Interview with thriller author Lawrence Kelter

special guest is mystery thriller author
Lawrence Kelter. He’s touring his
newest novel,
Baby Girl Doe, with
Goddess Fish Promotions.

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Lawrence Kelter is the bestselling author of the Stephanie Chalice
Mystery Series and other works of fiction. Early in his career, he received
direction from bestselling novelist Nelson DeMille, who put pencil to paper to
assist in the editing of his first book. He was also a member of a writer’s
workshop led by the late soap opera legend and AFTRA president, Ann Loring. His
novels are quickly paced and routinely finish with a twist ending.
Welcome, Lawrence. Please tell us
about your current release.
deserves a well-earned vacation, don’t they?
Plans have
been made and the bags are packed but Detective Stephanie Chalice is having
about as much fun as Michael Vick at an ASPCA fundraiser.
In his
latest thriller, Baby Girl Doe, the
fifth book in the international best-selling Stephanie Chalice Thriller Series,
author Lawrence Kelter tackles murder, arson, abduction, and government secrets
held as closely to the vest as those related to the existence of UFOs at Area
51 in Roswell, New Mexico.
The new
story finds Chalice and her eye candy husband, Lido on the East End of Long
Island, vacationing with Max, their new arrival. Things go wrong from the very
start. Their vacation rental burns to the ground, bodies pile up, and just to
make things interesting, Lido . . . All I’ll say is that you’ll never believe
Chalice may
be out of her jurisdiction but she’s never out of questions or determination
and soon connects two unsolved homicides. As always, the whole is greater than
the sum of its parts, and her initial findings plunge her deeper and deeper
into the most extraordinary investigation of her career.
What inspired you to write this book?
Baby Girl Doe is the fifth book in the Stephanie
Chalice Mystery Series. Why do I do it? Because it’s a blast and I get a great
deal of satisfaction from building a story that people will enjoy. The five
books in order are: Don’t Close Your Eyes,
Ransom Beach, The Brain Vault, Our Honored
, and of course Baby Girl Doe.
If you want to know why I began writing in the first place, well… Who hasn’t
dreamed of writing the great American novel? The idea held the allure of
wealth, celebrity, and acclaim. I quickly discovered the sobering truth, that
only about one percent of all published writers earn enough money from their
royalties to write full time. And yet I persevered. Why did I keep going? I
have several answers but the top two are: That I enjoy it, and that in some odd
way I feel as if I’m creating a legacy and memorializing myself with my books.
I hope that my books will live on long after I’m gone.

Excerpt from Baby Girl Doe:

I zigzagged
between the two opposing lanes of traffic as I gave pursuit.
He was in a
flat-out run, but I was not going to be beaten. Not now, not with Gus’ captor
in sight. I reached down deep and found an extra gear, one that I didn’t know
existed. I was running so fast, I felt as if I could take off. I was closing in
on him: two yards behind . . . one . . .
I lunged and
took him down by the ankles. As he attempted to kick free, I pounced upon him,
fists flying. I hauled back and was ready to pummel him when I froze. “You?
It’s you?” The face I was about to strike was one I had seen before, but looked
nothing like the person I had seen on the ladder outside my bedroom window.
This man was the one who told me there was absolutely nothing suspicious about
the fire the day I first inspected the remains of Bill Alden’s cottage. Two
bodies, burnt beyond recognition—now I understood who would use that specific
MO. Dummy, you couldn’t make the connection?
“You son of a
bitch.” I heard the sound of others running toward me, but my fist was
we’ve got him,” Ambler said. “Don’t!”
There was no
force on heaven or earth strong enough to keep me from striking him, this man
who had turned my family’s world upside down and put my husband’s life at risk.
I drove my fist into his jaw and heard it crack. I was ready to hit him again
when someone grabbed my arm. I looked up and saw Gus. His cheek was swollen,
and there was dried blood on his face.

babe,” he said, “I’ll take it from here.”

What exciting story are you working on
I have
several projects in the hopper; Chalice 6,
Palindrome II (the second book in a
psychological thriller series), and Secrets
of the Kill
, the first book to feature FBI Agent Chloe Mather. With Chloe
Mather I’ve created a female protagonist with complex attributes. She struggles
with PTSD, and the consequence of a childhood spent without a father. But this
is a woman who accepts no pity. First and foremost she is an FBI agent with a
moral code equaled by none. She learned a lot from her tour of duty in
Afghanistan as one of the first women Marines to be deployed into an active
combat area as a member of the newly formed Female Engagement Team.
Here’s a
little bit about Secrets of the Kill,
which will be released this summer.
governments with one objective, stop the spread of terrorism at any cost.
America and Israel, lifelong allies in an age-old war.
To win this
battle they will have to sell their souls.
A mutilated
body has been found, a body not meant to be discovered. But now that it has,
Pandora’s box is open and secrets never to be learned are spilling out.
An Israeli
woman living in New York has been murdered. She has been raped and butchered,
an outrage that ignites a fuse that burns all the way back to Tel Aviv.
Enter FBI
Agent Chloe Mather, a hard-charging ex-Marine with no sympathy for the kind of
maggot who could commit such a violent atrocity.
What begins
as a challenging homicide becomes more, much more and Mather is pulled into an
investigation, which involves the mob, Israeli intelligence, and a radical
terrorist faction.
They say that
blood is thicker than water but is it thicker than the bonds of patriotism?
Mather will ponder this question and many others as she fights to bring an innocent
woman’s murderer to justice, and prevent a geopolitical atrocity from taking
place on American shores.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
I always
wanted to write but could never find the time or inspiration. I finally completed
a manuscript but then lacked the confidence to do anything with it. It was at
that point that a miracle took place. I sent a letter to Nelson DeMille who was
far and away my favorite novelist. He read the manuscript and actually picked
up a pencil and edited portions of it. Way before he said, “Lawrence Kelter is
an exciting new novelist, who reminds me of an early Robert Ludlum,” he said,
“Kid your work needs editing, but that’s a hell of a lot better than not having
writing talent. Keep it up.” I’ll always be indebted to that man.
I think that
moment arrived when I signed my first publishing contract with Leisure Books in
2005. Although I always believed in my work and found an agent fairly quickly
(not that I didn’t compile a huge stack of rejection slips along the way), I
didn’t feel validated until a legacy publisher wanted to publish me. Up until
then there was this cloud of doubt that hung over me. I asked myself over and
over, “Am I good enough? Am I not good enough?” That was a few years before
Kindle came on the scene. Traditional publishing was still the only way to go.
Was I going to make it to the bookshelves or was my work destined to sit in my
desk drawer forever?
Do you write full-time? If so, what’s
your work day like?  If not, what do you
do other than write and how do you find time to write?
Yup! I now
write full time. I’ve been at it for quite a while, balancing my writing
passion with a boring full time job. It’s only recently that I began earning
enough money to write fulltime. Thank God! I love it and hope things continue
to go as well as they have. The Series has sold well over 300,000 copies in the
last two years and topped e-book bestseller lists in the US and UK.
What would you say is your interesting
writing quirk?
My writing
process is a little weird. I’m not saying that I have a patent on the process
but my mind is a little warped and so it happens like this: Once I have an
initial premise I begin researching extensively, looking for real-life
situations that in part share some similarity with the proposed storyline. If I
find enough “meat” I quickly dash of fifty pages and decide if I like them
enough to keep on going. After that, yes, I outline because I don’t want the
story to meander.
As a child, what did you want to be
when you grew up?
standard stuff; I first wanted to be a major league baseball player but I was
too clumsy. After that I wanted to be the next rock star. I wanted to play
guitar like Eric Clapton, but … it sounded more like a cat scratching on a
Stratocaster. I wanted to be a film star but can’t act, yada, yada, yada.
Anything additional you want to share
with the readers?

Almost all
writers live for the validation of their readers. It doesn’t matter if you’re
James Patterson or an unknown, whether you’re earning millions or just doing it
for enjoyment. Until someone says, “Gee, that was really pretty good,” all the
time and effort means nothing. I’m no exception—Like Lady Gaga, I live for the

Thanks, Lawrence!

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