Interview with romantic suspense author Morgan K. Wyatt

I have an interview with romantic suspense author Morgan K. Wyatt. She’s
chatting about writing, and in particular, her new novel Suspicious Circumstances: Love or Deception.

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K Wyatt, raised on a steady diet of superheroes, believed she could fly at a
very young age. After using trees, barn lofts, sliding boards, and even a second
story window as launch pads, she found her flying skills were limited to fast
and downward. By the age of nine, her dreams to be a superhero needed some
modifications, which caused her to turn to writing and horseback riding as
alternatives to flying.
the age of twenty, she had another chance at superhero greatness as being one
of the few female soldiers trained for combat. The fact that women will be able
to serve in combat soon indicates that all the witnesses to the grenade
incident have retired. The grenade incident didn’t prevent her two sons or
daughter-in-law from enlisting in the service. Having different last names
probably helped.
recently retired from teaching special needs students to write fulltime,
instead of in the wee hours of the night. With the help of her helpful husband
and loyal hound, she creates characters who often grab plot lines and run with
them. As for flying, she prefers the airlines now.

Welcome, Morgan. Please tell us about
your current release.
Love or Deception is a romantic
suspense. Amy is convinced love isn’t part of her life. Her job in a top-secret
chemical warfare project doesn’t leave her time for socialization. A delicious
twist of fate has her bumping into her future husband at a conference. A
whirlwind courtship and a beach wedding leaves Amy deliriously happy. Her only
issue is her husband and memory both go missing at the same time. The worst
part is no one can remember ever meeting her husband.

What inspired you to write this book?

wondered what would be the worst thing that could happen to a woman who never
expected to fall in love, but did.
Excerpt from Love or Deception:
off the bed, he stood and walked toward her, placing both hands on her
shoulders. “You have no clue how beautiful you are. I find your intelligence
incredibly alluring, but I think Dirk was interested in you because you were
the only female in the building who wasn’t panting after him.”
called her beautiful again. Not the most effusive compliment she’d ever
received, but then she hadn’t received many. All her compliments dealt with her
work as opposed to her appearance. Theron didn’t employ models for their
research. The chemicals used in the labs, along with safety features, made
flowing hair, skirts, and even cosmetics undesirable. Of course, the skirts
were more about the searches. No woman wanted to have the guard pushing the
metal wand underneath her skirt during the twice-daily searches, even if in
many ways, they were just drones for the company.
might have been true. I can’t recall why I went out with him. I do remember him
to be lacking in intellect.”
lips twisted up in a smirk. “Yeah, that’s what all the women want in a guy. I
am not totally sure if they care if he can talk.”
hands still rested on her shoulders. It wasn’t uncomfortable. She considered it
reassuring, but puzzling. Her memory might be lacking in many aspects, but she
was sure they were not this touchy feely with each other. Ryan’s anxiety showed
in the way he held his shoulders. Odd that she’d known that, but they’d been
working together almost a third of her life. “What is it? There is something
you want to say, and it’s troubling you.”

What exciting story are you working on

things are in process. I have a non-fiction dating book, which will be out
soon. I’m also 75% done with a cozy mystery that I’m writing with my husband
called The Painted Lady Inn Mystery Series.

When did you first consider yourself a

in junior high, when I had a poem published. Guess that made me more of a poet.

Do you write full-time? If so, what’s your workday like? If not, what do you do
other than write and how do you find time to write?
Currently, I substitute teach, but try to write a 1000 words before work. I
edit after work. Whenever we drive somewhere as a couple, I take my computer
and work in the car as my husband drives.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I do my best work in bed, with headphones on, and the curtains drawn. It cuts
out distractions.

As a child, what did you want to be when
you grew up?
wanted to fly like Superman and write, but I settled for just writing.

Anything additional you want to share with the readers?
have several public appearances coming up in April at the Jeffersonville, IN
Author Faire, Zionsville, IN Author Faire, & Midwest Authors (Indianapolis).
I love meeting readers.


Thanks, Morgan!

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25 thoughts on “Interview with romantic suspense author Morgan K. Wyatt

  1. ptclayton says:

    Wow a great excerpt and also i love your site you are one of the best for interviewing and also giving a descriptions of the books

  2. Jennifer Jensen says:

    Morgan, I love your bio – such fun to read! Loved the premise of the book, too, of course. Going on my TBR list.

    And I can't believe you're in my neck of the woods! When is the Zionsville Author Faire?

  3. morgan says:

    Hi Mom Jane,
    Once you read the entire story you'll see how unique it is. I have to admit my husband help brainstorm it,

  4. morgan says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    The Zionsville Author Faire is April 11th. There will be a couple dozen local authors there. Each one will donate a copy of their book to the library too. Hope to see you there.

  5. morgan says:

    Hi Rita,
    Now I wondered what I said in the interview. Yes, I do forget these things. Hopefully, I didn't embarass the family too much. 🙂

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