Interview with mystery author Kellie Larsen Murphy

special guest is mystery author Kellie Larsen Murphy. She’s under the spotlight
to chat with me about her newest psychological mystery, Stay
of Execution.
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Larsen Murphy is the author of A Guilty Mind and Stay of Execution, the first
two books in the Detective Cancini Mystery series. She has written for several
mid-Atlantic magazines and resides in Richmond, Virginia, with her husband,
four children, and two very large, very hairy dogs.
Welcome, Kellie. Please
tell us about your current release.
Stay of Execution is the second book
in my Detective Cancini Mystery series although each book stands alone. This
second book features a far more grisly subject matter—rape and murder on a
college campus. Detective Cancini arrested the “Co-Ed Killer” two decades
earlier only to learn the man has been released based on new and unshakable DNA
evidence. When that same small college town is once again the target of a
series of rapes and murders, Cancini is drawn back to the investigation, the old
and the new.

What inspired you to write this book?

there was no real-life case that inspired this book, it is timely in an odd way
with the recent press on sexual assaults across college campuses. I began this
book while I was publishing A Guilty Mind
(2012) because I wanted to know Cancini better and see what he could do. I
loved setting it in a fictional college town where crime is limited and less
threatening. It wasn’t hard to imagine how the shock and fear at rape and
murder would spread like wildfire. It was also very interesting to write a
character as sick as the “Co-Ed Killer.” Lastly, this novel gave me the
opportunity to reveal more about what makes my favorite lonely detective tick.

Excerpt from Stay of Execution:
The boy looked up at the tall trees,
their branches thick and twisted, blocking the warmth from the sun. He pulled
the strings of his knapsack tight and walked faster. Feet moving quickly over
the slippery ground cover, he tripped, falling forward toward the round trunk
of a large oak. “Stupid root. Stupid trees.” Picking himself up, he wiped his
hands on his jeans, the brown, wet moss leaving marks on the worn pants. It was
only then that he noticed what had caused his fall. Not a root. A leg. He
stepped closer to see a bare leg, a woman’s leg, covered in dirt and leaves as
though someone had tried to hide her. The boy’s eyes widened, and he screamed.
Turning, he ran from the woods toward the first house he could find, still

What exciting story are you working on

love that you asked that because it is exciting. The third book in the series
is actually inspired by a real-life story that I’ve taken and tweaked and, to
be honest, twisted into something far more sinister. It isn’t a spoiler alert
to tell you that the book opens with the shooting of a young and handsome
priest on the steps of the altar. Cancini has his work cut out for him with
this one!

When did you first consider yourself a

is different for every author, but for me, it came in two stages. The first
essay I had accepted for publication was the first time I thought I might be a
writer. The essay was called The White Wine Society and was published in Sasee Magazine. I was overjoyed. I did
then publish several more articles in a variety of regional and local
magazines, but still, I didn’t say out loud that I was a writer. It was a
part-time pursuit for me as my full-time focus was my family and four kids.
When A Guilty Mind was published in
2012 and I started work on the second novel, I decided it was real. I’m a

Do you write full-time? If so, what’s
your work day like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find
time to write?

I can now say “I’m a writer”, it probably doesn’t qualify as full-time. I no
longer freelance so I can focus on novels, but I am still busy with family
responsibilities. After the kids leave for school, I try to spend as many hours
as possible dedicated to writing and the business of writing (aka marketing),
but not all day. I spend the majority of the afternoons with kid-related activities,
errands, etc. However, there are many hours spent not writing but planning,
plotting, or thinking about my manuscript while walking dogs, in the evenings,
etc. Any time to actually write is truly treasured.

What would you say is your interesting
writing quirk?

I’ve been known to write in the car. Because my schedule isn’t 9 to 5 and I
often fit my writing time into that schedule, I sometimes bring my computer and
write while sitting in a parking lot waiting for a child to finish an activity,
sport, whatever. I also write in the car when we take family trips. It makes
the miles go by faster!

As a child, what did you want to be when
you grew up?

I actually wanted to be a broadcast journalist when I was in high school. I was
the editor of my yearbook for two years and helped out on the school paper.
However, the college I went to didn’t offer journalism as a major and so I
chose something more practical – business. I worked in finance for years
although I did take creative writing for fun after work. The itch was always

Anything additional you want to share
with the readers?

I’d love for readers to give Stay of
a try and get to know Cancini, but whether they do or not, I want
to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to stop by and talk about my
work. Like most writers, I’m an avid reader and I know how special books are to
those who love to read. Thanks so much and happy reading!

Thanks, Kellie!

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