Interview with debut inspirational author Jacqueline von Zwehl

guest is inspirational author Jacqueline von Zwehl. She’s talking about her debut
book, The Prayer, a Love Story.  

her virtual book tour, Jacqueline will be awarding a $50 Amazon or Barnes and
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von Zwehl, is a faith-based relationship expert. She holds a BFA from New York
University and a MBA from Pennsylvania State University. Jacqueline travels the
country as a motivational speaker encouraging singles on the path to finding
their soul mates.
has appeared on Nite Line, The Harvest Show, EWTN, TCT TV, Victory TV,
CatholicTV, Telecare, Changing Lives, CatholicLife, That’s the Spirit, The
Church, The Cardinal and You, NPR, and more.
lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL with her husband Christopher, their two daughters
and dog. The Prayer, A Love Story is
her debut book..

Welcome, Jacqueline.
Please tell us about your debut book.

Do you believe in miracles?
Do you believe in eternal love?
Do you believe in answered prayers?
Prayer, A Love Story
is the inspirational true story of one woman who discovers the
secret to living a life filled with miracles, unconditional love and answered
The journey begins with a divine promise, continues with
unforeseen life challenges, and eventually leads to Jerusalem. Inside the Old
City, a prayer will unlock the key to a life of miracles. This journey is proof
heaven is real and its gifts are available to you now. Whether you have stopped
believing in God or not, God believes in you.
The journey holds a promise for everyone. No matter how much
darkness exists in your life, it cannot diminish the flicker of even the
tiniest light. That light will lead you to your destiny and it will change your
life forever.
Wedding Day
I often wonder about the idea of a
miracle. Is it something you feel? Can you see it? Or is it some- thing you
just know? Miracle is a very big word, perhaps best saved for big events like
the birth of a baby or the first man walking on the moon.
As I ponder this thought, I’m surrounded
by lovely, fresh-cut flowers. Isn’t the blossoming of these flowers a miracle?
A tiny little seed in the ground, nurtured with rich soil, water, and light,
grows to reveal its unique beauty. When we look at the seed, we can’t see the
miracle. It’s only later, after its potential has been manifested, we realize
what that seed carried all along. Isn’t that how we all are? On the journey of
our destiny in this life, all of us start as seeds. Some of us are still
in  the 
ground, waiting  to  grow. Some 
of us have sprouted a few leaves, and some of us have fully blossomed.
Is the miracle the blossoming of the flower, or is the miracle knowing with
certainty that everything is already in the seed? Yes, for me it always comes
down to certainty. When all I can see is a seed in the ground, the miracle is
certainty in my knowl- edge of what the seed is destined to become.
These were the thoughts I recorded
in my journal on the morning of our wedding. I have heard that most brides wake
up jittery and full of excitement, perhaps thinking about their hair and
make-up, the excitement of the day ahead, and how the weather will hold up. I
woke up and started writing.
‘What is a miracle? Today I will get
married. I will marry the man who makes my heart sing and who was sent as the
answer to my prayer. A man who calls me his miracle. Today is our seed, the
first day of our journey as husband and wife.We don’t know how our seed will
grow. We don’t know how many leaves will bloom or what its flower will look
like. We don’t know what storms we’ll face. We do know with certainty that this
seed is our destiny. It is our miracle.’
We were all ready. The driver took
my hand and escorted me to my seat in the limo.
Do you ever wish you
were someone else? Who?
in fact this question actually makes me quite sad someone would ever think like
What did you do on
your last birthday?

moved from Long Island, NY to South Florida. I arrived at my new home on my birthday.
We simply got Chinese food and had a small simple celebration.
What are you working
on right now?

on my second book, blogs, speaking engagements and my coaching practice. Oh,
and let’s not forget my full time job of being a wife and mom to two small
What do you think
you’re really good at?
blessed with a gift for writing, being a mom, and cooking is my secret talent.
What do you think you’re really bad at?
Gardening, I can’t
seem to keep anything alive. I can’t sing at all!
Anything else you’d like to share with the readers?
Ways to connect with
me and find out more about my book include:
Thanks, Jacqueline!

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