Excerpt from A Matter of Grave Concern by Brenda Novak

The historical romantic suspense novel, A Matter of Grave Concern by Brenda Novak is the focus today.

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about A Matter of Grave Concern:
When Maximillian Wilder joins the notorious body snatchers known
as the London Supply Company, the last thing on his mind is love. He’s worried
about Madeline, his vanished half sister, who was last seen in the company of
Jack Hurtsill, the gang’s conscienceless leader. Raiding graveyards, stealing
corpses, and selling them to medical colleges as dissection material is dirty
work, but he has to gain Jack’s trust. He’s determined to find out what
happened to Madeline—and to bring Jack to justice if she was murdered for the
coin her body could bring.
Beautiful, spirited Abigail Hale, daughter of the surgeon at
Aldersgate School of Medicine, detests the challenging, hard-bargaining Max.
But she must procure the necessary specimens if she is to save the college and
her father’s career. She believes she is going to be successful—until Jack
double-crosses her. Then she’s swept into a plot of danger and intrigue, one
where Max must intervene and protect her, no matter the risk to his plan . . .
or his heart.
Excerpt from A Matter of Grave Concern:
“Make that fifteen.” A deep voice
interrupted, and for the first time, Abigail looked directly at the man
standing to the side and slightly behind Big Jack. His clothes bore as much
dirt and his face as much beard growth as the rest of the group, but he was
different. Not only was he significantly taller, he carried himself with a
How had she not noticed him before?
She’d been doing her best to block
him and the others from her consciousness, she reminded herself.
Her gaze locked with an intense pair
of sea-green eyes. “Why, that’s highway robbery! My father has never paid a
resurrectionist more than nine guineas, six shillings. I’ve got it all in a
book, right here.” She tapped the top of the desk to convince him.
When he smiled, his teeth looked
clean and mostly straight, another detail that set him apart from his
companions. “Evidently, you’re not a pupil of economics, or not a very good
one, Miss Hale. Short supply, high demand, prices go up. Sometimes
significantly. Fifteen guineas. No less.”
Those short, clipped sentences bore
no Cockney accent and revealed a definite culture to his voice, causing Abigail
to wonder if she had been dealing with the wrong man all along. She couldn’t
imagine this stranger taking orders from anyone, much less the likes of Jack
“Blimey, Max,” one of the other men
Drawing herself up to her fullest
height, which was at least ten inches shy of this Max’s six feet something,
Abigail clung tenaciously to her composure. “At this point, I would rather you
take your ‘large’ and go.” Surely, there had to be other resurrection men she
could contact; she hadn’t gone through all the names she heard muttered about
the halls of the college and St. Bart’s Hospital next door. “I have seen naught
but the head, and that small sample revealed a nasty wound.”
“There’s not a mark on the rest of
him,” Max responded coolly. “We offered to show you, but you refused.”
Abigail had no intention of letting
this body-snatcher tempt her into dumping the body out onto the rug as she had
almost let them do before. “Mr. Hurtsill—I mean, Big Jack, here, was about to
say ten guineas. I will go that high.”
“I’m afraid it’s not high enough,”
Max countered.
“You’re a fast study, mate.” Jack
slapped him on the back but didn’t interfere. Instead, he turned a challenging
smile on Abigail and waited for her response.
“Then go,” she said, shooing them
away. “Take Mr. Whoever He Is and leave. I will not let you rob me. Not if I
can help it.”
“And what if you can’t?” Insolence
lit the eyes of the man identified as Max. “Perhaps we should wait here for
your father. No doubt he will have better sense of what a corpse is worth at
the present time, although I doubt he would want us loitering about the place.
What’s it been…eighteen months or so since those two surgeons were prosecuted
for receiving and dissecting stolen bodies? With a possible knighthood on the
horizon, and such a close tie to Sir Astley Cooper—the sergeant surgeon of the
late king himself, no less—it would be quite unfortunate if your father were to
be found dealing with the likes of us, wouldn’t you say?”
Abigail’s jaw dropped at the
not-so-subtle threat. Perhaps she had underestimated these sack ’em up men.
This man, anyway. “If what you have brought is worth so much Mr.…Max, is it?”
He gave her a mocking bow and added
his last name, as if to prove he feared nothing from her. “Wilder. Maximillian
Wilder at your service, Miss.”

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York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Brenda Novak is the author of
more than fifty books. A four-time Rita nominee, she has won many awards,
including the National Reader’s Choice, the Bookseller’s Best, the Book Buyer’s
Best, the Daphne, and the Holt Medallion. She also runs an annual on-line
auction for diabetes research every May at www.brendanovak.com (her youngest
son has this disease). To date, she’s raised over $2 million. For more about
Brenda, please visit my website.
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