Interview with fantasy romance author Patricia Knight

Today’s interview is with fantasy romance author Patricia A. Knight as she tours her newest novel, book 2 of The Verdantian Series, Hers to Choose.

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Patricia A. Knight is the pen name for an
eternal romantic who lives in Dallas, Texas surrounded by her horses, dogs and
the best man on the face of the earth – oh yeah, and the most enormous
bullfrogs you will ever see. Word to the wise: don’t swim in the pool after
Patricia. Please tell us a little bit about Hers
to Choose
Mentally scarred from her years as prisoner
to the off-world invaders, Lady
Sophillia Glorianna DeLorion, doubts she can be a fit sexual
partner for any man – even one whose passionate green eyes make her remember
what it is to desire.
Commander of the Queen’s Royal Guard, Eric
DeStroia had grown up watching the corrosive, soul-killing effects of arranged,
aristocratic marriage and vowed to remain alone. But under his hardened
military exterior, Eric has a kind heart. When the second Tetriarch suggests
he marry a noble woman rescued from the enemy, Eric reconsiders, consoling
himself with visions of sheltering a wounded dove under his mighty arm.
Instead, he discovers a fierce falcon that refuses to stoop to his lure.
In the aftermath of their resounding
defeat, a survivor from the enemy camp plotted a return to Verdantia to
exact retribution. His first objective is the recapture of
Lady Sophillia DeLorion. She had been unreachable until she went to
the Oshtesh. Now, only Eric DeStroia stands in his way.
Hers to

is a sweet love story about two disillusioned people coming together under
unlikely circumstances. As a team, they overcome multiple threats and harsh
separation. During the process, they realize there is much about the other that
is admirable. Hers to Choose is the
story of their unfolding love.
inspired you to write this book?
Lady Sophi was a character in a previous
book. I fell in love with her courage and she demanded I tell her story. I
don’t know about other authors, but I have very bossy heroes and heroines. They
don’t hesitate to demand a book or completely rewrite the plot line if it is
not to their liking.
Excerpt from
Hers to Choose
dusk the next day, Sophi’s flight
filtered into Sh’r Un Kree from the
surrounding hillsides.
they gathered in the designated courtyard, she made a small adjustment to
Brio’s bridle.
these the legendary wasteland horses we lowlanders hear stories about?”
Commander DeStroia’s deep voice caught her attention. I didn’t hear his approach. Taught
stealth by my brother, no doubt.
She followed his gaze as he examined her flight’s
small, hardy mounts and the equally small, hardy women astride them.
“Petrina—she has a fiery temper to match her red hair, but she is my right
hand. The brunette beside her is Adonia, our medica. Her knowledge of herbs is indispensable and this is Rhea,
our best tracker. Layna, Eudora and Maeve complete our flight. Their precision in hitting their targets is uncanny. We
don’t look like much, but we will not burden you, Commander. We are quite
 “I never imagined otherwise, Lady DeLorion.”
stiffened. “I do not use my courtesy title. I am no longer that person. I
prefer ‘Flight Leader’.”
eyes examined her but he nodded agreeably. “Flight
. We will leave upon the half-hour. Take position beside me at the
front. Your flight can muster behind
It is not our way. We will ride the ridges and shadowed places in twos and
threes. We will be there but you will not see us.”
eyes narrowed. “I don’t like it. I cannot protect you if I cannot see you.”
do not ask your permission, Commander. I am in far less danger with my flight than with you who lack experience
in the desert wilds. I knew you were coming hours before you arrived. Sound
carries great distances in the wastelands—and the dust! Your numbers hang a
sign in the desert air, ‘attention—riders
swirled her robes away from her legs and vaulted onto her gelding. A whistled
birdcall caught her archers’ attention. “We flank Commander DeStroia. Ride
felt the Commander’s eyes on her as she and her flight faded into the desert night.
* * *
Sophi and her women had faded from sight, Eric strode into the stable yard
where his four rides of the Queen’s
Royal Guard assembled, preparing for the order to mount. Frustration chewed on
his temper. I was prepared for a shy,
withdrawn woman, not this—Valkyrie. It is difficult to “escort” a woman when
you don’t know where she is, when she doesn’t want or need an escort in the
first place.
Guard! Prepare to mount! Mount!” he barked, swinging up onto his horse. “Rides! By twos. Form up!” Cavalrymen
paired off and formed orderly lines, broken every eight riders by a colorful
pennant bearing the insignia of their unit.
 “Queen’s Guard! At the walk! March!” Eric ordered.
his horse’s long stride swung through the arches of the village wall, his
second-in-command rode up to him.
we leave without Lady DeLorion?”
Eric fumed in silence.
man cleared his throat nervously. “Where is
Lady DeLorion?”
question, Captain Biron. If you see her, let me know.”
exciting story comes next?
Hers to

and one of my most favorite characters of all. A reviewer dubbed him, “Ramsey
the Great.” LOL  Here’s the blurb:
When Ramsey DeKieran, disgraced nobleman and
accused murderer, is offered a pardon Ram knows there’ll be a catch. The High
Lord of Verdantia offers him a clean slate in exchange for the off-world rescue
of a Verdantian noblewoman – a suicide mission that has already cost the lives
of good men. The one redeeming feature is the assistance of the stunning
captain of Verdantia’s elite mercenary team.

For Captain Steffania Rickard, assisting
DeKieran in the rescue of a woman critical to the future of Verdantia will be
difficult enough. The rouge trips all her triggers – good and bad. Infinitely
worse, to fit into the culture of Vxloncia, she must pose as Ram’s sex slave.
The sexually dominant Ramsey is nothing if not perceptive and Steffania doubts
her carefully disguised and deeply hidden desires will remain concealed.

Their mission takes on new meaning when they
unmask a heinous program of enslavement, long cloaked in secrecy. Together they
must find a way to overcome their initial animosity and recover a woman vital
to the future of their race. Together, they would have to bring a malicious
entity to justice. In the maelstrom of sex, savagery, domination and
submission, Ram and Steffania will need all their wits and strength to survive.
When did you
first consider yourself a writer?
Oh…I guess when I had a 85,000 word
manuscript. I thought that probably qualified to boot me into the, “I am a
writer,” column.
Do you write
full time? If so, what’s your work day like?
I am so blessed. I write full time. Even so,
with social media (vital for promoting and telling people that you exist),
doing my share for my critique partners and so on, it sometimes becomes
difficult to squeeze in time to write. My workday starts at 7:30 a.m. I stagger
into the kitchen, pour a cup of Starbucks’ French Roast, add a spoon of sugar
and a blop of 2% milk and then it’s off to my office and the computer. I have
been known to plant my buttocks in that chair for upwards of ten hours.
Recently, I started setting the alarm on the oven to go off every two hours and
making myself get on the treadmill for thirty minutes or go outside and pull
weeds. My joints are much happier when I do this.
What would
you say is your interesting writing quirk?
Probably setting the oven alarm for every two
hours to make me get up. I am just guessing, but I doubt may writers do that.
As a child,
what did you want to be when you grew up?
A horse. [laughter]
It wasn’t enough to ride one. I wanted to BE one. I had to settle for riding
and showing which I have done all my life.
additional you want to share with your readers?
Just an enormous thank you to all of ya’ll who read my books and take the time to
let me know how you feel. I walk around in a fuzzy, warm daze when I realize I
have entertained and touched someone with the words that flow from my keyboard.
I love to hear from my readers and can be
reached at or my website.
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Patricia. This has been fun.

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