Interview with novelist Carol Vorvain

Carol Vorvain is an Australian fiction
writer who lives in Melbourne, a city famous for having all four seasons in a
day. A lawyer and mediator by training, Carol writes uplifting, touching
stories about people from all over the world. Her characters are funny and
witty while exploring life choices and the power of intention, change and

She loves to travel, share a laugh, and dream with her eyes wide open in her
beautiful rose garden.

Welcome, Carol. Please tell us about
your current release, When Dreams Are
. What inspired you to write this book?
We all need
encouragement. We all need humor. The more the merrier. And a well-written book
always does the trick. Books have healing, magic powers. Books are our best friends,
our mentors, our refuge. I wanted to write a book that will make people smile
with every turn of the page, while slowly restoring their faith in the power of
their own dreams. And this is how When
Dreams are Calling
was born.
Inspired by
a true story, the novel follows the journey of Dora, the adorable, a witty
young woman who chases her dreams across continents, from Europe to America,
then to Asia, and finally, to the far away shores of Australia.

The readers see the changes she goes through, the price she pays for following
her dreams, but also the rewards she gets on the way. Her life is a roller
coaster and her plan is nothing more than the confidence that everything will
work out for the best.

The story is filled with magical words of wisdom that I hope will inspire and
delight the readers, while making them reflect on the beauty of friendship,
lust, love and kindness.

Excerpt from A Rose in Amsterdam:
Whenever I
need inspiration and courage, I travel: for a few days, for a few weeks, for a
few months, for whatever it takes.
travel to confront and forget my old worries, fears, and even hopes and forge
new ones, to shed my own skin and let a new layer take over, to find the
answers I am looking for, the path which I lost.
travel because when I travel I feel life is beautiful.
I go far away, to meet cultures different than my own, to learn words I can
barely pronounce. Other times, I miss home, I miss Europe.
is my old friend, my beloved mother, my ideal lover. It’s my refuge, my escape
from the storms, my place to rejoice and to rest.
now, after I quit my job and I was unsure of what I wanted to do next, it was
time for me to pay it a visit. A long three months visit.
always, I did not know if I would find in Europe whatever answers I was looking
for, but something told me I had to go. Jessica’s mourning process was also
taking a toll on her and so, she decided to join me for the first two weeks.
up, sleepy head!” Jessica screamed at me.
go away! I was dreaming.”
it wouldn’t be enough you dream during the day, now you have to dream during
the night too! What were you dreaming about?”
were renting a small house with a boat beside the river in Giethoorn, the
Venice of Holland. After a delicious breakfast in an open-air cafe on the
shores of the Bosphorus, we went hiking around Lake Como in Italy, then
straight into the Ice Caves in Austria. We spent the afternoon swimming and
watching the sunset over the wineries in Corniglia, Cinque Terre, listening to
the loud, lively Italians. We went for lunch in Salzburg to have a garlic soup
and then to a Parisian fancy cafe which serves a delicious beef tartar. We
spent the night on a boat in Monaco, and fell asleep caressed by the waves
crashing on the shore.”
Weren’t we busy? You got the first bit almost right.”
do you mean?” I said, trying hard to wake up while my head was spinning. Then,
I saw on the table some cheese with figs and mustard.
to Amsterdam! Welcome to free love, to avant-garde music and art, to Cannabis
Cup and intriguing sex shops, to red cubicles and flamboyant women, to narrow
canals and gay pride,” Jessica exclaimed turning on the twenty-four-seven
unlimited porn channel. “We arrived yesterday morning and you have slept almost
twenty four hours. It must have been the jet lag! But now that you’re finally
awake, you’d better stay like that! As long as I’m here, we’ll have a blast!”
the next two weeks, we roamed the streets of Amsterdam, waking up before the
roosters and collapsing late at night with a new list with must sees for the
following day.
know why all those people are happy here! It’s the pills!” she told me one day,
happy like a baby finally catching Santa in the act.  
contraception pills, you mean?” I made fun of her statement.
too. But look here, miracle pills!” she pointed to a store displaying hundreds
of pills colorfully packed. “Wow! That’s a lot of pills! Let’s go in! We might
need a few!”
which one is the one for us will be tricky though!”
What exciting story are you working on
I never ‘work’
on a story. I escape together with the story. For now, I plan to tour S America
at the end of the year, a place very close to my heart. And I am sure, the
story will follow soon after.
When did you first consider yourself a
I see
writing as a very beautiful and special gift. You are born a writer, you do not
become one, whether you like it or not, whether you will decide to publish or
not, whether you will become famous or not. If writing brings you joy and
peace, if it’s a constant in your life, then you are a writer.
Do you write full-time? If so, what’s
your work day like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find
time to write?
I am a
lawyer and mediator by training. My schedule is always pretty hectic, but I
always find some time to write. They say you always find time for the things
and people you really love. It’s true.
What would you say is your interesting
writing quirk?
My best
ideas always come either when I am biking or when I am watching National
Geographic. So, I guess I tend to do a lot of those while I am writing a new
As a child, what did you want to be
when you grew up?
A person
who will touch the heart of millions of others. The fairy position was already
taken. But I always hope for a fairy assistant opening.
Anything additional you want to share
with the readers?
“Words have
power, dreams have power, we have power” is the motif of my book. Believe in
it. It always works for me.  
Thanks for stopping by today, Carol!

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