Excerpt from YA action/adventure Blue Moon Chronicles by Bryant Golden

About the Author:

Golden started writing “Blue Moon Chronicles, Book I” when he was
twelve years old and sick at home. The story and the genre changed
significantly in the seven years it took to finish, hopefully for the
better, but the title and the themes never changed. Born and raised
in Los Angeles, California, he originally settled his characters into
fantasy worlds with magic and creatures to abandon life in the city.
When he was rewriting the story for the final time he realized that
the story needs to be personal for it to matter, to the writer and to
readers, so he created new characters and settled the story into a
fictional but realistic world.

Fiction/Action & Adventure/Young Adult
Self-published with CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.
June 4, 2013.

been a century since the Civil War split the continent into two
provinces, Sanctum and Alexandria, and now another war is on the
horizon: the Continent War. The end of this war means the end of one
of the provinces. This is the story of Ian Hirst as he finds himself
in the fray and fights to defend his province and loved ones. Isaiah,
a young boy from the newest locale in Sanctum, struggles to learn
what it means to grow up and become “a proper man” in the middle
of it all.

Excerpt, “A Night In Sanctum”:

was shown the cheapest inn to spend the night, far out on the
outskirts of the city. They get cheaper the farther away from the
castle, according to what the man told him. When he got to his room
for the night he pulled off his boots and his parka, hung the empty
rifle on the bedpost and changed his bandages.
dozed off for a few hours and woke up to the sound of the doorknob
turning. He grabbed the rifle and silently positioned himself behind
the door in the blink of an eye. He’s a lot quicker on his feet
when he isn’t inches deep in snow.
there,” he said, closing the door with the rifle pointed at the
mysterious hooded figure that just walked in. “Don’t do anything
stupid or you’ll be dead before you can regret it.”
deep chuckle, male, Ian thought, then silence. The hooded man turned
to face him. He noticed the large beard, definitely a man then.
are you?” he asked.
your enemy. Well, not yet.”
man pulled down his hood to reveal an aged face, half of it covered
by his large dark beard. “You were given a package by that
ridiculous man earlier,” he started. “I’ve been following those
fools for days.”
sat down on the floor, still aiming the rifle at the man. “That’s
none of my business but I won’t give it to you,” he said. He kept
switching his focus between the man and the rucksack to make sure he
doesn’t reach for it.
this is no ordinary delivery. Did you not see the ribbon? It means
‘royalty’. Those ridiculous merchants are only overlooked
swindlers, friend.”
not your friend, old-timer. Also, I don’t make a habit of peeking
at other people’s mail. Neither should you,” said Ian with a
glare. “Wait, so…‘royalty’ then? Did that man expect me to
deliver this to the king?” he asked.
of course not… You don’t deliver it directly to the king. Why
don’t you know that? What kind of courier are you?”
not a courier. I have my own reasons for being in the city. You’d
know that if you were better at what you do. I didn’t even see you
at the fork in the road.”
didn’t see me because I’m that good at what I do, you fool.”
well… I’m not giving it to you,” mumbled Ian, the lack of
confidence is embarrassingly obvious.
I’m not really giving you a choice,” said the man with a smile.
In one quick motion the man pulled his cloak off, threw it at Ian,
disarmed him in the confusion and had it pointed at his forehead.

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