambit, it threatens
the safety of the community he protects, and those he cares about most. As the
fragile peace amongst the city’s magic-wielding factions disintegrates, Knight
must track down a cadre of murderers before his friends are picked off, one by
one- with each death used to strengthen the spells cast against the Gambit.
Excerpt from The Necromancer’s Gambit:
“Tell me honestly, what do you think
we’re going to find?”
“Statistically, the safe money would
go on Castle getting involved with the wrong woman- one of the two reasons
people usually kill each other. The other’s ambition, but there’s no percentage
in killing Castle; if this is the opening for something larger, I can’t even
imagine what the game is.”
“So the all-points response is…”
“Precaution. If we really thought
the gambit was under assault, we’d have marshaled our forces and stormed the
cabin with every mage who takes our calls. But that also means riding out here
in a caravan of VW buses that reek of skunk weed- and burning a lot of good
will if it’s a false alarm. So you coming out of the car?”
She hesitates for a moment, then
gets out. A “V” of Canadian geese flies overhead. “Too bad you suck at
divination,” she says. “Maybe they’d be able to tell us if we’re about to die.”
I start toward the house, hating
every crunch of gravel under my feet because they make me louder, and make it
harder to listen for something amiss. “I dated an augur once; she was flighty.”
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