Book excerpt from This Time (Time for Love Book One) by Trish Edmisten

Trish Edmisten is the author of several novels, including Extraordinary Will, a Reader View’s award winner in the
contemporary romance category.
 Her work
has appeared in Writer’s Journal, A Long Story Short, and Creative with
 Besides being an author, she
holds a degree in criminology.
lives in Fresno, California with her husband and two daughters.
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Blurb for
This Time:
Seven years ago, he broke her heart. This time, the tables are
Chelsea Schumacher always knew this day would come. Sooner or
later, she would have to face Justin Jacobs, the guy who broke her heart when
she was just seventeen years old. With his brother about to marry her best
friend, that day is finally here. It’s been seven years since she last saw
Justin, but time has done nothing to dull the pain of his rejection. If
anything, the ache has grown worse. Determined not to let him have any power
over her, and more determined not to ruin her best friend’s wedding, Chelsea
makes her own vow. Things will be different this time. Or will they?
Excerpt from This
Their group was too large to fit
into a booth at the restaurant so the hostess sat them at a round table.
Chelsea’s stomach turned a little when Darren pulled Danni’s chair out for her
before taking the seat next to her. Seven years obviously hadn’t done anything
to diminish his devotion to her. As happy as she was for her best friend, she
was again envious. Why couldn’t she find a man who would gaze down at her with
such tenderness as he pulled her chair out for her?
From where they sat, Chelsea could
see into the bar where the dance floor was. Music was playing, but only a few
couples were dancing.
“You’re going to save me a dance,
Chelsea tore her eyes from the dance
floor and sucked in her breath as she turned to face Justin. How the hell did
he end up sitting next to her?
“I don’t dance.”
“Don’t or won’t?”
His confident grin grated on her
nerves. Just because other women had fallen victim to his intoxicating
masculinity and overpowering sexiness didn’t mean she was going to do the same.
“Don’t, end of story.”
Justin leaned forward. “How can it
be the end when we haven’t had the beginning?”

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