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Welcome to Reviews and Interviews. I’d like to introduce you to
Maggi Andersen. She’s currently doing a virtual book tour for her novel, Taming a Gentleman Spy, which is Book 2
of The Spies of Mayfair. It’s a Regency historical romantic suspense.

her tour, Maggi
will award a $50 Amazon gift card plus an e-book copy of A Baron in Her Bed (The Spies of
Mayfair, Book #1) to a randomly drawn commenter. To be entered for a chance to
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John Haldane, Earl of Strathairn, is on an urgent mission to find
the killer of his fellow spy. After visiting the young widow of one of his
agents, Strathairn strengthens his resolve. A spy should never marry, and most
certainly not to Lady Sibella Winborne, with her romantic ideas of love and
marriage. Unable to give Sibella up entirely, he has kept her close as a
friend. Then, weak fool that he is, he kissed her.
Lady Sibella Winborne has refused several offers of marriage since
she first set eyes on the handsome Earl of Strathairn. Sibella’s many siblings
always rush to her aid to discourage an ardent suitor, but not this time. Her
elder brother, Chaloner, Marquess of Brandreth, has approved Lord Coombe’s
suit.  Sibella yearns to set up her own
household. She is known to be the sensible member of the family, but she
doesn’t feel at all sensible about Lord Strathairn. If only she could forget
that kiss.
Sibella’s brother Edward stood at
her shoulder. “I’ve come to claim you for the next dance, before any of your
admirers beat me to it.”
“I shouldn’t worry, many are losing
interest,” she said crisply, rising from her chair.
He eyed her as they entered the
dance floor. “Losing hope, more like.”
As they moved through the steps of
the quadrille, he dropped quiet remarks in her ear.
“Give up on Strathairn, Sib.”
“I don’t believe, I—” They parted,
and by the time the steps brought them back together, she’d given up
protesting. Edward had inherited their mother’s astute nature.
“It’s not that I don’t like him. I
do very much. But he’s not for you.”
“You needn’t worry. He doesn’t wish
to marry.”
Her brother raised a black eyebrow.
“Oh, I believe you could sway him toward marriage, if you set your mind to it.
That’s not the reason.”
“Then what is the reason?”
“Chaloner hears things in the House
of Lords. I can’t repeat them.”
“So he tells you but not me.”
Edward shrugged with a smile and
moved away.
“Why does such mystery surround the
Earl of Strathairn?” she hissed at him when she next got a chance.
He shook his head. She’d learn no
bio and links:
Andersen fell in love with the Georgian and Regency worlds after reading the
books of Georgette Heyer. Victoria Holt’s Gothic Victorian novels were also
great favorites.
has raised three children and gained a BA and an MA in Creative Writing. After
husband David retired from the law, they moved to the beautiful Southern
Highlands of Australia.
free time is spent enjoying her garden and the local wildlife, reading, movies
and the theatre. She keeps fit swimming and visiting the gym.
is a multi-published author, and writes mysteries and young adult novels as
well as her Georgian, Regency, and Victorian romances.
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