Excerpt for romantic suspense novel The North Country Confessional by Craig C. Charles

Today is the kick-off for the virtual book tour of the romantic suspense mystery novel The North Country Confessional by Craig C. Charles.

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Craig. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a native New Englander. I
grew up in the sleepy shoreline community of Madison, CT. After graduating from
high school in the late 80’s, I headed out West and spent a wonderful six years
living in, exploring, and getting lost in the deserts of Arizona. After earning
my B.S. from Arizona State University, I headed back East trying to find my
path in life.
I found myself trying out MANY
different careers. I learned the art of audio engineering and worked at a major
recording studio in Manhattan for a while. I learned the nuances of fine wine
from a wonderful South African man and sold libations in his high-end store. I
sold power transmission equipment as a manufacturer’s rep in the Northeast.
Next I ventured into the publishing world when I signed on with Yankee Magazine
working in their Community Partners Program. It was here at Yankee’s
headquarters in Dublin, NH that I fell in love with the art of writing and
beauty of the Great North Woods of New Hampshire. I met tremendous people and
embarked on my own quest to write an engaging mystery novel set in New England.
However, I couldn’t ignore the internal pull I felt to work with young people.
I went back to school and earn a Masters of Education degree and embarked on a
career as a special education teacher working primarily with autistic children.
This has been my main profession for the past 14 years as I continued to write
and work towards mastering the craft of writing. I love the creative process of
writing and editing.
In short, I’m a lifelong learner
who continues to absorb all I can about the world around me.
Here’s a
bit about the novel:
Family roots, teachings, and tradition permeate Darby Weeks’s
existence despite a two decades old decision to walk away from a life of
privilege. They have given him the courage to survive under impossible
conditions, but the most challenging of them all comes from an unexpected
place: his return home. As heinous crimes peppered with riddles begin to plague
the North Country, Darby’s reappearance back home sparks an old rivalry between
two families, releasing an evil to wreck vengeance upon everything around them.
Darby’s proposal of a truce between them not only fails to appease the rival
family’s thirst for retribution; it fuels it. And the town of Bretton Woods
lies between the two when old passions ignite and set forth new determinations
to win an old struggle.

Reunited with an old flame and guided by a pompous blowhard, Darby sets out on
a journey to learn the truth about his family’s past and their ancient blood
feud with a ruthless industrialist. Darby’s quest leads him all over New
England, from the rare books library at Dartmouth College to Author’s Ridge –
the final resting place of the literary greats Thoreau, Hawthorne, and Emerson.
Darby discovers family he’s never known and an insidious danger lurking in the
arms of a rekindled love.

Excerpt from The North
Country Confessional
Emily Baines glanced down at the
streets of Midtown Manhattan from her corner office at Tither Publishing and
fiddled with the single gray strand of Tahitian pearls that clung around her
neck. Rush hour had already paralyzed the streets of the city as throngs of
humanity struggled to reach their insignificant evening destinations. Worker
ants, she told to herself.
She had stayed late, disrupting her
normal evening routine of pilates and a massage as she awaited confirmation
that the assignment was complete. Her cell phone buzzed, announcing the receipt
of the message. A smile blossomed on her face as she read the expected news.
The object of her attention had paid the fee just like so many other political
malfeasance, celebrities, and religious buskers that Tither had squeezed over
the years, avoiding what would have been a very messy and very public scandal.
Dirt was her business and business was never better. She verified the
$20,000,000 transfer had been processed.
Sitting down, Emily congratulated
herself as she poured another glass of Perrier-Jouët and marveled at how far
she had come: building Tither Publishing into a media giant with no equal. She
rarely thought about the past, but the picture and associated story on the
front page of the New York Times stopped her cold in her tracks, causing
unfamiliar pangs of nostalgia.
“Darby S. Weeks,” she said slowly
while biting her bottom lip and caressing her pearls. She paced her expansive
office for a minute, looking at the picture as memories invaded her mind.
Throwing the paper on her desk, she hastily buzzed her personal assistant.
“Olivia, I’m going home to Bretton
Woods for a little vacation. Make the necessary arrangements. I want to be in
the North Country by tomorrow.”
Ready or not, here I come, war hero.

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12 thoughts on “Excerpt for romantic suspense novel The North Country Confessional by Craig C. Charles

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a great interview! I really enjoyed the excerpt and I look forward to reading the book! Thank you for the contest!

  2. Craig C Charles says:

    Mai T –

    What a great question. He's my first thoughts on a movie cast. This cast would need a payroll of 150 million.

    Matthew McConaughey for Darby Weeks

    Jennifer Hewitt for Emily Baines

    Ian McKellan for Silas Bollerud

    Josh Brolin for Finnegan Doyle

    Michael Caine for Horatio Bollerud

    Anthony Hopkins for Pickford Marsh

    Patricia Rae for Georgina Sinclair

    Vanessa Redgrave for Elsie Fitzgerald

    Angelina Jolie for Giselle the assassin.

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