Book excerpt from Hidden Shadows by Lauren Hope

Today’s feature is a book blurb and excerpt for the romantic suspense novel Hidden Shadows by Lauren Hope.

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Hidden Shadows:
Jenna Gregor is a busy, single mom of two, successfully overseeing
a Perinatal Wing in a downtown Nashville clinic. On the surface, Jenna’s
achievements are many, her future bright and promising. But in her past are
secrets, sins she doesn’t want exposed. Sins someone else doesn’t want to
forget, or forgive.
Just as Jenna’s life finally seems to be falling back into place
after her bitter divorce—Bennett Aston can handle her sarcasm and stubbornness
quite nicely—it all begins to unravel. Someone is lurking, hiding in
theshadows, slowly and meticulously ruining Jenna’s well-crafted world. As
threats evolve, suspicions grow, and death becomes a vivid reality, Jenna must
decide whom she can trust and find her allies, before her secrets become her
Excerpt from Hidden
All a child needed was its mother.
That’s what her own mom had yelled to her over the booze and music one night
when Desiree asked the simple question—where’s my Daddy?
At any rate, she thought lazily, as
her mind began to lag with the memories, today was my last attempt.
Her spiraling depression made her
unsure if she could even make it to the hospital the next day, much less go
unnoticed—especially after being escorted out today by the burly security guard
for her suspicious behavior.
The self-pitying thoughts turned to
anger again, a hot, boiling, lava-like rage that burned under her skin. She
felt as though her head would explode with the pain.
She jumped up, screamed the wrath,
and ran to the bathroom’s small stretch of counter. Her thin, pallid face
reflected back at her in the mirror above the sink. Breaths puffed out raggedly
from her tight lungs as she looked around blankly at the numerous infant
outfits scattered throughout the room. She balled her hand in a firm fist,
punched the mirror with force, and watched numbly as bits of bloody glass
shattered over the sink.
It was freeing in a way, a sense of
relief and release to watch her veins spew their red anger. It calmed her some,
settled her thoughts.
Control, control, she ordered herself.
“You are a bright woman who deserves what she wants. You will not be

Author bio:

Hope is the author of the bestselling mystery Screaming To Be Solved, and her
first published work, The Shadow Series (
, Chasing Shadows). Lauren
creates a modern twist on the classic ‘whodunit,’ combining suspense, romance,
even comedy, for intriguing, heartfelt stories.
a background in Communication and Journalism, Lauren has sat behind the
anchor’s desk and worked in the corporate world, finding her ultimate love in
writing. Screaming To Be Solved was named a ‘Hot New Release’ by Amazon in 2013
and charted in the top 10 on Amazon’s international bestseller list.
lives with her husband, daughter, and floppy-eared rescue pup in Tennessee.

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