Book excerpt for memoir The Predator Lies of Anorexia: A Survivor’s Story by Abby Kelly

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Genre: Memoir/Self Help

About the book:
Paperback: 196 pages
Publisher: Bettie Youngs Book Publishers (March 17,
ISBN-10: 1940784174
ISBN-13: 978-1940784175

I want. I want you to want me. I want you to think I
am the smartest, the thinnest, the most beautiful. I want you to want to be me.
I want to be enviable. I want to be impervious. I want to need nothing. I want
you to know that I am strong. I want to think I am better than everyone else. I

I’m willing to give up everything. I will give up mind and future. I will give
up health, happiness and peace. I will give up family, friends and fun. I will
give up rest and comfort. I will give up food. But please, just let me keep

In this raw telling of her long struggle with anorexia, Abby Kelly reveals the
predatory lies that ran rampant in her disordered mind. She will lead readers
through the fight to her final victory.
Readers will find empathy, compassion and insight in these pages. Most of all,
they will find hope for recovery and a life beyond the battle.

Meet the author:

Abby Kelly is a nomadic, military spouse writing from
wherever she momentarily finds herself with her husband, their wonderful dog,
Brave, and two tolerable cats.

Abby began writing in the process of recovering from a more-than-decade long
eating disorder. She credits Jesus Christ for her full recovery and for filling
her with a passion to encourage others to seek freedom from their own
addictions and struggles.

Now, Abby writes for numerous Christian publications as well as maintains her
personal blog, Predatory-Lies. In her free time, she and Brave enjoy
volunteering in hospitals and schools as a pet therapy team through Pet Partners.

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“The Flight”

“You will never see me again!” I screamed. I knew I
was running out of time as we approached the airport. 

“I’ll die there! I’m
never coming home.”

“Abby, stop. You are getting yourself all worked up
and we have to go inside now.” My father parked the car in the dismal parking
garage. Ignoring my residual choking on tears, he got out of the car and began
to extract the suitcases, careful not to get any dirt on his jeans.

Daddy always looked sharp, one more thing I hated
about myself. In the last several years I had become more of a skeleton freak
show than an attractive daughter he could be proud of. My face was gaunt and
haggard and wore the look of an aging smoker. My breasts were flat and my waist
curve-less, like a prepubescent boy. I wore sea-foam green sweat pants with the
word “SPIRIT” in block letters down my right leg. The sweats hung around my
thighs like a tent missing poles, but I liked them because I felt small inside
them. A sloppy white t-shirt blaring “SPIRIT” as well, topped the ensemble.

“Abby, get out of the car.”

I debated for a moment, but knew that I’d never win.
The wildest of my tantrums were no match for Dad’s strength, but until now, at
least in the battle of wills, I had triumphed. Two days prior my parents played
their trump card.

“We’ve tried everything.” My parents had me cornered
in their bedroom. Mom spoke because I listened more calmly to her. “We’ve been
patient while you’ve promised over and over to try. We are really, really
worried about you.”

Mom’s voice broke there. Dad turned and glared at my
little sisters eavesdropping from the bedroom doorway. Two sets of chocolate
brown eyes and one blue pair ducked back into the hallway. Then he shut the
door and stepped forward.

“You promised to gain ten pounds in two months.”
Dad’s voice was taut. The six-foot-four man that I once thought invincible
slouched beneath a heavy burden. “Over a month ago, you agreed to the ultimatum
that you would gain eight pounds. You’re nowhere near that. You need help and
this is not a discussion. Remuda Ranch agreed to admit you, and we need to be
there the day after tomorrow.” Daddy turned and left the room.

I slumped to my knees on the floor. “Please, please,
please, Mom! Don’t send me away. I can’t be gone for two months. You might as
well disown me. I’ll die there!”

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