Interview with romantic comedy writer Barbara Oliverio

Barbara Oliverio loves learning and
reading, and manages to have a book to read with her at all times. The daughter
of Italian immigrants, she grew up in North Central West Virginia and after
moves that included several years living in Italy, she now lives in suburban

Barbara isn’t reading she enjoys working the NYT crossword puzzle and is a
rabid fan of Downtown Abbey, Game of Thrones, and Dancing with the Stars. She
and her husband love to travel, eat good food, and disagree over their favorite
sports teams.

is here today chatting about her novel Love
on the Lido Deck: A Nautical Romantic Comedy
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Welcome Barbara. Please
tell us about your current release.
Graham has moved into the fast-paced world of event planning and as she gets
the job of a lifetime – planning a Caribbean cruise package for foodies on the
world’s largest cruise ship – she learns that her widowed mother has a serious
love interest. Keira invites both of them to accompany her on the voyage and
join a cast of characters including Keira’s best friend Alexandria, her
extended family, and sassy assistant. What follows is a rollicking
fun-in-the-sun adventure – not to mention more than one encounter with charming
cruise director Brennan McAllister.

What inspired you to
write this book?
book is a sequel to my first novel Love
on the Back Burner: A Tasty Romantic Comedy
. The two books together are a
complete story of two best friends and their searches for career and romantic
happiness. The inspiration for the books was the ability to provide clean
romantic comedy. Specifically, I wanted to give young women realistic role
models who were modern, witty and had fun while managing to maintain their values
in life.


“This is ridiculous, Mother.” I felt
like we were in a bad sitcom. “You said you wanted to talk to me ‘girl-to-
girl.’ Now, unless you’ve taken your cue from endless episodes of some program
on the Lifetime Channel, something is up. Spill!”

She dabbed at her mouth delicately with her napkin—private Catholic girls’ school training had not been wasted on Maeve Graham—then cleared her throat and dropped a bomb on me. 

“Keira, I’ve been dating a nice gentleman, and it’s becoming serious.” 

I was dumbstruck. 

“Keira? … Keira! Say something!”

I paused. I wanted to make sure that
just exactly the right mature, calm words would come out of my mouth. Then I spoke.

Um. Perhaps not so mature.
“You forbid it?” To my mother’s
credit, she was very calm.
I mentally stepped back. After all,
I had gone to private Catholic girls’ school as well. I could be ladylike.
“NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!”
Oh. Yes. That was soooo much better.
My mother cleared her throat.
“Keira! Listen to yourself. You
sound like you are five years old.”
“I do not!”
Just kept getting worse! I jumped
off the stool and ran to the window and looked out across the back grounds.
That didn’t help. All I saw were the stables. Daddy’s stables. I whipped
“Mother,” I started patiently. “Who?
What? Why?” I trailed off.

What exciting story
are you working on next?
working on another romantic comedy, but this one has a new set of characters.
I’d prefer not to get into detail, but I will tell you that the main character
is a young woman trying to make it in an off-beat profession. I do stay true to
my goals of keeping the story PG and showing that a good romance can be told
with dialog and plot and not rely on sex and crude language.

When did you first
consider yourself a writer?
have written in one form or another all my life ever since I learned how to put
pen to paper. As a college undergraduate, I chose journalism as one half of my
double major (the other being mathematics). I started my business career as a
tech writer and documented everything from oscilloscopes to software. Switching
to marketing I wrote sales copy, PR copy, and web content. Though I am now a
novelist, I still write articles for periodicals and write for other projects
as well. I really can’t remember when I HAVEN’T written in one form or another!

Do you write
full-time? If so, what’s your work day like? If not, what do you do other than
write and how do you find time to write?
identify myself as a full-time writer, so I set a schedule to write so many
hours and/or words per day based on the projects I am working on. As I get
closer to finishing a book, the hours get longer. However, I maintain a heavy
volunteer schedule at my church that I need to fit in around my writing
schedule as well.

What would you say is
your interesting writing quirk?
I speak the dialog of my characters out loud as I write it to see if the
inflections work. This can get quite tricky if I’m writing while other people
are around!

As a child, what did
you want to be when you grew up?
wanted to grow up and have a single-gal career where I could live in a
fantastic apartment in the city, wear trendy clothes, and have a group of
witty, fabulous friends – think “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” or, for those of
you a bit older, “That Girl”. The profession didn’t matter as much as the
setting and wardrobe. I did grow up to move to the city and have a great
single-gal lifestyle – before my wonderful husband snagged me and made sure we
have a great married life.

Anything additional
you want to share with the readers?
I’m a voracious reader, I love getting recommendations on good books! Also, if
you’ve tried one of the recipes in the books, please let me know. Please send
me your thoughts on that or other comments.


Thanks, Barbara!

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  1. Unknown says:

    Hi Rita – I'm glad you liked the excerpt. This is a good example of a piece of dialog that I spoke out loud while writing it. Luckily I was home alone at my desk!

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    Thank you Elena! Have any of you folks been on many cruises? I was hoping this cover would bring back memories for those that have!

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