Interview with authors of contemporary military romance novel Elite Metal

to a new week, readers. We’re kicking it off with an interview about Elite Metal – Book One in the Elite Warriors
The authors are: Jennifer Kacey, Anna
Alexander, Heather Long, Rebecca Royce, Sabrina York, Saranna DeWylde, and Roxie

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questions answered by Jennifer Kacey

Welcome to Reviews and Interviews,
ladies! Please tell us about Elite Metal.
decades the US Marines funded a top-secret unit known as Elite Recon. A deadly
group of men and women sent to infiltrate dozens of countries completely
undetected. Mission objectives so extreme casualties were not only probable,
but expected.
current batch of operatives had returned from hundreds of assignments
unscathed…until one mission went horribly wrong. Several men lost their lives
and the group disbanded. The remaining leathernecks were scattered in the wind
with new identities. They were told to blend in. Be normal. Or face being
forever silenced just like their fallen brothers.
two years later, each living member of the group is kidnapped and given a
chance to make things right. But this time they’re no longer under the thumb of
Uncle Sam. A mysterious private backer who knows about their past has brought
them back together. No longer are they forced to turn a blind eye to the lost
and forsaken.
new life. A new future…Elite Metal.
from the stories in the series:
Bound By
By Anna Alexander and Jennifer Kacey
To save his Marine brothers and sister he must accept the past
isn’t dead and buried. Reuniting survivors means he is forced to first
forgive…the enemy.
Steele, the man he was, died. A civilian with a new name stands in
his place in the wake of death. Everything he had, lost when his undercover
contact, Venus, disappeared when it counted most. In the shadow of regret,
Steele is reborn from the flames of a Phoenix. To right the wrongs that
destroyed his military family, he must put his trust in the hands of a
mysterious backer, and the woman who led his team to the slaughter.
Not knowing who sold her out at the final hour, Alayna Devlin,
spent the last two years on the run. Then the mastermind behind Elite Metal
tracked her down, and offered her the chance to atone for past mistakes. To
cleanse her conscience requires a baptism by fire and submission to the man who
will either put the final nail in her coffin or set her heart free.
The past. The future. Truth. Lies. Nothing is as it seems when two
shattered hearts are finally given the chance to heal.
By Jennifer Kacey
A former leader of Elite Recon, reduced to nothing more than an
apathetic existence.
Until his girl’s life hangs in the balance…now nothing will stand
in the way of him coming back to life.
Chrome had it all. Exactly what he wanted. A career in the Marines
he loved, fighting alongside his brothers and sisters to protect the US from
everything set out to destroy it. Then on their last mission as Elite Recon
they were double-crossed…and everything went horribly wrong.
Cammie needs help rescuing her siblings from the clutches of a man
determined to crush everything she holds dear. But she has no one to turn to.
No one to lean on when she’s trapped in a world she never knew existed. Lost in
a world of pseudo-normalcy Chrome’s reduced to nothing more than existing. Day
in. Day out. Nothing to live for.
Until his girl’s life hangs in the balance. Now nothing will stand
in his way of coming back to life.
Love at first sight is a myth. Or so Chrome thought. Everything he
thinks is true disappears in the presence…of his salvation.
By Anna Alexander
Adamantium left Beth to what he thought was a better life, only to
find she had been living in hell. Now he’ll do anything, break any vow, to
claim her as his for all time.
Adamantium feels right at home being back to what he does best
with his Elite Metal buddies, especially if it keeps his mind off her. Beth
Bradshaw. His best friend’s girl. But when their paths cross again, he
discovers Beth is in the hands of a dangerous man. Vow or now vow to his Elite
Metal family, Ant will do anything to claim the woman he loves.
By Heather Long
Copper will do whatever it takes to get the job done, even if it
means seducing and betraying the one man who really sees her.
Former Marine special forces, Sachi “Copper” James is a chameleon.
She thrives on being someone else. Her mission? Identify the rat who sold her
team bad intel. Gabriel Danvers, ex-CIA analyst, is a master of disseminating
the details. He wants to enjoy a normal life, retired from the game. His
mission? Teach classes.
 When Gabriel becomes the
target of Copper’s investigation, he re-enters a world of danger and
deception–all to claim the passion of the one woman who’s haunted him for
By Sabrina York
When a snoopy reporter threatens the Elite Metal, Sterling will do
whatever it takes to kill her story about the team. Even if it means he has to
tie her to his bed.
When Sterling spots a reporter masquerading as a waitress in a
dingy bar in Deep Ellum, he suspects she’s investigating the team. And that’s
something he just cannot allow to happen. Too many lives are at stake. He will
do everything in his power to learn the truth—even seduce her. And to stop her
story from coming out? He might even tie her to the bed.
 Nothing is off the table
when it comes to keeping his brothers safe. Nothing. It’s a damn shame she’s
everything he’s ever wanted. It’s a damn shame her touch warms his cold, dead
By Rebecca Royce
Platinum left the life he had with Rose in New York to rejoin his
team and silence the nightmares from Operation Phoenix. But when Rose is forced
to go on the run with Platinum’s hidden son, he will have no choice but to
return to his old life and reclaim what he has ached for every day since. Red
Wolf’s sniper wants to nudge Plat’s underbelly and they’re going to find out
quickly how deadly he can be.
Platinum was a man of few words before he changed his name and had
his sniper rifle taken away. But as Elijah, he could start over, maybe even
fall in love with his hidden son’s Kindergarten teacher, Rose. But Platinum is
reborn when Elijah is kidnapped, so he’s left with no choice but to vanish,
leaving Rose to wonder about his fate, broken-hearted.
Rose has spent the last year getting over the disappearance of the
man she knew as Eli. Now, alone and terrified, she finds herself on the run
from a sniper while trying to hide a scared little boy from certain death.
Red Wolf’s crew isn’t done with Plat, and his soft underbelly is
just the place to nudge. Sniper vs. sniper, Platinum will reclaim what is his.
That is, if she’ll even have him back…
By Saranna DeWylde
A scarred, mad genius more monster than man must protect the
beauty he’s become obsessed with from a beast more terrible than himself.
Serum 17 took his face, took his kindness and took his empathy. It
took, in essence, all of John Thrace leaving only the Elite Metal operative
“Mercury” in his place. A man marked with a biohazard tattoo because
he knows he’s incompatible with other living things. Until he becomes obsessed
with the seemingly innocent doctor Hazel Brewer and a chance encounter changes
Hazel knows the giant scarred man won’t hurt her even though she’s
in the business of saving lives and he’d rather take them. In fact, she’s never
felt safer or more alive than when she’s with him. Even when a terrible
biological weapon forces her into his arms for a night of hot passion she won’t
soon forget.
Their love could be the redemption he never thought he wanted, or
something even more toxic: Mercury’s poison.
Forged in
By Roxie Rivera
Rebel. Nomad. Troublemaker.
After surviving the double-cross during Operation Phoenix, Former
Elite Recon Marine Silver embraces the underworld and builds a new life as one
of the world’s most renowned thieves. Jewels, paintings, corporate
espionage–there’s no job he won’t take for the right price.
Until Poppy Jones orders her ghosts to snatch him up in Budapest
and haul him back to Texas to face her brand of justice…
Forced to decide between a prison cell and signing on to Elite
Metal, Silver chooses the latter. Quietly operating in the background of a team
that no longer trusts or wants him, he completes all the dirty little jobs that
keep the team alive and flush with new intel.
But when he learns Poppy plans to infiltrate a terrorist
gathering, he refuses to hide in the shadows a moment longer. In a world of
secrets and lies, Poppy Jones is his bright light of truth and trust.
And he’ll brave the fires of hell–and the disdain of Steele and
Chrome–to protect her.

Jennifer, what inspired you to write this series?
conversation with another author and we thought it would be cool to write a set
together. I never in my wildest dreams thought it would turn into what it has.
It’s amazing and I hope everybody loves it as much as the authors do!!

Excerpt from “Chrome’s
Salvation” by Jennifer Kacey:
Unable to help himself he kept a safe distance from her and…
He rolled his eyes and headed off in the
opposite direction of his Harley, which he was so ready to open up on the
highway and blow the wistful bullshit out of his head.
Then he stopped dead in his tracks.
He was single.
She seemed single.
It wasn’t too long ago when he used to
know how to actually talk to a woman to get her out of her panties, and he was
pretty sure he could remember how to do that for the right person.
The chick slowly moving away from him,
digging in her purse surely for her keys could definitely be the right person.
He wouldn’t know unless he actually cut
the silent and deadly act and went and talked to her.
He turned on his heel, moving back toward
her, and he picked up the pace to try to get to her before she got to her
vehicle. The lights on an SUV blinked when she hit a button on her remote
The tiny prick on the back of his neck
shot so much adrenaline into his system, all of his training came out in an
explosion of instinct.
He swept his leg out behind him, dropping
one of his attackers. But that was it. His brain kept telling his muscles to
move but as if in slow motion he hit the ground.
Whatever drug pumping through his system
was effective if not lethal.
Another masked man dressed all in black
stepped next to him just as a van pulled up beside him.
No squealing tires. No sound at all. Pure
silence surrounded him.
The door opened and two more men, dressed
similarly piled out, lifting him into the confines of the unmarked vehicle. The
first man grabbed his bag, which had fallen to the ground and flung it in next
to him. He climbed in, shutting the door behind himself.
Chrome wanted to ask questions, he willed
his mouth to move but he couldn’t get his lips, much less his vocal cords, to
He’d had this drug before. His
responses—he’d experienced them before.
His team had been chemically trained to
resist the effects of most muscular paralyzers. In their line of work the
government had spared no expense.
Most anyone else would have already been
unconscious. But he fought just as he was trained to do.
The van moved but he couldn’t see anything
but sky after they pulled out of the parking garage.
Another prick in his arm registered and he
huffed out a breath. It was the only displeasure he could register before
darkness sucked him under.
His eyes flicked open and closed as he
tried to retain consciousness.
The crackle of a radio made its way past
the fog trying to overtake him.
“Chrome secure. ETA thirteen hours.”
They found me.
Whatever torture was coming, whoever
thought they could break him to get what they wanted… They were shit outta
luck. He’d go to his grave before he talked. Resignation filled his mind.
He always knew his enemies would find him
eventually. Or the government found someone fast enough to dispose of him.
They were quicker than he expected.
The sleeping face of the little girl, and
the tear-stained eyes of the woman he’d wanted flashed in front of his eyelids.
He was glad they were the last people he’d
ever see.
And no matter what was coming he’d be dead
within a matter of days.
Thank God it’s finally over.
Relief settled deep inside.
Blackness seeped into his mind and for the
first time, and hopefully the last …he didn’t fight it.

What exciting story are you working on

might possibly be working on Book Two in the Elite Warrior series. Elite Ghosts. OMG – CANNOT WAIT!!!

When did you first consider yourself a

first time I finished a full novel which was actually the first thing I ever
really wrote. It was 105K I think. You finish that big of a story, no matter
how sucky the first draft is, or how much editing it takes to fix it, I say you’re
a writer.

Do you write full-time? If so, what’s
your work day like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find
time to write?

I still have a real life day job as well that I work at 50 hrs a week. I write
at night and on the weekends. Keeps me sane to say the very least. You make
time for what’s important. Truly.

What would you say is your interesting
writing quirk?

write a book in order. Just can’t do it.

As a child, what did you want to be when
you grew up?

Risk Obstetrician since I was in the fourth grade. Go big or go home, right?

Anything additional you want to share
with the readers?

you love the set as much as we do! Writing it has been a huge undertaking for
all of us and we can’t be more pleased with it. HUGS TO EVERYONE SUPPORTING THE
SET!!! More to come!!
Authors bios
and links:
is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her family in Texas.
She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different
color of nail polish every week. She’s the Amazon top seller and award winning
author of the Members Only Series and the Surrender Series along with several
standalone novels and novellas. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the
real you and never settle for anything less.
Jennifer’s social media links:
‘s literary world changed at age thirteen when a friend gave her a
copy of Kathleen Woodiwiss’s “A Rose in Winter.” With her mind
thoroughly blown, she decided that one day she too would be a romance writer.
With Hugh Jackman’s abs and Christopher Reeve’s blue eyes as inspiration, she
loves spinning tales about superheroes finding love.
up to receive news about Anna’s latest releases at
Anna’s social media links:

Heather Long, a national
bestselling author, likes long walks in the park, science
fiction, superheroes, Marines, and men who aren’t douche bags. Her books are
filled with heroes and heroines tangled in romance as hot as Texas summertime.
From paranormal historical westerns to contemporary military romance, Heather
might switch genres, but one thing is true in all of her stories—her characters
drive the books. When she’s not wrangling her menagerie of animals, she devotes
her time to family and friends she considers family. She believes if you like
your heroes so real you could lick the grit off their chest, and your heroines
so likable, you’re sure you’ve been friends with women just like them; you’ll
enjoy her worlds as much as she does.
Heather’s social media links:

Rebecca Royce
a teenager, Rebecca would hide in her room to read her favorite romance novels
when she was supposed to be doing her homework.
is the mother of three adorable boys and is fortunate to be married to her best
friend. They are transplants from the northeastern part of the United States to
the great state of Texas, specifically Austin.
is in love with science fiction, fantasy and the paranormal and tries to use
all these elements in her writing. In her world anything is possible, anything
can happen, and you should suspect that it will.
Rebecca’s social media links:

Sabrina York
Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling
author of hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers. Her titles range
from sweet & sexy to scorching erotic romance. Connect with her on twitter
@sabrina_york, on Facebook or on Pinterest. Visit her webpage at to check out her books, excerpts and contests. Free Teaser
Book: And don’t forget
to enter to win the royal tiara!
Sabrina’s social media links:
Website | Facebook personal page | Facebook Author Page | Twitter | Amazon Page | Goodreads | Pinterest

Blogs: and

Saranna DeWylde
DeWylde has always been fascinated by things better left in the dark. She wrote
her first story after watching The Exorcist at a slumber party. Since then,
she’s published horror, romance and narrative nonfiction. Like all writers,
Saranna has held a variety of jobs, from operations supervisor for an airline, to
an assistant for a call girl, to a corrections officer. But like Hemingway
said, “Once writing has become your major vice and greatest pleasure, only
death can stop it.” So she traded in her cuffs for a full-time keyboard.
She loves to hear from her readers.
Saranna’s social media links:

Roxie Rivera
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, I like to write super sexy
romances and scorching hot erotica. I live in Texas with my red-bearded Viking
husband and a sweet but rowdy preschool-aged daughter with autism and heart
defects. We also have two wildly rambunctious Great Danes named Hannibal and
other book writing alter ego–Lolita Lopez–was named one of Latina Magazine’s
Eight Erotic Latina Authors To Check Out. Lo writes deliciously steamy tales
for Forever Yours/Grand Central, Mischief/Harper Collins UK, Siren Publishing
and Cleis Press.
Roxie’s social media links:

Thanks, ladies! Happy writing!

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