Book excerpt for paranormal suspense novel Yesterday People by Terri Herman-Ponce

I have a special book excerpt and promotion for the paranormal
suspense novel Yesterday People by Terri Herman-Ponce.
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about Yesterday People:
David Bellotti’s only focus is to find his abducted twelve-year
old daughter. When he sees her on a news segment with her captor, a renowned
archaeologist who’s made a major discovery, David sets out to bring her back
home. But the search leads him to a secret message that could alter man’s
history forever.
A message David and his daughter inscribed twelve-thousand years
A message that will prove dangerous in the wrong hands.
Protecting this powerful information seems simple until David
realizes some people will use his daughter against him to get it, at whatever
the cost. Now David must make a choice. Protect mankind from a secret past that
must remain hidden, or save his little girl.
Excerpt from Yesterday People:
When Lottie entered the office Dr.
Berzet flashed a smile, his teeth white and bright against the goatee. “Dr.
Lottie Morgan.” He stood and gave her his hand. “You have no idea how wonderful
it is to meet you.”
She shook his hand, noting how warm
his skin felt, and took off her coat, admiring the office space around her. It
was filled with an eclectic collection of antique furniture, paintings
depicting various periods in history, and framed magazine covers of notable
excavations and historical finds since the turn of the century.
“I appreciate your coming so early
to meet with me,” he said.
Lottie laughed, brushing static off
her sweater and slacks. Thanks to winter and heavy wool coats, she had to do it
often. “It’s almost ten in the morning.”
“My apologies. I forgot you are not
a student.” Dr. Berzet laughed with her. “I am an early riser and am usually in
the office by seven-thirty. But the college students? Their idea of early is
anything after lunch.”
“I remember those days,” Lottie
said. And there were times she still missed them.
“But perhaps not all of them?” he
said with a wide grin.
Lottie grinned back.
“I believe we have now appropriately
warmed up the conversation,” Dr. Berzet said as he settled into his chair, and
the way certain consonants and vowels rolled off his tongue made Lottie think
he was French. “I do have to admit that I am beyond curious about you. I want
to say that I asked to meet because I am a professor specializing in ancient
civilizations and mystical practices, but that would be a bit of a lie.” He
leaned forward, dropped his voice to a whisper, and added, “This mostly has to
do with personal fascination because I have never met anyone who has had actual
proof of a past life.”
“Lives,” Lottie corrected.
Dr. Berzet’s smile grew, and
something sparkled in his gray-blue eyes that hinted of mischief and mystery
and maybe a little mania.
“I want to study you because I am
sure what is in here,” he said, pulling out the summer issue of Current
Psychology, “is only the tip of something bigger. Something powerful.
Something, I am thinking, you are not sure you want to tell.”
bio and links:
looks for any opportunity to make stuff up. She thinks anything that can’t so
easily be explained is worth an extra look and often makes a great story. She
loves red wine, scotch, sunrises, Ancient Egypt, the beach—and a host of other
stuff that would take too much real estate to talk about. The youngest of five
children, Terri lives with her husband and son on Long Island. And, in her next
life, if she hasn’t moved on to somewhere else, she wants to be an astronomer.
Terri’s fascinated with the night skies almost as much as she’s fascinated with
ancient Egypt.
is a member of member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America, and
you can read about her at
you love social media, you can also find Terri on Facebook and on Twitter.
visit. She’d love to hear from you!

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