Book excerpt for “The Legend of Eve” by Toni Edge

Today is a book excerpt tour stop for The Legend of Eve by Toni Edge. This is a young adult, contemporary
sci-fi romance novel.

During her tour, Toni has 3 giveaways: a Grand Prize
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Seventeen-year-old high school transfer student Eve Carson is the
genetic cure-all for droolworthy Teluosian alien King, Adam Plain.
As Adam tries to convince Eve he wants her and not just her DNA,
Eve discovers a hidden world of interstellar traders, human “genetic
cows,” and teen abductions by a government that will do anything to
control the Teluosians on Earth.
When Eve’s mom is kidnapped, loyalties are tested. Is Eve Adam’s
true love or his next “genetic cow?”
I laughed. “So you are
eavesdropping on my conversation for my sake.”
I drank my tea then and looked at
her over the rim of my cup. When she had finished humming Why Do Fools Fall in
Love I put my mug down and looked at her. “Ask me already!”
My momma daintily lowered her mug
down and smoothed her robe over her lap. “So, is he hot?”
I shook my head and stood up,
gathering my laptop to go to my room. “One, I am so not having the
conversation if a guy is hot or not with you because you’ll have me picking
names for our children. Two, even if he is hot it doesn’t matter because he is
a total weirdo.”
I left the kitchen and heard my
momma yell after me.
“It sounds like the beginning
of a great romance.”

Author bio
and links:

Edge is a former juvenile delinquent and honorary member of the truancy club.
Now, she likes to teach teens who remind her of herself. She also likes to read
everything, a habit she picked up during her truancy days. For all the rest of
her free time she likes to write young adult paranormal/science fiction stories
that would have made her teen years so much clearer, if the stories had been

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