Book excerpt for His Flower Queen by Lena Hart

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Nina can’t get enough of Gabe…but Gabe’s been keeping secrets. Gabe is a shrewd businessman who knows what he wants and he wants Nina. There’s only one person keeping him from the woman he’s determined to have—his soon-to-be ex-wife. As Gabe works to restore Nina’s trust in him, she suddenly finds herself caught in a dangerous web of jealousy and obsession and soon learns that loving Gabe may just cost them more than they bargained for.

Enjoy an excerpt


Nina turned to the deep, masculine voice. She wasn’t surprised to find the man who’d been staring at her from across the room standing close behind her. His green eyes were dangerously alluring.

“Excuse me?”

“The flowers,” he said smoothly, the corner of his lips lifting. “They’re tulips, right?”

She nodded, glancing back at the large arrangement of red and yellow blooms. “They are beautiful, but I think they’re a little too… perfect.”

The man raised a brow. “You have a thing against perfection?”

Nina shrugged. “Perfection isn’t real. For a minute, I thought these were fake. But then I took a closer look.”

He studied her. “And what did you see?”

“I found one that was perfectly imperfect. Like that one,” she said, pointing at the red tulip with the missing petal.

He stared closely at the delicate bud. Then, to her surprise, he plucked it from the rest of the arrangement and continued to study the damaged flower.

“I guess everyone has their idea of perfect, because this one looks perfectly fine to me.”

She agreed but didn’t tell him that. Though the rest of the arrangement was near flawless, it was that faulty tulip in his hand that had drawn her attention. The one she had been close to taking for herself before she caught him watching her.

“They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I see you have a bad eye,” she teased.

He grinned at that. “Let’s just say I can spot a lovely flower when I see her. Even from across the room.”

Nina blushed despite herself.

“She’s just missing one thing.” He took the tulip in his hand and neatly tucked it behind her ear. “There,” he murmured. “Beautiful…”

Lena Hart is a Florida native currently living in the Harlem edge of New York City. Though she enjoys reading a variety of romance genres, she mainly writes sensual interracial romances with a flare of suspense and mystery. When Lena is not busy writing, she’s reading, researching, or conferring with her muse. To learn more about Lena and her work, visit

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  1. Unknown says:

    Thanks Lisa for hosting my book on your blog today! I hope your readers enjoyed the excerpt.

    Also, the book is currently on sale for $.99 for those who are interested. Thanks again! =)

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