Interview with non-fiction spiritual writer Marie Saint-Louis

Today’s special guest is clairvoyant and spiritual writer Marie Saint-Louis. She’s chatting with me about her first book in a new series, RSVP from Heaven.
Marie Saint-Louis is a psychic
medium with an international cliental that includes celebrities and she has read at
functions sponsored by major corporations. She also frequently appears at
events in the Phoenix area and at private parties.
“My story all began at a radio station
sponsored swap meet located in a casino parking lot. Just months earlier, I won
a large jackpot on a nickel slot machine and decided to bring my gift of
talking to the dead and guiding people on their lives through reading at
parties and events. The jackpot allowed me to pay the vendor fees to get
started. I’ve never looked back since.”
She believes that “no event is
too small or location too far” for her to share her gift.
“Since childhood, I’ve talked to the
deceased and was able to tell people very detailed things about their lives
that couldn’t be explained. I’ve never read a book, or studied how to be a
psychic medium….I was born this way.”
Marie lives in Mesa, Arizona with
her two cats, numerous houseplants, and visiting spirits.
Welcome, Marie. Please tell us about
your current release.
The book tells my story. Here’s a blurb:
Marie Saint-Louis is a psychic medium who has spent years
sharing guidance and communicating with the deceased for her clients from the
comforts of her home. Now, she yearns to bring her spiritual gifts to the
Of course, it
won’t be easy.
The stakes
are high as Marie battles anxiety, rejection, and skeptics along the way at the
most amazing parties and unique events around.
invited to sit table side during readings at an Arizona casino swap meet and
have front row seats with costumed guests during three nights of dazzling
Hollywood Halloween parties. You never will know where Marie will show up next!
Told in a
down to earth and often intimate style, Marie shares true tales of the
compelling people she meets who are searching for direction in love, career,
family, relocation, and other topics. In the midst of busy fairs and festivals,
she passes messages on from deceased loved ones to the individuals seated at
her vendor table.
RSVP from Heaven is a fresh new approach in spiritual
books that will entertain and captivate readers around the world. A remarkable
timeless tale about the shared emotions we experience as people and our quest
to find answers while living our personal journeys.
What inspired you to write this book?
My clients were
constantly asked when I was going to write a book. Through the years, I’ve
shared many of my true stories with them, but never thought of writing a book.
My brother encouraged me
to begin taking a journal with me and writing about my experiences. So, I
stocked up on notebooks and pens from the 99 Cents Only store and began taking
them with me everywhere. I kept notes on everything going around me, the
people I met, and the spiritual readings which were the basis for the
book. Authenticity is key to everything written for my readers.
Excerpt from RSVP from Heaven:
Seven Halloween: Hollywood Style)
She looked
airbrushed black jagged stripes on each leg, plus two diagonally on her butt
made it twelve. Multiple shades of orange liquid latex covered a sculpted body
and a tousled mane of long wavy golden brown hair hung down. My eyes traveled
the length of her back stopping at the stripe encircled tail.
When she
turned, an intricately painted tiger’s face smiled back at me. Jagged stripes
crossed a white painted chest, traveling down to her navel followed by a barely
there, black string bikini. Finishing off her unbelievable costume was a pair
of stilettos covering her feet, resembling feline paws.
She was truly
a work of art.
I was given
the best seat in the house; an elevated raised area, where arriving joyful
costumed guests glided along the red carpet among flashing bulbs as
photographer’s cameras captured the excitement.
The attendees
were adorned in spectacular costumes, apparently created by professionals; Mad
Scientist, Circus Ringleader, Warrior Princesses, Knights, and an assortment of
sexy storybook characters. Last but not least, recognizable horror figures and
superheroes from popular movies.
What exciting story are you working on
presently writing the next book in the RSVP from Heaven series.
The second book, will
take readers on more exciting journeys.
One chapter will be
about my experiences sharing psychic medium readings with guests at a Tattoo
and Motorcycle event. My vendor table was alongside tattoo artists, piercers,
and a seamstress sewing on various types of patches on the leather jackets for
Readers will once again be
introduced to people seeking guidance or longing to be connected guests to
deceased loved ones.
When did you first consider yourself a
I never set
out to be a writer. In 2008, I began a hobby of entering contests and
sweepstakes. I happened to win two essay contests within six months of each
other. My clients continued to ask me to write a book for them so I finally sat
down and finished the first one.
Do you write full-time? If so, what’s
your work day like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find
time to write?
At the time
of writing my book, I was teaching students (16-21) at an alternative high
school. At night, I had client appointments. Writing had to been done in
between scheduled sessions and often did not end until 1am-2am in the morning.
What would you say is your interesting
writing quirk?
I write most of my books using sharpened number
2 lead pencils and notebooks from the 99 Cents Only store. I find my best ideas
come from writing on the back of store receipts, paper plates, and restaurant
As a child, what did you want to be
when you grew up?
I had
several careers I was interested in as a child growing up. A park ranger, race
car driver, fashion designer, and a teacher. After college, I ended up being a
special education teacher in both juvenile correctional facilities and
alternative school campuses.
Anything additional you want to share
with the readers?
I want to connect with readers as much as I can
through social media and there are several messages I hope readers take with
them after finishing my book.
Here are two of them.
all have uncertainties about our life direction and purpose.”
I’ve have the pleasure to meet and guide people from
all walks of life; college students, teachers, accountants, police officers,
surgeons and even adult film stars. All of my stories make for a more
interesting experience for my readers.
Throughout the book, readers will witness people
coming to me when they are searching for direction and needing hope. We all
have been there before; when our relationships are breaking apart, we are
unfulfilled in our careers, family members causing havoc, and wondering if
relocation will give us new opportunities and a new lease on life.
There are many people having a similar struggle within
their own lives. It may not be the exact situation, but they are hurting as
much as you or even more.
“Value your
time with loved ones and make peace with them if you need to”
I hear from clients is that they wished they had spent more time with loved
ones before they passed. I love the part in the book where I read at a festival
for a young man from Detroit, Michigan.
was unsure about having his first psychic medium reading but once he sat down,
I read for him for over an hour. I still remember when I connected Dion to his
deceased brother Bernard. At one point during the session, Dion looked at me
and said. “Damn the last time I saw my brother we fought over something real
stupid. I wish I could take it all back because weeks later Bernard was

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Thanks for being here today, Marie!

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