Excerpt from paranormal romance Violca’s Dragon by Lailani Love

I have another dragon on the blog this week! Today we’re learning
a bit about Leilani Love’s paranormal romance Violca’s Dragon.
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about Violca’s Dragon:
Violca knows life can change instantly. Her parents died suddenly,
leaving her to raise four younger sisters and keep them safe ~ even from the
golden-eyed stranger.
Chase knows the Grey sisters possibly hold the key to his fate. He
is determined to get close, protect them and bring them to his Dragon King.
What Violca doesn’t know is that once a dragon decides he wants
something, there is no stopping him from getting it.
Excerpt from Violca’s Dragon:
Chase stays behind her as she walks
on a path that leads away from the cabin, heading near the direction of the
river. He knows Violca is aware of him and smiles to himself, knowing she is not
turning around because she is trying to ignore him.
When she stumbles, he reacts quickly
and is at her side, his arms around her before she can fall. She squirms,
pushing away from him, almost falling with the effort.
Once he is sure she’s okay he carefully
releases her. Standing in front of her, he looks her over and when she finally
looks up at him, he notices that her violet eyes are darker as she looks at him
angrily. “I didn’t ask you for your help,” she snaps.
Chase knows that smiling at her right
now will not help him, nor will telling her she looks beautiful when she’s
angry. Watching her breasts rising up and down as she breathes, her violet eyes
sparkling with anger and the straight line of her lips, he fights the urge to
kiss her. “You didn’t, but that doesn’t mean I want to see you hurt.”
She glares at him. “Why are you
here? What do you want with me?”
Author bio
and links:
Love is a proud mother of two very active boys. A military wife, she loves
getting to meet new people wherever they move. She loves to read books crossing
many genres. Her love affair with dragons started when she was young and one
day dreams of having her own dragon and black panther.

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