Interview with urban fantasy author K.S. Augustin

special guest is
KS “Kaz” Augustin.
She’s touring her book
The Complete Check
Your Luck Agency
with Goddess Fish Promotions.
The book explores the myths and legends of the melting-pot that is south-east
Asia. Come for the food, stay for the monsters! (Ghosts included at no extra
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Augustin is a Malaysian-born author of SF, fantasy, romance and combinations
thereof! She has worked on three continents and is currently based in the
steamy tropics, one degree north of the Equator. She is also Chief Editor of
the online magazine, Sci-Fi Romance
, which is full of release information, opinions and an original
fiction piece, all geared towards the genre of SF romance.
Welcome, Kaz. Please
tell us about your current release.
The Complete Check Your
Luck Agency
actually five books in one! It’s an omnibus that follows the adventures of
Ursula Formosa, paranormal investigator. Now Ursula is a bit of a stubborn
character. Although she has psychic abilities, they scare her, and she pretends
that they don’t exist until, that is, she’s forced to confront reality.
What inspired you to
write this book?
much as I like urban fantasy, I found it very much geared to Celtic mythology.
Coming back to live in Malaysia after years away, I was surrounded by such
different beliefs that I knew I had to attempt to get some of it down in a
book. To be honest, I think I only scratched the surface, but I hope that
readers like what I managed to include.
Excerpt from The Complete Check Your Luck Agency:
“Did you have any difficulty finding
the house?” Evelyn Long asked as she led me up a short flight of concrete
“Well, the taxi driver wasn’t too keen
to drive down the lane.”
Evelyn nodded her head. “The ignorant
fear what they don’t understand,” she said.
I made a noise that might have
indicated I agreed with her sentiment, and left it at that.
“I’m afraid Alfred is still
meditating,” she began.
“I’m sorry,” I cut in, a shade too
quickly, “I knew I shouldn’t have come. Perhaps I could pay him another visit
some other time?”
I turned as if to leave and Evelyn
Long grabbed me by the arm. No, “grabbed” was too gentle a term for it.
Although her movement was smooth and she appeared to hold me lightly, I knew I
would not be able to wrench free of her grasp without breaking flesh or limbs,
or both, all of them mine. I looked up at her, startled, but saw nothing beyond
polite interest. There wasn’t an ounce of strain on her face, nothing to show
that she had me manacled with her slim, delicate-looking fingers.
Who – or what – was Evelyn Long?
“He won’t be much longer,” she said,
as if commenting on the weather. “He’s been waiting to see you for more than a
month now. We’re both glad you visited.”
And I suddenly realised that nobody
knew where I was. Long and his supernaturally strong wife could do whatever
they wanted with me, dispose of my dead body no doubt in the acres of primeval
jungle behind their house and nobody would be the wiser. A wave of energy
suddenly thrummed beneath my feet, a surge so strong I was sure that Long’s
wife was able to feel it pulse through my body and travel to hers at our
menacing point of contact.
“Why don’t I get you something to
drink? You can relax while I fetch Alfred.”
What exciting story are
you working on next?
got a couple of SF projects on the go at the moment; they’re ongoing books in
two series, both of them space operas. But I’m also plotting out a new fantasy
series involving a thief, a dragon and a curse, although the first book won’t
be out till mid-2015. I like to plan ahead! 🙂
When did you first
consider yourself a writer?
think I was eleven years old when a story I wrote was chosen to be included in
our school annual. It’s been a love/hate affair ever since! LOL
Do you write full-time?
If so, what’s your work day like?  If
not, what do you do other than write and how do you find time to write?
how I wish I could write full-time! No, in between writing, I also homeschool
my two teenage children and run Sandal Press
(, a micro-press that my husband and I own. I
set aside several afternoons a week and late nights to do my writing and find
that having a writing plan really helps keep me focused, so I don’t waste too much time on distractions. (You know
what kind of distractions I mean, I’m sure.)
What would you say is
your interesting writing quirk?
write a full synopsis of a book, and have it critiqued by one of my wonderful
editors, before I even sit down and type “Chapter One”!
As a child, what did you
want to be when you grew up?
that’s easy, a palaeontologist! I love teh dinosaurz!
Anything additional you
want to share with the readers?
are no guns in this book! It’s all down to brains, skill and friendships.
My website is at and a list of my books can also be
found at I occasionally tweet as
Complete Check Your Luck Agency
is available from:

Thanks so much, Kaz! 

10 thoughts on “Interview with urban fantasy author K.S. Augustin

  1. Book Passion for Life says:

    I love that Check Your Luck Agency is five books in one! It's not often you find this, so it's something I would definitely purchase. I do really like the sound of the book. Great book!

  2. Kaz Augustin says:

    Thanks to all for commenting.

    @Catherine Lee: That's an interesting question. We're back here now, after years of travelling, but I don't think it'll be too long before the travel bug hits us again. In the meantime, we're just happy having the kids soak up a different culture and different experiences.

  3. Unknown says:

    Questions for the author: During your childhood years, which authors did you find inspiring? Whose work do you find inspiring today?

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