Excerpt for the historical romance novel Chasing the Other Tisdale by Jessica Jefferson

Tuesday’s spotlight shines on the historical romance, Chasing the Other Tisdale by Jessica Jefferson.

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Jefferson makes her home in northern Indiana, or as she likes to think of
it—almost Chicago. She is heavily inspired
by classic sweeping, historical romance novels, but aims to take those key
emotional elements and inject a fresh blend of quick dialogue and comedy. She invites you to visit her website and read more of her random romance musings.
Here’s a
little bit about Chasing the Other
She’s the other sister…
Overshadowed by the beauty of her older sister, Lillian is better
known as the other Tisdale; unremarkable and unsure how she will ever deliver
on the promise of her family’s name.
He’s a rake in need of reforming…
Will Colton leads a frivolous existence, embracing notoriety
instead of managing his family’s fortune. Determined to forget his financial
burden and his father’s growing resentment, he maintains a lifestyle dedicated
to pleasure and self-indulgence. When Will is invited to the Tisdale estate for
an extended holiday, he never expects to become friends with the forgettable
Lillian. But when a family secret comes to light, he must choose between leaving
London and protecting the honor of one woman or staying and risking the
reputation of another.
Upon his return, Will finds the girl he left behind has come out
of the shadows and into her own. Lillian’s finally the center of attention, and
not all of it good. With his own reputation in tatters, can a reformed rake
lure her out of the hands of London’s bachelors and back into his own arms? Can
he escape his past and reclaim her heart, or has he lost her forever?
This is
an exclusive excerpt from Chasing the
Other Tisdale
Colton proceeded to slip on his jacket over his naked torso. He then placed one
arm under her knees and another around her shoulders, and effortlessly scooped
her up in his arms. Lilly knew it was futile to resist, so she did her best to
assist, tucking her head neatly into his shoulder and trying to contain all her
extremities to keep them from flailing about. She’d never been terribly
confident about her appearance, never having been one to let a plate of
biscuits go undisturbed, but she supposed there was nothing she could do about
that now.
he instructed. “You’re only going to make your arm hurt worse if you tense up
like that.”
my current situation, I’m afraid that’s quite impossible to do.” He’d tried his
best to preserve some dignity by putting on his jacket, but there was still the
undeniable fact that her body was touching his naked chest. Her bare arm was
brushing against the soft thatch of light blond hair at the center of his
chest, the heat of his skin practically burning her. He held her close to him,
so close she could feel the beat of his heart, her own drumming along with it.
the pain?” he asked, concern clearly written across his face. She could tell he
was being cautious, his steps steady.
It still hurt something fierce, but not nearly as bad as it would if left
hanging loose from her shoulder.
the sling working then?”
than I expected, actually,” she answered honestly. “Thank you.”
smiled broadly, obviously quite pleased with the appraisal of his
craftsmanship. “Perhaps I’ll consider changing course and going into the field
of medicine.”
are you studying now?”
nothing.” Mr. Colton answered, jostling her a bit to get her resituated in his
tried to smile, but found herself too exhausted to muster the energy for even
that. “You could have just left me there while you went and found help
yourself. I’m sure it would have been easier than having to lug me around with
wrinkled his nose slightly. “No, I couldn’t do that. I’ll admit, I can be an
utter cad sometimes, but I’m not so awful as to desert a woman in trouble.”
smiled, the swaying of her body in his arms, coupled with his warmth, lulling
her to sleep.
ahead and close your eyes,” he reassured softly. “We’ll be there in just a few
felt her heavy eyelids falling, his gentle tone and touch coaxing her to sleep.
Too weak to fight it, she let herself ease into a painless oblivion, her head
clearing of all its thoughts, save for one.
was quite certain that she’d fallen in love with Mr. William Colton.
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