Interview with sci-fi fantasy author Karen Fainges

guest is sci-fi/fantasy author Karen Fainges. She’s chatting a bit about
herself and her novel, Book 1 of the Shaytonian Chronicles – Destiny Sets.

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in Lismore NSW, a rev head/surfer, dairy town, Karen Fainges moved to Nimbin at
the tender age of six to learn the ups and downs of living in a hippie based
economy, and moved again to Coonabarabran – rural, wear your hat if you are
going into town, set your watch back, type of place.
learnt all about culture shock and is sure her desire to write a world of her
own came from all that moving around. Here was one world that followed the
rules. Except…she never was too good at following rules. And neither are her characters.
telling was a part of life, whether it was reading books or sitting around a
camp fire, her happiest times were spent lifting on the clouds of words into
the worlds above. Fairies, aliens, westerns, historical, it didn’t really
matter. Anything that showed the world through different eye
Welcome, Karen. Please
tell us about your current release.
Destiny Sets tells of a vampiric
slave race that escaped their masters to hide between dimensions. Together they
create a perfect being to save them all.
Fates have other ideas.

irreverant stab at old B movies where a race of women capture men to breed.
What inspired you to
write this book?
a child, I found that if it was too hot to play, stories kept my younger sister
and cousin interested. Later, I went on to create a way more adult version of
those tales of shapechanging, aliens.
sears a scene against the eye. Trapped between reality and death, every scrap
of life is fighting for existence. To stop fighting is to die. Some precious
moments of peace can be stolen from small pockets of calm. Life can take a
breath and wonder at the harsh beauty. But only for a moment, then struggle
resumes. And others watch. The Shayton Chronicles begins in Destiny Sets, the
story of one man. He is that drop of chaos that can spell success or failure.
Born from a vampiric race of slaves, genetically moulded to provide comfort for
their masters, he alone decides to be truly free. Irreverent humour and a
fierce need to know ‘why’, war within him and entire worlds are changed.
“The Stainless Steel Rat with fangs.”

What exciting story
are you working on next?
am currently working on two books. The first is Book 4 of the Chronicles. The
second is a sequel to my humour book, Can
You Smell Burning
tentatively entitled My
breeze smells like dog spit
When did you first
consider yourself a writer?
first time I got paid for it which was some academic writing.
Do you write
full-time? If so, what’s your work day like? If not, what do you do other than
write and how do you find time to write?
work for myself as a computer trainer, so some days will be all writing, some
students, some avoiding housework. I bought a donger, which is a shipping
container fitted out with air conditioning and power. It is my Mummy Mansion
and I can sneak in there and write. We also have a computer in the lounge so I
can write and still be with the family. Last but not least, there is our local
coffee shop and my trustee tablet. You know, with all these ways to write, you
think I would do it a lot more.
What would you say is
your interesting writing quirk?
like to run the scenes through in my mind first in full 3D-Karenvision to make
sure they work.
As a child, what did
you want to be when you grew up?
trainer, astronaut, professional mattress and chocolate tester, rollercoaster
engineer, circus trainer, dog whisperer, the lot really. So lucky I am a writer,
I can do all of it.
Anything additional
you want to share with the readers?
it drives them crazy wondering what you are thinking about.

Thanks, Karen!

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